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The Amarok Tribe (WIP)

The Amarok Tribe lives in a small community named Tuvaak (Hunter). It resides in a remote forested area in the northern part of Wade Hampton, Alaska. They run almost independently, being able to hunt and forage for their food and materials. The few things they cannot provide themselves (mostly gas to power generators for the electricity they use) are bought with the money they make selling the pelts they hunt.

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The houses are spread around a central town square and vary in appearance along with other building-like shelters for their Tokos and even a forge for metal working.

Intruding in this tribe's territory is not a wise move, for the tribe's Tokos have free reign of the territory and patrol the borders often. Once or twice an unlucky trespasser has been delivered to the town square, having been carried in like a naughty pup.

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.How to Join.
Joining Amarok Tribe is currently closed and will continue to be private for the foreseeable future.

.Tribe Rules.
1. No abusing access to the tribe page. In the event this happens you will be denied access.
2. All important tribe related decisions are to be made with the consent of all members, if necessary a vote will be called.
3.We would like this to remain a democracy but should a problem arise that cannot be resolved by voting the Founder and Co-Founder will talk and decide on a solution they think is best.
4. Respect other tribe members.
5. Obey the rules of the Tokotas group

wolfdog127 (Padfoot)
dark-dragmon (Era)
Faith-Wolff (Faith)
Sniper-Hidu (Hidu/Moose)
Cogs-Fixmore (Cogsy/Cogs)
tarbano (Tarb)

Tribe Accout Amarok-Tribe
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