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The Phoenix Eye - Chapter 11
The Phoenix Eye
Chapter 11
Those Who Fight Further
-- Midgar, The Evacuation Zone, A Short Time Earlier:
Cloud watched for a moment as Reeve and the Turks left for the helicopters before returning his attention to the problem at hand.  Jenova floated in the air before them, watching them with patience… not the patience of the kind-hearted or the wise, but rather the uncaring patience of those to whom time is an infinite luxury.
“Ok, here’s the game plan.” Cloud said quietly to those around him.  “Keep up a constant stream of attacks, don’t give her time to breath, just tire her out.  And rotate fighters frequently, so everyone has a chance to rest and use healing magic.  No more than three fighters attacking at one time.  I don’t want us getting in each other’s way.  Barret, Tifa, and I will go first.”  Everyone present nodded in agreement, this was, after all, the
:iconamascusmage:amascusmage 1 4
The Phoenix Eye - Chapter 10
The Phoenix Eye
Chapter 10
The New Goddess
-- Midgar, Outside Reactor No. 3, Moments Later:
The soldiers of the WRO poured from the entrance to the number three reactor as black smoke billowed from every opening in the structure.  Following close behind were Cloud and his friends, as well as the Turks, dragging along a coughing and sputtering remnant.  Multiple explosions tore through the night air, knocking many of the soldiers of off their feet and foreshadowing the imminent destruction of the reactor.  WRO helicopters descended into the streets of Midgar at a safe distance around the reactor forming a loose semi-circle towards which the WRO troops re-grouped.  While the soldiers formed ranks around the descending helicopters waiting for the order to evacuate, one man descended from his helicopter on a cable, not wanting to wait for his ride to touch ground.  As Reeve landed on the rain-soaked asphalt and quickly removed his ra
:iconamascusmage:amascusmage 1 7
The Phoenix Eye - Chapter 9
The Phoenix Eye
Chapter 9
The Flame of the Phoenix
-- Midgar, Reactor No. 3, a Moment Later:
Samuru made a dramatic exaggeration of lowering his finger slowly and depressing a button on his laptop.  Behind him the makeshift machine with the glowing orbs began humming.  The topmost cradle, which had until this time remained dormant, began to glow with dark purple energies.  The rough black stone inside the metal cradle began floating in the coursing light, refracting a myriad of muted colors across the room.
“Come everyone.” the remnant called into the open room.  “I know you’re there, and I want you all to see this.  Come Tifa, I know you and your team are hiding just behind that door to my left.  And I know that the Turks are on the floor above me, come on out on the catwalk where I can see you.”
The rest of the team grudgingly emerged from their respective hiding spots as Samuru had instructed
:iconamascusmage:amascusmage 1 8
The Phoenix Eye - Chapter 8
The Phoenix Eye
Chapter 8
Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire
-- Midgar, Sector 4, A Short Time Later:
“Nice to know you were following instructions…” the recording on the black box explained.  The entire group was some distance off, listening to the recorded voice of the remnant while watching for possibilities of another ambush.  This time, Yuffie had hit the green ‘play’ button from a distance with her shuriken, the whole group wanting to stay a safe distance.
The recording continued.  “There is a maintenance shaft a few paces to the north leading to the railroad access beneath the plate.  Simply drop in and follow the train tracks to the west, taking lefts at any junctions you find.  Don’t worry about going to far, you’ll know where you’re supposed to be when you get there.”
The black box stopped producing sound and the small audience waited for it to detonate as the last
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United States
Current Residence: CA
Favourite genre of music: Classical, Jazz, Soundtracks, some Rock
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: WMP
Wallpaper of choice: Changes frequently
Personal Quote: "Nice guys only apear to finish last, in actuallity they are running a different race."

Let's play a game.

Now this is just a hypothetical situation, that would probably never happen in real life, but let us use our imagination for a moment and pretend it is real.

In this game, you have the opportunity to make a choice that will benefit yourself and a random stranger.

Now the rules of the game are such that you cannot bargain with the stranger.  He / she cannot bribe you to choose a certain option, as a matter of fact, the stranger will not even know who you are, or where the benefit is coming from.

That being established, here are your choices:

Option one: You and the stranger each receive a $300 bonus per month, no strings attached.

Option two: You receive $500 per month, but the stranger receives $1,000 per month.

Ok, now think about it.  re-read the choices to make sure you fully understand and give it a good long thought.

Ready?  Here comes the interesting part.

Let's step outside the hypothetical and talk about this a bit.

Most socialists will pick option one.  Even though option two would give themselves more money, option one seems more fair to them.  The inequality of option two would bug them, even though both parties would benefit.

Most capitalists on the other hand would choose option two.  They don't care quite as much if someone else they don't know is getting more money then them for no good reason, it is the mutual benefit that is most important.  In fact, many capitalists have a hard time understanding why socialists would even want to chose option one, since neither party gains an advantage over option two.

Socialists often accuse capitalists of being greedy, and state that the whole capitalists system is built on greed.  This dispite empirical evidence showing that capitalists give to charity far more (as a percentage of their income[1]) than socialists do.

But aren't the socialists really the ones being greedy?  Or to be more precise, envious?  Economic science has repeatedly shown that capitalism makes poor people rich and rich people richer.  But the socialist focuses only on the latter half of that.  They don't care if poor people are better off under capitalism, the idea that someone else might have more money than they do bothers them.  And they excuse their greed and envy by calling it "fairness."

Look at what socialist (or socialist leaning) countries have done.  People standing in line for hours for a loaf of bread (USSR,) being told how many children they can have (China,) being walled in to prevent them from leaving their own city (East Berlin,) the concentration camps (Nazi Germany,) Complete collapse of their economy (Greece,) and that's just the short list.

If you believe I am distorting the facts, go read the stories of people who have lived there.[2]

I think though, that I have said enough for now.  I realize that many of you reading this will not benefit from it, that you have already made up your mind one way or the other and either I am preaching to the choir or you will ignore me and continue in selfishness.  But if just a few of you - even if it is only one, sit up and take notice and really think about what I have said - then that will be enough.

[1] For empirical data on charitable giving read: Who Really Cares by Arthur C. Brooks

[2] Ayn Rand survived communist Russia and her novels are filled with lessons about the evils of socialism.  I recommend starting with Anthem.

  • Listening to: Bach
  • Reading: Breaking Dawn
  • Playing: Dwarfs


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