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July 16, 2014
Perspective Angle Finder 1 - customizable by Amarie-Veneanar An incredibly useful tool for getting all those perspectives right, use it with your favorite digital software, or print it out and use it for your traditional art!
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Perspective Angle Finder 1 - customizable



I've signed up for Noah Bradley's currently running Art Camp 2. Right now, we're in week 3, dealing with perspective, which includes doing perspective drawings from life. I've found, that I suck at measuring an angle by just holding a pencil and therefore I've decided to create a perspective sheet and release it under a CC license. This is for the fellow Art Campers and anyone else who might find it useful.

So far it's designed for the "international paper" size. Maybe, if you bribe me with cuddly cats, I'll do an updated version, that also includes US letter paper size. The .zip file right now contains the full Photoshop file with all layers, so that you can customize it to your needs and the full version, the reduced version and a third option not shown in the preview image each as a .pdf and a .png file. If you want to resize the grid and want to keep the angles, make sure to keep the proportions when transforming. Otherwise you'll distort the angles. If you want only black lines, there are two groups with the black version of the 15° angles currently hidden.

Personally, as I don't want to become too dependent on this grid, I will still first try to measure the degree of an angle using a pencil as comparison and drawing it on paper by eyeballing it and then check the perceived angle and the one I've drawn using this grid. I hope, this way, after some time and practise I'll get better at measuring the degree of the angles of corners and lines. I've printed both versions shown in the preview on an overhead projector transparency sheet. You can also print it on paper and place it below your sheet of paper.

Have fun and happy practising! :-)
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I write the comment later,first I have to understand the angelfinder.Thank you .