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Hello everyone!
I feel like featuring stuff happening on dA that I've found, and that I hope you'll like too! :eager:


C-A-F-E, which starnds for Charity Art For Everyone, is a club started by IMAGINeye, which aims to give hope to those who are sad or feeling alone.
Here is a quote from a recent journal entry from IMAGINeye;

..In the long run I may have had the idea, but it's going to take everyone to get this off of the ground. WE can all build this together and make this into something very special, something that will touch a lot of lives. People are sad, hurt, feeling lost, feeling like no one cares in this world. Who here has been sick? Who here has felt alone? During those times didn't you want someone to show that they cared? How far would a picture, something to say "someone is thinking of you," how far would that go for someone emotionaly? Just people doing something nice for someone else, putting their time, effort, talent into something can go a long way for someone's emotional well being.

They need YOUR HELP! :iconunclesamplz:
They need:
:bulletred: An Icon for their club, [They already have one now, :iconc-a-f-e:, but they'll need to replace it every now and then!]
:bulletorange: Someone who is amazing in CSS to make an interactive journal,
:bulletyellow: A deviantART ID,
:bulletgreen: A HELLUVA LOTTA STAMPS to support this… - (Stamp template by zilla774), and
:bulletblue: Ideas on how they are going to establish their name + show people what they are about!… << Go read his journal if you are interested... :salute:


A deviant named MarleneEvaldsson has caught my eye.. I found her using the good ol' Random Deviant button.. something I'm planning to use a lot more often!…

Well, go ahead.. take a look! She hasn't even got 25 views on it! [Well, at the time I found it.. :)]
I certainly liked it! So I went on to her gallery..
..And it's awesome! She combines the use of Black+White, Low f numbers and dark concepts to create a powerful image, especially in Nightmare…
That's something I have to work on. :)
So go to her page, take a look, and show her some :heart:!


Go forth and multiply spread the word!
Seeya! :iconballoonplz:


Scroll down a little more, and say hello to my wonderful watchers!


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April 3, 2009


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