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Hey you guys have a size Limitation problem can you pls fix it?
Just became part of this, and I feel like dA really needs to increase the limits to these folders for groups like they have with galleries. Though that would require them updating groups in general to not be reliant on old dA web code which they appear to still be. Pretty much all the folders are maxed out, so if there's any moderators still active on it those should get made.

I agree. I have seen this problem before this new layout on groups was released partially, and at first I wasn’t sure, maybe it could be the groups changing the size limit to about a maximum size of any random sorting number! But no, from people’s complaints, I’ve seen the folder size limits bummed down to when I submit a work of mine, it entails that the folder is “over its size limit”. Like how? I hope that the moderators who are active in certain groups like this one would find a way to solve this issue.

Do you guys take scripts/screenplays?