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Dominator - Psycho-Pass [Reference]

I've been receiving a lot of messages lately from cosplayers who wanted to use my Dominator high poly model to do a 3D printing of it. Unfortunately, it's not possible. My high poly model has more than 20 million polygons and I can't optimize it without screwing up the geometry. (the joys of having all the little details carved in the model) 3D printers don't accept very high poly models so even if I sent you the file you wouldn't be able to do anything with it.

That being said, I don't mind helping if you need reference to build a Dominator prop. These aren't beauty shots, they are just quick renders of every side of my Dominator model with plain lighting. It's not much but I hope it can be of help to anyone who would want to make a Dominator prop. I made the file big on purpose. If you need other shots or help in figuring out how to make certain areas of the Dominator don't hesitate to ask me.

Beauty shot of the Dominator: [link]
Breakdown: [link]

If you use this reference, it would be nice to credit me and send me a picture of your result (and cosplay). Many thanks! :D
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thank you for sharing! <3<3<3<3
SolGravionMegazord's avatar
Can we make and have those in the near future?
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I've been thinking about remaking my dominator to be more accurate--this will help a lot! ^_^
amaterasu111's avatar
Hahaha, I'm glad of it can help! :D
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Thank you!!! T.T I've been looking for a dominator blue print for my modelling class and this photo seriously help alot!!! ><
amaterasu111's avatar
You're welcome! I'm glad if this reference could help you! :)
YUKARII-chan's avatar
Thank you !! ^^ I'll try to upload to DA after I'm done and credit you!! ^^
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Thanks for posting this reference! I was going to ask about a stl, but looks like that's been answered. 20 mil polys is crazy! I've printed stuff with 400k polys (and reduced the count to 75k with meshlab), but ya, I think 20 mil would choke the software.

I'll be sure to credit you and send you my resulting prop when I am done. :)
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Thank you very much! I hope it can be of help to you and I'm looking forward to seeing the final result! :D
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Finally completed my dominator. Your reference was a major help! [link]
amaterasu111's avatar
Thank you very much for sending me the link and crediting me! Your dominator was really amazing!
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Used here: [link]
Thanks! ^^
amaterasu111's avatar
I had already favorited it because what you did is absolutely awesome! I'm glad my references helped you!
Ty-Angeliq's avatar
Thank you :) And sorry that I forgot to give credit to you at first ^^°
Your Dominator pictures were definitely the best and most detailed I could find!
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Niiiiice can i have 3d model ?
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Thank you! No, I don't give my models, sorry.
32Rabbit's avatar
Nice models to bad you dont give.
multipack223's avatar
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Thank you very much! :D
kuroyuri-chan's avatar
you're AMAZING, thankyou so much!!
amaterasu111's avatar
Thank you! :)

You're welcome! I'm glad if it's useful! :D
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I'm under the assumption that you really had to do this because of my comment... and here i am, THANKING you (THANK YOU!) for the effort you have exerted! I promise you i will never let you down! thank you very much! :amaterasu111:

amaterasu111's avatar
You're welcome! :D

Actually, I've been meaning to do that for a while because I've been receiving a lot of notes about people who wanted me to send them my 3D model to print it (which isn't possible) and someone already asked me about taking my model as a reference. Also, I'm planning to cosplay Akane soon so I'll need it as well! :XD:
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If only we were nearby i couldve made one for ya hahahaha

im already working on its blue prints... been very busy with other replicas XD again thank you! :D
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