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Go For It by Amaris-of-the-Moon Go For It :iconamaris-of-the-moon:Amaris-of-the-Moon 2 2
Where'd You Go?
I'm here, sitting on the edge of my parent's couch, wondering where you've gone.
I see you everyday, and touch you all of the time, but that's not what I mean, but any stretch of the imagination.
I mean YOU. I keep wondering where you've run off to, what recess of your mind you're hiding in.
I'm clutching your shirt to my chest, and pressing it into my face to smell the you I fell in love with, the you that I need and beg for constantly.
Crooked smile, wicked laugh, bright and hopeful eyes.
I miss last November. I miss the rain, and the way it soaked into my clothes and you watched and laughed.
I guess I'm writing this, hoping that one day you'll come back and we can be happy again, and remember what that was like.
I keep pushing through, everyday, trying and trying. And I know you're trying to.
I love you so.
"Where'd you go? I miss you so. Seems like it's been forever that you've been gone."
:iconamaris-of-the-moon:Amaris-of-the-Moon 3 0
Of Course I'm -in-sane by Amaris-of-the-Moon Of Course I'm -in-sane :iconamaris-of-the-moon:Amaris-of-the-Moon 2 1
Other Half
Maybe the reason I feel hollow half of the time
is because you're not with me?
Yeah, maybe.
For some reason, I don't feel like a complete human being
unless we're attached in some way.
Kissing or hugging
Hell, I'd take texting over silence any day
(Although I'd much rather have the real words whispered into my ear from your lips).
Every time I close my eyes
when I'm not with you
I imagine your lips on mine
or your arms encompassing me and holding me
making everything better.
Perhaps time really does make the heart grow fonder?
Maybe. For me, it really feels like someone's got my heart on a skewer
and only you can remove it and put it back in my chest, where it belongs.
I feel so empty when you're not with me. So why don't you come back and stay with me? Stay with me, stay with me....
I really need you. You're my other half. You're what makes me tick. Stay awhile. Let me feel your scent linger on my skin.
I love you.
:iconamaris-of-the-moon:Amaris-of-the-Moon 2 22
Bacon? by Amaris-of-the-Moon Bacon? :iconamaris-of-the-moon:Amaris-of-the-Moon 6 7
The first cut is the hardest.
After that, it all returns to me: The ecstasy, the thrill, the relief. All like a goddamn second nature.
I know I wasn't supposed to. Damn it, broke my stride, and I was doing so well.
I let the insanity build up, instead of tear it down. And this was the result.
It's like bag a of Lays: You never can make just one. There has to be several. I have to cut and slash and carve and bruise until I can't really feel my arm anymore.
I must be crazy.
He'll be disappointed in me. I let him down. I wonder how long I can hide the wounds until he sees them and asks me.
Maybe I'll cry in his arms. Most likely, I'll say I'm fine though. I have to be fine.
It seems that no matter how loud I cry out, no one hears me. Like I'm in a bullet-proof, plexi-glass box, and everyone is staring in while I bathe in my own blood.
Sigh. Well I have to go now, and continue with my day.
Stitch a smile to my face......
:iconamaris-of-the-moon:Amaris-of-the-Moon 2 2
Stitch a Smile
Heat the tip in a burning fire
and then take the needle;
Pierce it through my skin
and stitch a smile on my face.
Give me a reason to smile
Give me a reason to laugh.
Give me a reason to sing
Give me a reason to dance.
Loop by loop, sting by sting
soaked in antiseptic, a smile is stitched into me
with a string.
Sing to to me sweet melodies
that will wind me back to life,
and resonate through the cavity
where my heart should be.
Give me a reason to live
Give me a reason to love.
Give me a reason to not to fall apart
Give me a reason....
The blood runs down my chin
and tears claw at my eyes.
Take a needle, my dear love
Stitch a smile onto my face.
So I don't make you sad
when I say
"I feel hollow today."
:iconamaris-of-the-moon:Amaris-of-the-Moon 2 13
An All Encompassing Feeling by Amaris-of-the-Moon An All Encompassing Feeling :iconamaris-of-the-moon:Amaris-of-the-Moon 3 12
Just Five More Minutes.
Stressful days, stressful nights.
Art, work, Art, more art, more work.
Parents, college, work, art, writing, work.
Love, love, love, love.
So much stress, yet so much love.
The nights are reserved for passion, for tenderness.
Although sometimes the day's stresses
anxieties and pains
coat them in a black ash.
Somehow, the love always breaks through.
So young, yet so old;
wanting to take on the world, yet shut it away all in the same
Is that what keeps us going, my love?
Is that why we are still alive?
Sitting side by side,
the engine running; curfew hanging low above.
Tears tearing at each others' eyes.
So much stress. Yet so much love.
Five more minutes. It's all we need.
Just five more minutes to leave the world behind.
:iconamaris-of-the-moon:Amaris-of-the-Moon 3 7
Rest in Peace, Volvie by Amaris-of-the-Moon Rest in Peace, Volvie :iconamaris-of-the-moon:Amaris-of-the-Moon 2 5 Raine by Amaris-of-the-Moon Raine :iconamaris-of-the-moon:Amaris-of-the-Moon 2 7 Nicodemus Child Form by Amaris-of-the-Moon Nicodemus Child Form :iconamaris-of-the-moon:Amaris-of-the-Moon 2 6 Bounty Hunter Samus by Amaris-of-the-Moon Bounty Hunter Samus :iconamaris-of-the-moon:Amaris-of-the-Moon 7 14
Sanity and Fags
Standin' on the corner, smokin' a fag
I lean my head back and I take a drag.
The smoke coats my throat with a veil of ash
Pack after pack, I'm burnin' through cash.
Don't really care what society says
"smoking is bad for you" "it'll kill you" it says.
But they don't see the evils I brave
Darkness and shadows, I'm not one to be saved.
So nicotine digs its claws into my brain
and helps me figure out ways to stay sane.
So don't judge me, fucker, your act is a sham
Cigarettes are my drug. It's just who I am.
:iconamaris-of-the-moon:Amaris-of-the-Moon 3 0
Wolf Girl Amaris by Amaris-of-the-Moon Wolf Girl Amaris :iconamaris-of-the-moon:Amaris-of-the-Moon 5 6 Amaris, Take 2 by Amaris-of-the-Moon Amaris, Take 2 :iconamaris-of-the-moon:Amaris-of-the-Moon 2 31
Just some art, yeah? :]

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Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Hello, and welcome to my page. I am a novelist by profession, artist by hobby. I would do it professionally, but right now my comics career is on hold due to a few personal issues. I'm currently working on two different novels; one about losing the love of your life and trying to recover, and the other is a psychological thriller. The latter is also on hold due to said personal issues, but after the former is finished, I will most definitely return to it.

I finished High School in 2010, and do not intend to go on to college. Not that I can't, I just choose not to.

Please, enjoy my gallery. =)

Current Residence: California.
Favourite genre of music: Electronica
Favourite style of art: A nice marriage of manga and reality.
Operating System: Mac. So done with PCs. Forever.
MP3 player of choice: iTouch :D
Shell of choice: Uh, shotgun?
Wallpaper of choice: I haz my Dreamland wallpaper :3
Skin of choice: the one I walk in....
Personal Quote: Fuckin' A....
I'll be honest. I'm not as happy as I'd like to be. Partially because I'm pretty sure I lost my best friend. And that sucks.

Not only did I lose my best friend, but I probably lost a webcomic that meant the world to me, and that I was SO excited for and SO proud of. Why? Because my co-artist probably hates me now.

I realize I'm not such a great artist. But I was so ready to make a beautiful webcomic. I didn't care if it wasn't the most beautiful webcomic in the whole goddamn world. I just wanted to draw and create that comic, because it made me happy.

And it sucks. Even though I tried my hardest to tuck my emotions away, it didn't make a difference. And now I cry not because of how much I was hurt, but because of what I lost:

A co-artist.

A confidant.

My best fucking friend.

I could cry all I want about how badly I hurt, everyday, but what will it get me? No. Now I'm crying because I don't HAVE any friends anymore. He won't even speak to me.

And I posted this on deviantArt because I was %80 positive no one would really ever read it, and that even though he might still be watching my page, he'll skip over it anyway. Everyone skips over my stuff, haha. 300 messages every 3 days, and none of them are for me.

And it sucks. It does. Being alone at night is a terrible thing. Not having anybody say goodnight to you, or be excited to hear from you the next morning is terrible.

But it is what it is. I can cry all I want. But it won't matter. He won't talk to me. And when he does, it'll be awkward, and then he'll disappear again.

It doesn't matter anymore if he loves me or not. I know he doesn't, and yeah, it hurts, but I can get past that. I just wanted kinship. He wanted that, too, before I fucked it up.

He's a great person. He really is. And I'll be honest, I do still love him. But I'm moving on because it's what he wants, and I still value his friendship.

I'm just a mess. I was trying really hard, and then got shot down.I just don't know what's left of me anymore. My homelife is a mess, my love life has been destroyed and demolished, and everything inside of me is ceasing to exist.

Haha, he'll know what I mean, if he reads this.

Idk. I think I'm going MIA for a while. I don't know when I'll be back. But if and when I do come back, I'll let you all know.

Yeah. Bye.

-:iconamaris-of-the-moon: </3



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