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Digital Art
Head Shots/ 10 points each

Bust Shot/ 20 points each

YCH/ Various (in separate descriptions) 
5 points for a Chibi Head.
15 Points for a Full Chibi.
Canon or OC is accepted.
No anthros.
Stamp for whatever you want as long as it's not offensive-

it can be Fandoms,Ships,Sexualities,Genders,Food whatever---

1 point per stamp--
- Brief intro
-Stamps and layout of choice
-Short codes /10 points
-Longer codes /20 points
Any character from any fandom.
I will only accept if I am familiar with the fandom.

Accepting OC x Character or Character x Character.
Not OC x OC.

Yaoi and Yuri or Hetero accepted! 

One shots 10 points
Love Stories 30 points (3 chapters long)
Lemons 15 points

Newest Deviations

Sweet 16 000 000 y/o by Amasseuro Sweet 16 000 000 y/o :iconamasseuro:Amasseuro 3 6 Bill Cipher by Amasseuro Bill Cipher :iconamasseuro:Amasseuro 1 0
Mature content
Day 10 Yandere!Laito Sakamaki x Reader :iconamasseuro:Amasseuro 1 0
Mature content
Day 9 Yandere!Mink x Male!Reader :iconamasseuro:Amasseuro 2 0
Day 8 Yandere!Ukyo x Reader
Ever since you had worked at Meido no Hitsuji, you had gained regulars who came just to see you.
Ukyo was one of these regulars, however he was special.
He seemed extra eager to spend an extra minute with you talking, looking at you or all of the above.
His eagerness creeped you out to an extent, so you had kept as much distance as you could from him; without coming off as too obvious.
You also wanted to keep a distance so he wouldn't notice how different you were because of your amnesia situation; the last thing you needed was to be hospitalized where you couldn't get any stimulation to regain your memories.
You'd be a caged bird for the rest of your life for sure.
Little did you know however that your seemingly harmless actions were causing him absolute agony.
It was 4:30pm and you had just finished your late shift and were walking home , keeping to the light poles to light your path home.
It was awfully quiet and you were just a few meters from your apartment block when you felt a
:iconamasseuro:Amasseuro 1 0
Noiz smol Chibi by Amasseuro Noiz smol Chibi :iconamasseuro:Amasseuro 3 0 The Big Hero by Amasseuro The Big Hero :iconamasseuro:Amasseuro 0 0 Summer Yui by Amasseuro Summer Yui :iconamasseuro:Amasseuro 5 0 Draven Chibi Commission by Amasseuro Draven Chibi Commission :iconamasseuro:Amasseuro 4 4 The Fallen of Yesterday by Amasseuro The Fallen of Yesterday :iconamasseuro:Amasseuro 2 0 Ryo Chibi Set by Amasseuro Ryo Chibi Set :iconamasseuro:Amasseuro 3 0 Inktober Prompts by Amasseuro Inktober Prompts :iconamasseuro:Amasseuro 1 3 YCH/Canon Chibi! by Amasseuro YCH/Canon Chibi! :iconamasseuro:Amasseuro 1 4 Bowsette by Amasseuro Bowsette :iconamasseuro:Amasseuro 7 2
Day 7 Yandere!Balder x Reader
You were the representative of Humans in a school for Gods so it was only natural for things to turn ugly.
Ever since you arrived you had become quiet close with the Nordic God of Mischief Loki, today wasn't any different; you were helping out and pranking people at the school festival.
The whole point of this festival was to mimic human festivals and to of course have fun although a few students and Thoth weren't exactly staying true to this with their crabby attitudes, but it was still fun.
Needless to say you and Loki were having a splendid time, until you ran into Thoth who looked as though he was about to blow a vein any moment from your reckless behaviour.
"You two better watch where you're going, or you will be punished, understand?" he glared holding his prized bowl of soup towards his chest.
"Y-Yes sir" Y/n responded nodding and bowing in respect before you continued on with your shenanigans, Loki following in pursuit.
Until you felt someone strongly pull you from behind into
:iconamasseuro:Amasseuro 0 0
Day 6 Yandere!Natsume x Reader
"Ne ne imouto-chan sit next to me!" Tsubaki exclaimed, almost jumping out of his seat.
"Oi Tsubaki don't be so forceful" Azusa scolded, looking over to Tsubaki who pulled you down to sit between Azusa and himself.
You honestly didn't mind as you just wanted to relax and spend time with your family, "It's find Azusa I don't mind" Y/n smiled.
"See!" Tsubaki smiled wrapping an arm around your shoulders to pull you closer.
Suddenly the atmosphere in the room became tense as the others started glaring over at Tsubaki ,who was completely oblivious to the harsh treatment he was receiving.
It was after dinner that you decided that you wanted your quiet time to yourself, so you went to your room to check your text messages, there was a few new messages.
One from a friend, one from the school newsletter and one from Natsume.
It took you off guard as you hadn't really interacted with Natsume since you were adopted into the Asahina household, because of his living arrangements and how it collided
:iconamasseuro:Amasseuro 2 0


Inktober Day 15 by Worldend-Dominator Inktober Day 15 :iconworldend-dominator:Worldend-Dominator 7 1 Inktober Day 14 by Worldend-Dominator
Mature content
Inktober Day 14 :iconworldend-dominator:Worldend-Dominator 5 0
HQ Icons: Daisuga by ijuraru HQ Icons: Daisuga :iconijuraru:ijuraru 154 21 hewwo by PocketSizedDemon hewwo :iconpocketsizeddemon:PocketSizedDemon 252 15 hey thereee by PocketSizedDemon hey thereee :iconpocketsizeddemon:PocketSizedDemon 167 4 Lazy Monday Morning by Chookyfang Lazy Monday Morning :iconchookyfang:Chookyfang 3 16 Space Tattoo by Chookyfang Space Tattoo :iconchookyfang:Chookyfang 4 0 hug uwu (lance)) by MurieKid hug uwu (lance)) :iconmuriekid:MurieKid 39 2 Inktober Day 13 by Worldend-Dominator Inktober Day 13 :iconworldend-dominator:Worldend-Dominator 6 0 Quick G Shock 2D sketch by DeadskullBroscircus Quick G Shock 2D sketch :icondeadskullbroscircus:DeadskullBroscircus 30 1 Sweet pool: Page of sketches I by Azurewhitewind Sweet pool: Page of sketches I :iconazurewhitewind:Azurewhitewind 2 0 Inktober Day 12 - Paladin by Serina67 Inktober Day 12 - Paladin :iconserina67:Serina67 29 2 My Queen - Colab by MillyMop585 My Queen - Colab :iconmillymop585:MillyMop585 12 10 Quick Painting For Dshadou by LiLaiRa Quick Painting For Dshadou :iconlilaira:LiLaiRa 920 14 Keith Icon by TaiyakiPress Keith Icon :icontaiyakipress:TaiyakiPress 62 8


by SP00PI

The only thing I can spot that you could improve on is your colouring. It's just a small thing though, near the outline all the way aro...

The overall outline is pretty good ,however there are a few things you can improve on. The cleavage is a bit high up to her neck,try an...

The only thing I can see that you can improve on is the face shape----- I feel like it's to round about the right cheek and the face al...



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