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So maybe you already mentioned that I'm not as active as I was some years before. So I thought about what I will do with this account... already decided that I don't quit ;)

I think I will keep uploading Photos especially of Animals like my Mother's Cats, also thinking about uploading my own Dog and his playmates ^-^ I also still take Photos of land- and skyscapes and will continue uploading them. So it's pretty much about Photography :) Oh and there also my Schleich animals ♥
Also I will be uploading pictures where I colored randomly free lineart with no specific character and link back to it's original artist and original lineart. The linearts should also be in my Favorite section sorted after "Canine Outlines", "Equine Outlines" and "Other Outlines".

I rarely draw and write at all so I don't think I will or have to upload such things often. Drawings of the 2 Horses who are in :usernaokohara:'s Comiv "Unlike" will definitely be uploaded here. Also drawings of dA-Friends ;) And hopefully of the other adopts I have ^^" Drawings of my Fursona will mostly just be uploaded on my FurAffinity Account, also drawings of my other characters (except for the above named ones).

An other addition will be Screenshots from Games. Not only MMO, also Computer and Games via Emulator. That will mostly be PlayStation 1, PlayStation2 and SNES Games emulated on my Laptop. I love older Games so pretty much x3

Think all other will be explained with the Names my gallery folders have ;)
Yes yes I'm still alive xD
But since a very long time I don't use dA that much I did in the beginning ^^" As you may know... I can not draw, I don't write good things and I don't make good photos *sigh* The little Things I "produce" from time to time I upload on my FurAffinity Acc, mostly because the things I have are furry related and the people on the drawinsg or photos only have a FA Acc.

So...I don't really know what to do with this Acc here...
Maybe I will make some more OviPets Tattoos.. first have to refind the templates for them. (My old Laptop and my External Harddrive died) and then I have to reactivate my Account again and gain the missing secies to try out if the Tattoos look good on them ^^"

Maybe I have some Photoshootings in future (me will be teh model >-<) and I can upload this here... Deprens on the opining on the Photographers.
I also hope I find time and a good place for some nice Photos of my Schleich Models :3

Noting more to say... I think ^^°
Yes, my Birthday is on 27th December... I become 19 this Year.
Maybe some remember that I made a little "Event" last Year where I did sent out Christmascards to people all over the World to spreed some happiness. This Year I'm sadly not able to do that T_T
But when YOU want you can send me a Card and I draw an online Card for you. (I also had to do that one time last Year because sometimes there is someone who don't want to give out their address.)
I will hand out my Address via Note, just ask for it ;)

Please don't think of sending me Presents... I always feel so uncomfortable about it... And I already have some People form Germany that still don't want to listen to me and do what they want... Hope I don't break out in Tears about the Presents then...
(I think... Everyone always does what they want xP)

If someone thinks of drawing me a picture...
Amatao's Ref-Sheet -> || Some Pictures: &…
Maybe I upload my other OC's too soon.
Shirana -> (Symbol just on the right Side.)
Characters (but Non-OC's):
Trustful Harmony ->
Xingyue ->
Yun ->
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Some Info about Events I will and want to go this Year ^-^
I will mix Languages ;) Because... yeah... I'm german and living in Germany, so I visit german Events xD

Das Erste ist wohl die 4.Hajaku hier in Halle/Saale. Ich war schon bei den ersten 3 (Februar, April, Juli) und werd am 13.Oktober wahrscheinlich auch auf die 4. gehen. Ich bin mir noch nicht ganz sicher... Ich mach sowas gern abhänngig wer alles dabei ist von meinen Freunden. In hab ja immernoch Panik vor Menschenansammlungen, wenn ich aber einige Leute kenne, gehts mir gleich besser. Bin auf Facebook und Animexx shon als sicher eingetragen, aber bei mir weiß man nie...
Wenn ich wieder im Cosplay hingehe, was wahrscheinlich ist wenn ich mich erstmal entscheiden hab, dann diesmal nicht als Shirana. Ich werd nur die Ohren von dem Cosplay nehmen, weil ich keine anderen hab und mit meinem neuen dreifrabigem Tail kombinieren. (Wer mich in Halle zum Laternenfest gesehen hat, weiß welchen ich meine.)

Helloween ist auch noch... muss ich mal nachfragen wie es da aussieht.

Dann registriert, bezahlt und bestätigt -> der SFD !!! *w*
Ich bin tatsächlich dbaie und Freu mich RIESIG! Mein erstes Furry-Event xP Und all die Furs, die ich sehr dolle lieb hab sind dabei :3
Ich hoff bis dahin ist auch mein buntes Plüschfell da und ich hab mir den Tail gebastelt xD
Eine Mitfahrgelegenheit hab ich auch schon. Werd ein fettes Dankeschön basteln ^^

Als nöchtes wär dann die 5.Hajaku... Warum die überhaupt so viele machen seitdem es nicht mehr KnK heißt... Naja, wenn ich zur 4. gehe, geh ich auch zur 5. da diese Events wohl irgendwie zusammengehören. Alles weitere seh ich am 24.November.

Und zu Silvester würd ich gern zur TJiL ^^
Ich leibe Silvester aber meine Familie macht immer nix >_> Und nach Berlin möcht ich dieses Jahr doch lieber nicht, wegen meinem Ex und weils immer so teuer is... Mit den verrückten Furs kanns nur am schönsten werden :P


Oh yeah.... there is Christmas and my Birthday before Silvester... For Christmas I will make various things. I'm not that person that buys much stuff for Christmas. I simply don't know what the people whant and I'm a bit to shy to ask. SO I draw, write or somewhat tinker other things :) Hope the People will like it :3

Yeah my Birthday....... I hate it... It's my 19th this year and like always I will have to celebrate alone. Having Birthday on 27th Decembre isn't that funny. But I found someone with B-day at the same Day, so I'm not alone xD And a Friend has just 3Days after me, hope we can celebrate together.


Then some other Information ^^
You may see (or not :P) the Links and names where I'm registered too. When you want you can simply add me but tell me where you found me. I don't like to be added and don't know from what page the person got my contact data xD So it would be nice when you could leave a short message where you found me and what's the name I shall call you :)
I'm not biting so don't be shy ^^

At the Moment I can't be online as I used to be because I can't use my Laptop... So I will be online from 10AM to 4PM (german Time) from Monday to Firday. Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter... I only can use the Internet when my Mum is at work ^^" That's the reason because her PC is the last one left in this Family (just my Mum, me and some Cats). Also I will be online when she sleeps xD Usually I'm around from Midnight to 4AM my time.

Because I can't use my Laptop I also can't upload drawings. I also can't upload old Photos...
But Photos I took and will take beginning 30th Septembre I can uplaod xD So hopefully you will see some here ^^

That's all for now. I will update and edit when there is something new ;)
I've an FA-Acc now ->…
So I will upload there too. At the Moment it's pretty empty there.
I think I uplaod most the Stuff here and on FA just things about my Fursona, my Animal OC's and Stuff about my Friends from Furbase.

So.... I'm not dead I just have nothing to upload atm x_x
I can't draw that much, I don't write good
The "best" I do is taking Photos but I can't upload all that I take xD Some are too crazy xD
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Found a translated Version on a german Furryboard but decided to do the english Original xD
Cursive Words are my Thoughts ^^

1 to 5 = Furry wannabe
6 to 10 = Furry newbie
11 to 15 = Furry
16 to 20 = Hardened Furry
21 to 25 = Hardcore Furry


1. (x) Have you ever howled at the moon?
2. (x) Have you ever barkedat someone?
3. (x) Have you ever found yourself drawing or scribbling furry art when you're supposed to be doing something else?
4. (x) Have you ever worn an animal costume or tail as a child and pretended to be an animal?
5. (x) Have you ever eaten out of a dog bowl?
6. (_) Have you been to at least one furry con?
7. (_) Do you like to look at furry porn all the time?
8. (x) Do you rollplay or play second life as a furry character?
9. (x) Do you own a fursuit or at least a tail?
10. (x) Do you know what all these words mean or have used them at least once?
11. (/) Do you have at least 5 videos of you acting or doing something furry on youtube?
12. (x) Has your anthropersona/character been drawn in a furry porn type manner? I don't explan, just look ->
13. (_) Are you well known in the furry fandom?
14. (x) Do you dream furry while you sleep?
15. (x) Would you transform into your character/fursona if you were given the chance to live like that for the rest of your life?
16. (x) Have you ever worn a collar?
17. (_) Do you own more than 20 art badges of your fursonas or characters?
18. (_) Have you been to more than 20 furry cons in your lifetime?
19. (x) Do you think that deep down you have the spirit of an animal within you?
20. (x) Do you enjoy hanging out with other furries?
21. (_) Do you think we should have a furry run for leader (like president in USA)?
22. (_) If you ever became rich would you own a room in your house that was just to display your fursuits or furry art?
23. (x) Is your best friend furry?
24. (x) Do your furry friends call you by your furry name in public?
25. (/) Have you been in the furry fandom for at least 5 years


17 so I'm a Hardened Furry xD
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OMG OMG OMG Ich bin im Fernsehn :O

Ich hab am 4.März hier in Halle/Saale am "Cosplayer on Ice" teilgenommen. Das Event wurde auf Animexx organisiert.
Wir waren eine kleine beschauliche Cosplay-Truppe auf Schlittschuhen.

Mit dabei war der MDR, der uns auch gefiltm und interviewt hat.

HEUTE um 19Uhr kommt der Bericht auf MDR :O

Ich bin sogar in der Vorschau schon zu sehen x_x

Ich war bei Event als "Shirana" meine kleine neue Wölfin.
Sah ungefär so aus den Tag:
- weiße Ohren mit innerem blutrot (Haarreif)
- weißes Kopftuch
- Schwarzes T-Shirt mit Wolf drauf
- dunkelblaue Jeans
- schwarze Fellstulpen
- ab und an meine Brille

Link zur Vorschau ->…
Link zum Video ->…
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  • Watching: MDR Vorschau f&uuml;r den Cosplay-Bericht

I still have that Problems you see listed....
The financial ones and the "Burnout" thingey.

It's now so bad that I have (again) panic to go to school. I'm my 2nd week home now when I should have been there...
No I have holidays but I don't know how to continue.
Due to much illness at the beginning of the 2nd halfyear of school I don't have all the things I need. I have very bad grades...
I think of leaving school but what to to then?
I really don't know.

I'm also always in worry about WhiteSpiritWolf now. You can read the reason here ->…
I hope GrauerWolf & Artali-Artist will forgive me in the Future so we can talk again...

My new relationship also goes worse at the moment. I'm already at the stage where I'm running away and want to throw it away....

The only thing that get's me a bit happy is Cosplay but I don't have the money to drive to the Conventions or to make the new Cosplay (Altaria Gijinka)...
But I don't want that my Friends pay for me over and over again (like that time at the "LBM")...
I really hate to take money from people when it's not for birthday or christmas.

I hardly can go to the 18th B-day of a very close Friend of mine. She would be very sad if I couldn't come so I have again to take money form someone....
I hope I can pay back all this one time....

I don't know how long I can stay strong with this...
Maybe I should really go to an psychologist just that he/she says I'm unable to go to school or such things... or to know what mentally problems I have and don't have...
But I'm afraid they lock me away or something.... (I'm normally a bit dangerours so when they find out I'm aggressive and have such mental problems... I don't know what they can do...)

Sorry for this sad Journal-Update....
I just want to inform you why I'm not here as always.
I found a bit emotional power to look at all the pictures in my inbox. Maybe I also can comment and fave...
I don't know if I go back to my old activity already or not.... we will see...

Ama is out


I'm sorry that I'm this inactive but I there are so much Problems now in my life...

My Family (that means my mother and me and our cats) have financial Problems. We mostly don't know what to eat because we can't buy something without asking my grandparents for a little bit money. Our cats always have food because they come first and then we.
I have nothing.... I even can't send the (now very late) Birthdaycard for RekaCryistall that I really wanted to send at her Birthday T_T

Last Week in School I had like a nervous breakdown. Thusday I cried the whole Day in School and I was unable to do anything that my teachers wanted...
My headmistress said maybe I have "Burnout"...

At the Weekend my Friends could talk me into visiting the "LBM" (Leipziger Buchmesse) because they wanted me so much with them even with my bad mood and all the stuff...
Normally I would have been happy to go there. It's a big Convention for Anime and Manga Fans and Cosplayer. But this time it was only half funny for me. First thing that makes me sad is that they had to pay for me... then I also cried a lot there because often we couldn't find us again...
You wanted the meet back at a specific point and it just didn't work. So I worried very much and got panical...
In the End we found each other as the Convention ended x_x

I don't think you will see me online here that often.
Maybe from time to time I fave a picture but I don't know if I'm able to answer on Journals or if I'm even able to read them...

That's how my life is now...

Ama over and out
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Do you know the Feeling of being afraid of being happy?
...being afraid of Luck?
...being afraid of all thats good for you?

Do you always struggle in relationships?
Do you think you're not worth them?
Think there is someone better for your partner?

When you struggle with your own feelings...
Do you question yourself if you really love your partner?
Do you question yourself if you're able to feel love?

A Friend told me:
"if you don't love yourself, you're not gonna be able to love another people no matter how hard you try"
So when I don't love... should I end it up? End up my relationship because I thought I could love but I'm not able to do it...
Is it wrong to keep the relationship for the other person's sake?

Would you prefer hurting yourself or dying before you hurt someone else...
Do you still keep the thing like it is because you want to see your partner happy?
Do you keep it because you hope you're able to love and just don't realize that you really love your partner?


Sorry for things thing... but that how I feel atm...
It seems like I have a "phobia" for relationships because I always start thing like this...
I never got over 2 month in a relationship too...

btw if Someone is interestet in catching a Kiribian:
Try it at 6,666 and I do this ->…
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Stolen from :iconcynicaldeductionist:

[x] you meow/bark to get attention (I do something similiar xD)
[x] you find pets toys amusing
[ ] you get hyper by the smell of catnip
[x] you growl/hiss when someone gets too close to your food
[x] you growl/hiss when someone you dislike is too close to you
[x] you purr/shake your leg when someone shows you affection (I'm a purring Wolf xP)
[ ] if someone tosses a ball, you chase it and bring it back

Total: 5

[x] you love to be scratched behind the ear
[ ] you love fish/meat
[x] you like to stick your head out through the window of a moving car
[x] you like when people pet your head
[ ] people can make you stop doing stuff by hitting you on the nose with a newspaper
[x] you think feathers are fun to play with

Total: 9

[x] you sleep a lot during daytime (Ohhhh yeessss)
[ ] you enjoy scaring birds
[x] you lick peoples faces to show you like them (Sometimes ^^°)
[x] you bite people if they annoy you
[x] you tend to steal food from your friends/family's plate when you have eaten all of yours
[ ] milk or water is your favorite drink

Total: 13

[x] you own a collar and you enjoy wearing it (Yes, sometime I wear both that I possess xD)
[/] you own a leash and enjoy wearing it (I have one but I use for my BF xD)
[x] you own animal ears/tail/paws or a fursuit (I have a self-made Cosplay of one of my Wolf-Charas and I want a Fursuit of my Fursona in the Future ^^)
[x] you enjoy long walks in the park (I prefer walking instead of going by bus/tube/train...)
[x] you meow/bark when you see something you want (I normally purr or beging to beg like a Wolfpuppy xP)

Total: 17,5

[x] you call your hands and feet "paws" (Oh yeah...)
[x] you tilt your head when you do not understand what someone is talking about (Yepp!)
[ ] you run to the door when someone mentions a walk
[x] you really enjoy cuddling (I looovvveeee it ^w^)
[/] you stretch your body and whimper a bit every morning when you wake up (Not every...)
[x] you can wake up and go back to sleep right away after looking around (Hell yeah, that's what I do all the time in my holidays xD)

Total: 22

[x] you have your favourite spot besides your bed where you like to sleep
[x] you meow or bark very often (We had that earlier *points to Question 1*)
[/] you hide when you get scared sometimes
[ ] you run to the door to see who it is every time someone comes in to the house
[/] you like to chase flying insects and try to catch them with your bare hand (Only flies in the Summer.)
[x] you tend to chew on stuff a lot (Dunno why but I prefer Pencils and straws.)
[ ] you like to do tricks to get a treat

Total: 26

[x] you own a wearable item/tag with your name on it
[x] you refer to yourself as an animal (Always. I'm a Wolf and I'm proud of it. You also can mostly always see that sentence "Soul of  Wolf" on my Profilepics/Avatars.)
[x] your username has something to do with animals (It's the Name of my Sona.)
[x] your e-mail has something to do with animals animal (Name of my Sona in it)
[x] if you get a bleeding wound, you lick it to make it feel better..
[x] you look for edible stuff often

Total: 32

[x] you often find yourself looking through the window for a long time
[x] you like to say hi to strangers
[x] you like to be petted when you have done something good
[x] people think you act like a pet (Dunno if they do...)
[x] you growl/hiss at stuff you do not like (I think we had that somewhere above.)
[ ] you like to eat grass
[x] if you get wet, you shake to get rid of the water

Total: 38

Multiply total by 2

x  2


(Things in Italic and Breccets are my Comments.)
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I got tagged by :iconsognodrago:

The Rules:
1. You must post these rules (very, VERY Important )
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs
6. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately (AKA, really, truly, with all honesty) have to tag 10 people.

1) any favorite place to relax a bit?
Eveywhere were it's quite and warm.

2) what creature(s) is(are) your favorite(s)?
Wolves ♥♥♥

3) any childhood manga? or anime? or just cartoon?
Childhood? I don't remember anything from that far in the past but I think Arjuna and Sailor Moon were the first Animes I watched.

4) when taking photo, is there anything particular you like to take the most?
At the Moment I love to make photos of Clouds and Moons. Oh and of my Cosplayer-Friends xP

5) what do you prefer? drawin/painting, photography, crafting, or something else (that I might not know of)?
Drawing/Painting and Photography

6) what do you think of fairy tale? do you think they could be real?
Fairytales? Hmmm... Maybe - Maybe not - who knows?

7) do you like dawn or dusk better?

8) would you prefer story/novel or comic/graphic novel better? why?
I like to read anything that interests me, so I don't look after special kinds.

9) do you like color or monochromatic or black and white?
Depends on the Picture.

10) what would you do when you really need someone besides you/hug you/listen to you, but you just have no one that you like enough to do so?
I hope I never have such a situation again. I  don't know what I would do.


Questions for YOU

1) Do you like the Week (Monday until Thursday) or the Weekend (Friday until Sunday).

2) Did you first watch an Anime or read a Manga in your life?

3) RPG's on a console or like in the old days on Paper? Or do you prefer LARP?

4) What kind of music do you fave?

5) Dog or cat?

6) Do you like this tagging quizzes?

7) What's your favorite fairytale?

8) What's your favorite kind of Sweets?

9) Are you homophobic?

10) How long are you on deviantArt now?

My tagged people:
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1. For each of the 20 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!

2. If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

This journal entry will be updated and refreshed as Features are added. I will make sure DA notifies you when any updates are made.

Idea from RekaCryistall so the Number 1 is hers ^^

1) :iconrekacryistall:

2) :iconpatricio2337:
Facing A Tiger 3- Zoo Lujan by patricio2337 Lujan Basilica by patricio2337

3) :iconkatieamazing:
:thumb252337616: Gaia Avi Art by KatieAmazing Deviant ID by KatieAmazing

4) :iconwolfsouled:
Soulmates by wolfsouled Chibi Edward by wolfsouled A face for a Fox Contest Entry by wolfsouled
















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Yes yes... today (27th Dec. 2011) is my 18 (O_O) B-day.
I get adult and old xD

So what happened on that Day?

I got much of B-day wishes right after Midnight. Not only from my german friends also from my other friends in games or from other sites ^^
So i'm pretty much happy ^w^

As presents I already got Money and cards from my Family.
My Mum also brought my a Watch *Q*
I was gifted with the Manga Trinity Blood 1 & 2 from a Friend.
And I will get some more presents tomorrow wehn I and a very lovely Friend of mine go to Berlin to some other friends xD
And one present I get when scholl starts >_>

But the best presents are....
Nothing can be better then have such lovely friends as the ones I know and love.
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I wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ^w^
I don't know if I'm around all the time because I'm in Berlin from 28th December to 3th January.

I hope my 18th B-day on 27th will be a nice B-day xD

I got this Year the sweetest cards ever ^w^
One is form :iconrekacryistall: and the other one form :iconnanjokoji:
And I already got a present form a long lost Friend (we didn't contact each other over 1 and a half year).

I hope you have such wonderful Christmas too ;)
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Stolen from :iconwolfsouled: and :iconmorteciel:

[ ] - You take pleasure in fooling/tricking people
[ ] - You're easily scared
[ ] - You hate getting dirty
[x] - You can be really flirty when you want to
[x] - You keep your hair long
[ ] - You don't like getting wet unless you're bathing
[ ] - You like to just lounge about
[ ] - You get annoyed easily
[ ] - You like seafood.
[ ] - You can spend hours trying to make yourself look good.
Total for 'cat': 2

[ ] - You're almost always smiling
[x] - You're nice to most people and like to get to know people before you judge them
[ ] - You rarely resort to violence
[x] - You would NEVER hurt your friends
[x] - You really like tickling people, just to see if they're ticklish
[x] - You stand up for others
[ ] - You would tell everyone that you love them if it wasn't so hard on your reputation
[ ] - You don't get angry easily.
[x] - You share your food with people who are out of lunch money
[x] - Your favorite color is either blue, yellow, or purple
Total for 'dog': 6

[ ] - You're really good at swimming.
[x] - You like to swim
[ ] - You like sparkly things
[x] - You are really ticklish
[ ]  - You can fit through almost any space.
[ ] - You've gotten stuck in a net or/and rope before
[ ] - You're romantically lost  
[ ] - You're really good at keeping a straight face when you need to.
[ ] - You aren't very drawn to people who "stand out"
[ ] - You can wear just about anything
Total for 'fish': 2

[ ] - You like to wear bright colors
[x] - You like vegetables.
[ ] - Your entire life revolves around sparkly things
[ ] - You always worry about falling prey to bullies/gossipers
[ ] - You're terrified of things that other people aren't scared of
[ ] - You aren't afraid of some things that other people are terrified of
[ ] - You have been told that you lack emotion
[ ] - You keep your opinions to yourself
[x] - You can be social one minute and a loner the next
[ ] - You are a good impersonator and/or you like to dress up as things you're not
Total for 'bug': 2

[ ] - You're always prepared for something bad to happen
[x] - You make little piles of things in your room that your friends/parent(s)/guardian(s) claim is 'unorganized'
[ ] - You run rather than fight from danger
[ ] - You designate people to hide behind
[x] - You say "uh/er/um" a lot
[x] - People have told you that you talk really fast before
[ ] - Sometimes you stutter
[x] - You like to have pets
[x] - You far prefer animals to people
[ ] - You can't trust very many people
Total for 'rodent': 5

[ ] - You are prone to spelling errors
[x] - You have been told that you are pretty before in any given way
[x] - You are modest
[  ] - You would rather run from a fight than actually fight
[x] - You would protect the ones you love
[x] - When you get really frustrated you cry
[x] - It breaks your heart to see ads about animal cruelty
[ ] - You love your friends but sometimes they're mean to you
[ ] - You never say so, but you think that you're kind of pretty
[ ] - When you were little you wanted to be a princess/prince.
Total for 'deer': 5

[ ] - You personally think that you are pretty
[ ] - You always have boys/girls asking you out.
[x] - Sometimes you aren't very smart in decision making, and have some regrets following you around in the back of your mind
[ ] - You hang out with an exclusive group that isn't open to just anybody
[ ] - You never leave the comfort of your own home without your makeup on/your hair brushed
[ ] - You are constantly altering your body
[ ] - You are quick to judge people
[ ] - You're always up to date on the gossip going around
[ ] - You take ridiculously good care of yourself
[x] - The only thing you like about school/College/Work is having friends there
Total for 'horse': 2

6 in Dog
5 in Deer and Rodent
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First of all:
I send X-Mas Cards to everyone who want one.
Atm there are only :iconrekacryistall: and :iconnanjokoji: that get one (and I get one from them ^^)
Who else wants a Card?
Send me your Adress via Note ;)
I try to find much different Crads so that no one has the same as someone else ^^
If you want, you can also send me a Card.
Also Note me for this^^

So I already got the Card from :iconrekacryistall: and one from a Friend form Austria.
I sent one to this two persons mentioned above and one to :iconpatricio2337:.
I have to draw ans send the one for :iconnanjokoji: as an e-mail or I just upload it here & I have to get the card from her.

Anyone else that wants a card?
A real one may be to late for christmas but I could send an e-mail card or upload it here ^^
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I Cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!if you can raed tihs rpsoet it. OLNY PUT THIS ON YOUR PRILOFE IF YOU CAN RAED TIHS. CNAHGE THE NMUERBR AT TOP TGOHUH, "ONLY __ PEOPLE ON DA CAN READ THIS...CAN YOU?" Go up a nmuber if you can raed it...lte's see how hgih we can get!

(It's so funny that I just had to copy it from :icongrypwolf:)
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I never watched that film untill now.
But this Sunday I didn't know what to watch on TV so I just picked randomly a Number on the remote control of my TV and ended up on Pro7.
As the film started I couldn't continue the thing I was doing (actually playing DWO) and I had to watch it.

I don't regret it.
Is sooooo cute at some times but also very sad at others.

If you didn't watched this film then do it ^^

Everyone that already knows it can talk with me about it when you like <3
(Wirklich, ich liebe diesen Film ♥)
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OMG! Yesterday evening (or wa sit this morning?) I totally freaked out.
Maybe you remember that the keyboard from my Laptop doesn't work because some loooooooooooooooooong time ago there got Cola over the whole Laptop >_>
So I used a USB-Keyboard to write. Thats why I couldn't play my beloved online Game DWO... I just have two USB-Ports and atm I needed one for the Keyboard and one for the Internetstick.
My Laptop mostly gets hot fast thats why I don't place they USB-Keyboard anymore on the Laptop itself. I normally place it on the Ground, the table or my Lap.

Yesterday I layed something on the Laptopkeyboard and suddenly it wrote!!!
Can you imagine?
I write since *thinks* March or so with that damn USB-keyboard so that I can't use that USB-Port for my Controller or my Mouse (I need it for drawing) and then you just find out that damn thing is working again!

If it would have been to late (I mean it was around midnight) I would have jumped up and down happily!
Now I can draw and play again ♥

OMG! Gestern oder wars doch heute Morgen bin ich total ausgeflippt.
Vielleicht erinnern sich einige, dass ich nicht mehr die Tastatur meines Laptops benutzen konnte, da mal Cola über meinen Lappi verschüttet wurde >_>
Also hab ich die USB-Tasta meines alten PCs genommen. Da ich nur zwei USB-Steckplätze habe und nun einen für die Tastatur und seid 28.August den anderen für den Internetstick brauchte, konnte ich weder malen noch DWO spielen *Entzugserscheinungen*
Da mein Lappi meist sehr schnell  heißläuft, stelle ich die USB-Tasta nicht mehr direkt auf den Lappi sondern auf den Fußboden, den Tisch oder meinen Schoß.

Gestenr musste ich kurz etwas auf der Lappitasta ablegen und da seh ich doch, wie das verdammte Ding wieder schreibt! (Ich war grad auf in der Shoutbox)
Stellt euch das mal vor...
I schreibe seid glaube März mit der USB-Tasta und hab dadurch einen USB-Steckplatz dauerbesetzt und dann findet man heraus, dass das Ding wieder geht!

Wenns nicht sehr spät gewesen wäre, wär ich freudig auf und ab gehüpft!
Nun kann ich wieder malen und spielen ♥
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YOU JUST WOKE UP NAKED IN BED NEXT TO ME..... using only 3 words, what would you say to me?

Note: If you comment, please copy and paste this as your journal, so I may comment on yours as well. Be a good sport. Play along.

Stolen from :icondrawingblue:
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