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Daily Doodle 980

By Amarynceus
Patron request for a drawing of Firefly (G1).

I've got too much work to do.
Clip Studio Paint, Cintiq 22HD. 
All Doodles made possible thanks to Patron support. Heart
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Absolutely lovely mare
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Lauren Faust originally included Firefly as part of the Mane 6, but Hasbro doesn't actually have the rights to most of the G1 anymore, outside of a few like Applejack.
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I like how you have converted the gen1 features like the mane and the bow.
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Adorable Firefly :3
great art!
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You're welcome!
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Go, little pony! You show Tirek who the baddest butt on this side of Dream Valley is.
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She's a Good Horse :heart:
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Og ponies in your style look somcool! 
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That's really cool,
How much time do you take to make a daily doodle in, general ?
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Thank you!

Over the course of the project, I'd say the time range has been from as little as 15 minutes to as much as 6 hours, though 1-2 hours is probably the most common figure.
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Thank yoy for the answer that really help me :D
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that's very good!
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She's a darling!
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