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Amarie-Tinuviel's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom

To keep up to date, see my everyday photos, updates and selfies become my Follower on Instagram.

I am a stock artist. You are most welcome to use my photos to create something wonderful :)

Just before, please take a look at my rules...

1) You can use my stock for fantasy, giantess photo-manipulation.
2) You can apply only minor/slight changes to my make-up, face colour, etc.
3) You can use my stock as reference for drawings, paintings or 3D models.
4) You must credit me with a direct, clickable link to my stock photo.
5) You CANNOT use my stock to show me as a TINY.
6) You CANNOT distort or blur my face or body.
7) You CANNOT put me into a situation where I am humiliated or shown as submissive.
8) You CANNOT show me as a goddess who is worshipped by others.
9) This is just an abstract of my rules. Please read them IN FULL before using my stock.

If you are not sure whether your idea MIGHT be against my rules, please seek my advice BEFORE submitting your artwork.

If you violate my rules, I will ask you to amend or DELETE your artwork.


>>> <<<


I think it is useful to put few things here that many people keep asking about. Just to make our interaction easier :)

1. Do you roleplay?
No, I don't.
Unfortunately due to high level of such enquiries I am permanently banning people who ask this question.
Also I am not sharing Skype, Yahoo or similar details with anyone, so please don't ask for these. This website offers Notes, so if you would like to talk to me, feel free to just send me one :)

1.1. Why don't you roleplay?
From the same reason why true dominatrix doesn't have sex with her subs.
Moreover seeing this question makes me feel sick. I don't want to post here a long elaborate to explain who, how and why made this question have such bad effect on me. It does - period.

1.2. Can I ask you a question?
Is it OK to talk to you? | Can we chat?
Too many times after saying "yes" I received a role-play inducing question. "What would you do if you found me shrunken?" or "what would you do if you were gigantic?" or "would you eat me if you found me little at your feet?", etc. I said I don't role-play. Respect that. From now on I am going to delete such notes without answering them. If you have a question, be brave enough to actually ask it in the first note.

2. How are you?
Hi! | Hello!
I am fine, thank you.
I don't like one sentence messages. Friends who are actually interested in my mood know how to approach me, so I will assume you just dropped me a random note. Therefore I will delete it without answering.
You are most welcome to write to me, but please use notes in the same way you would use an email, not as a chat. I am very busy and I rarely have time to be long online, so it's better to present me all your thoughts all at once, so when I have time I can answer everything in one go :)

3. Are your photos for fetish use only?
In actual fact I love fantasy photo manipulations and enjoy greatly these featuring myself :) You can create such artworks with my image. Now my profile is mainly for such use.
You can use my stock for any artwork as long as you follow my rules:

4. So what would you like to talk about?
If you began chat with me and then you ask this question I will assume that you actually lost an interest in conversation with me and I will end it. I am not a chit-chat person, however I do enjoy talking about various topics that relate to my profile or possible cooperation - just choose one before you write to me :)

5. Is there a way to contact you if I don't have account on Deviantart?
Of course :) Just go to this CONTACT FORM :)

6. Why do you title yourself a goddess?
I am not titling myself as a goddess from December 2018, please don't title me in this way.

7. Can I be your slave?

7.1. Are you interested in financially dominating me? (FEMDOM)

8. Can I actually pray to you?
No. That would be a blasphemy and I don't want such thing at all. I am a Catholic.
"As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts"

9. Can I worship adore you in person? How should I behave when I meet you?
No worshiping please. If you will ever meet me, behave with respect, as for the lady :)

10. How should I approach you if I don't have this fantasy or I don't feel OK with titling anyone a goddess?
This is no longer valid, I am stock provider and model.

11. Would you like to be my girlfirend?
No. I am in happily married with my man and I don't want to share myself with anyone else.

12. Are you ignoring me?
If you made an artwork for me or wrote me a comment or note and you haven't got my reply, please read this journal:
Please make sure that you didn't write to me in a way I don't like. See points 1.2 and 2 for more details. They are on the top of this list.

13. Do you really have this fantasy?
Yes, I do. But this is not a sexual fantasy.
I like to be shown as giantess.

I added to my FAQ questions asked in my Q&As. If there is something you are interested in about me, it is a good place to check :)
Click this LINK for FAQ and Q&A answers


Amarie-Tinuviel has started a donation pool!
4,715 / 6,000
Last year I organized a contest for photomanipulators and it was an amazing experience :) I hope to set a similar contest this year, therefore I am opening this donation box for anyone who would like to provide points for prizes :) Anyone who does so will be mentioned in my upcoming journals :) Donations of 300:points: or over will be rewarded with special photos that no one else will ever see ;)

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Hello Everyone! :hug:

I took some time to rethink several things and I would like to share conclusions with you. You see, I no longer feel that I belong to this webpage anymore.

Our community, although is full of lovely and caring people, is far too infected with simply lewd and erotic approach. I appreciate giantess is also a sexual fantasy, but not to me. I was disregarded for that so often and I got fed up with the fact that since I don't want to roleplay or become aroused discussing something with strangers over the Internet or by simply browsing art done with me I am treated by many as not fitting or useless. As if women's only purpose (according to them) was to please horny men.

I remember this disappointment shown to me, especially since I stopped letting people title me “goddess”. According to some it is a great flaw that I only want to pose and be presented as a giantess without giving wide access to my sexuality.
Let me stress out: I met on this website a lot of kind, caring, lovely and awesome people. This is why I am actually writing this journal as you and only you are my target and things stated above is just to explain and motivate the choice I am about to announce below.

You see, I am thinking about leaving deviantart. I am going to still use it to post photos for you to edit, because I want to keep on making stock photos and it always makes me happy when you come up with new artworks with me. But I am going to stop socialising here. Not because any of you, my friends, did something wrong. No. You actually made me keep going through last year here as this idea sparked in my mind over 13 months ago, but I didn't want to loose contact.
But yet I did actually as it was becoming more and more difficult for me to visit this page and see my notifications with very often “strange” or “inappropriate” messages.
I tried to fight with that by expanding my FAQ, but seldom anyone was bothered with reading it.
I came to conclusion that for at most 20 people I am a real person with feelings and opinions worth respecting and for dozens I was simply a mean to make their masturbation more interesting. Plus no matter how strongly I would put some things in my journals and FAQ, same issues were coming back (role-play enquiries, nudes enquiries, sexually explicit messages, mixing reality with fantasy, actual worshipping me, asking me for my feelings about killing others, etc.).
Many couldn't believe that I would like to have superpowers or to be a giantess "only" to save people or to peacefully rule them or when I would be in cosmic sizes, I would visit distant places and marvel beauty of the Universe in the great scale. Somehow my approach resulted in great disappointment in many people.

Before we go any further I want to explain one thing: I am an extreme introvert. No, I don't hate people. All it means is that it costs me a lot of energy to socialise, even online. And every difficult things happening along the line makes it more and more difficult. It is as if I was about to cross a rope bridge.
I would do so, to meet my friends on the other side, but if many rude people put extra weight on my shoulders, I have no way to cross the bridge. Or if I try to, bridge will collapse and I will fall. I hope it explains this mechanism.

To top it up, I will share with you one more secret, which I kept hidden to maintain a "goddess" and "perfect" image of myself. I suffer from social phobia. In other words I am afraid to interact with people. Especially online. This on its own was enough to stop me from socialising or being active online. Combining this with effect above and hateful or disturbing messages I got here resulted in my great lack of favour for this place.
My friends cheered me up and helped me go though difficulties, but I reached the point when talking to them was too much as well. Not because they did something wrong, but because of the approach I got from large number of members of this community. 

You see, this profile and the way I set it backfired at me and I have no idea how to fix people's way on thinking about me. That I am a stock model with a bit “kinky” mind allowing me to enjoy various scenarios including giantess/goddess ones or some femdom ones as well.
I am not a lewd porn star, a shameless girl willing to sell her privacy or a hateful cruel psychopath. I had no idea that stepping into sexually connected area could have such consequences. Yeah, I would love to be a mini-giantess, but not for any sexual reason at all!
Jesus, I would be so happy being someone like Mt Lady from Hero Academy (a size changer hero), but not a psychopath oversized murderer with god complex. I think that my social phobia fueled the idea of being a giantess as being distant in terms of size made me more willing to socialize.
That barrier established by taking up such role gave me a sense of safety. But reading nasty comments when I declined taking a bad role was really depressing and demotivating and destroyed that shell and good feelings connected with "being a giantess". What giantess or goddess I am if my wannabe servants too often didn't respect me?
I still like being presented as powerful being or as a destroyer, but when it is not focused on killing aspect. I could play a role of a villain, but not a murderer.
It might be true, that our brain wrongly perceives some things and it feels awful to kill one person, but it might be that killing thousands feels to be just a statistics – being titanic helps to detach from humankind and feeling of guilt. Same as an operator of a Death Star didn't feel guilt even though they destroyed whole planet.
But they didn't actually see or acknowledge the people they obliterated. Same is true for Thanos' massacre at the end of the film, who didn't kill all these people/creatures personally, but simply by the flick of his fingers. Same way I could accept being presented as a titanic destroyer, a villain conquering the world. I enjoy films with lots of fantastic destruction effects (Avengers!), so why not be a centre of such action myself?
But only as a person playing a ROLE! It is and never was true me! This NEVER meant that I could actually hurt or kill someone!!! Never! I would never willingly crush anyone! If I really was a titanic giantess, I would be avoiding cities and not hurting others! I know so many of you love corruption theme and I appreciate that. But shoving such idea down my throat so many times made me fed up. Hence my decreasing and now nonexistent activity here.
It became for me so sad and somehow stressful to visit this page ("what new nasty stuff will I read about me this time?" - was an often thought) that I can no longer enjoy deviantart. Why so many people was trying to force me into being their kind of giantess instead of enjoying my vision together with me? Why so many pushed to change me further and further?

I want to say that I acknowledge that some of you enjoy denying the reality through this fantasy and it is for you a form of escape or finding content, feeling of justice, love for extreme power, revenge on evil world or it is simply a pleasing aesthetic for you (especially for femdom and female supremacy lovers as well as post-apocalypse theme enthusiasts), hence you add a lot of destruction effects.
I spoke with some of you and you told me in great detail that some of you hate how modern world works, others hate men and their behaviour towards women, others disregard the world for all the evil and injustice happening, etc. All this concludes in a will to present the world as a destroyed wasteland, which you feel it really is despite its wonders or you strongly feel this is how it should end.
That when you wish to present me as killing, obliterating, crushing and destroying, you really mean that you want world to be purged as many of you see a titanic female as a good candidate for an ultimate ruler and guarantee of peace and well-being, no matter how selfish and arrogant one would be.
Or you crave the world to be made again, but pure this time. I can relate to that and I can understand where such point of view comes, although I want to highlight that person you are probably looking for is God Himself and He is caring, loving and indeed He can guarantee peace and all that is good for us. Human being on God's throne is really a bad idea.
Anyway, End of the World is inevitable and actually something good and liberating (as a Christian I believe that Jesus will ultimately defeat all evil that Day) and I really don't mind if I am presented as the one bringing such judgement. Not as an actual goddess, but rather as a metaphor of Judgement Day or Justice. And that is fine.
But this yet again doesn't mean I take any sort of pleasure from killing or destroying or that I would do so if I were a giantess. I felt devastated every time when it was implied that I am happy thinking about killing innocent people. I can appreciate such apocalyptic approach to presenting me and I would like to say two more things about that: such apocalyptic metaphor does not have to be full of blood. I hate gore.
I don't mind (as stated before) many destruction effects or spectacular damages. I see it as a display of one's skill and talent (if done tastefully). But no matter how much you disregard this world and its evil, I will never be happy to actually hurt someone or be the bringer of the End.
With all my heart I am actually trying to love my enemies (rather than wishing them to be slaughtered). Secondly, I don't take any delight in mindless destruction or being a monster.
I see a clear difference, when one artist focuses mostly on realism and thinks how titanic woman would affect her surroundings (especially when she feels superior to humankind), when another looks for the opportunity to focus on the evil nature of said giantess and her will to obliterate everything.
Good example of what I enjoy are artworks with me made by The-WonderSlug (there are many more artists whose artworks I enjoy, but to list you all it would take me a lot of time ;) And Dan made for me a couple of artworks recently hence it was easy to choose him as an example).
They often feature a lot of destruction, but the artwork is not overwhelmed by them. In other words, I am the main subject of the artwork, not the destruction I cause. When you reverse proportions, your artworks actually shows evil, death and suffering. Don't do that.

To these of you who are so curious about my attitude towards power, size, goddess-hood, etc. here for the last time I am putting answers to your repeated over and over again questions. So please stop as it annoys me.
I feel as if people asking weren't really interested in my attitude, but they try to get into roleplay, discussing their fetish and getting aroused or persuading me that my attitude should be different (more evil, more worship, more growth, etc. Bleh).
Enough. But for all of these, who are new and now I won't be able to reply, here are your questions and my answers:

1) If Jesus Christ Himself would ever offer me any of such powerful gifts, I would gladly accept them (but only given by Him, not any other deity, person or being, etc. Power comes from the One, who has power. And I am already blessed with a lot from Him).
2) Would I feel comfortable being powerful? - Yes, I would.
3) Would I feel comfortable having superpowers? - Yes, I would.
4) Would I feel happy being mini-giantess? - Yes, I would.
5) Would I be happy being a sizechanger and change my size any I want, even cosmic? - Yes, I would.
6) Would I be happy stuck at some gargantuan size? - No, I won't.
7) Would I be happy to people actually worship me? - No, I won't.
8) Would I be comfortable with crushing, stomping, killing someone? - No, I won't.
9) Do you have macrophilia? - No, I don't.
10) Do you like femdom?     Would you dominate me?     Can I be your slave?     Would you spank me?     Can you crush me?     What would you do if you were a giantess?     What kind of sex do you like?     May I kiss your toes? - For this any any other similar questions I have this special secret LINK.

There is no need to elaborate further. Here are my preferences. They haven't changed. This is me. Stop persuading me that "this size would suit me better" or that "I am worthy of being worshipped", etc.
Find different person with different character if you don't like my attitude. I am myself, not someone else.
And I don't feel comfortable discussing anything further than what I wrote above. Any of my true sexual fantasies are a private matter and asking for details of such intimate thing is RUDE. Just don't.
I literally wrote dozens of pages about my view on many things. Use SEARCH function on my journals to find out more. But to be honest I don't care about such questions anymore. I am not going to check notifications anymore anyway.

So yes, that was long and depressing statement, but I had to do this. I feel awful for not writing back to many of my friends here as I allowed bad thoughts to override joy I had from writing with awesome people here.
That's why I will spend upcoming weeks on catching up with all people, who I had conversations with and I will give them my email address, so we can continue talking and socializing, avoiding this page. For everyone there is this CONTACT FORM to reach me. You can notify me there when you make new artwork with me :)
I am still happy to see your creations! :) Of course you can also contact me through Instagram, which as you might have noticed, if very little connected with giantess theme. On purpose, to avoid problems, which I explained in detail above. Lastly, if you cannot reach me outside deviantart, please write to my husband ZituKX. He will pass the message to me.

To finish up I would like to highlight that I am grateful to all of you who were supporting me, my modeling and befriended me.
I would never develop my skills and buy essential equipment if all kind and generous people on Patreon didn't help me. I would never be here so active (in the past) if I wasn't supported or so warmly welcomed by good souls here.
I would never be motivated if so many talented artists didn't make such impressive and many fantastic artworks with me ❤️ I am grateful and happy that I met you all and collaborated. And I hope this to continue, simply by using different mean of communication.

Bat Heart Bullet by AngelicHellraiser If you like my poses and outfits and you want to make a photmanipulation with me (according to my terms and conditions) please do and send me link to it :)

Bat Heart Bullet by AngelicHellraiser If you want to collaborate and make a photo-session with me, write to me through form or Instagram.

Bat Heart Bullet by AngelicHellraiser If you like what I do, say so by dropping me a message through my contact form.

Bat Heart Bullet by AngelicHellraiser This page will remain as my collection of stock, which I will be updating. I will simply no longer take any part in any other activities on this page.

I am not gone. I am simply cutting off the access for the nasty pervs. For such pervs I have one piece of advice: don't write to me (and any other lady) while you are horny. Learn to control your urges. Otherwise they speak for you and all you write is filthy and disgusting.

I am sorry all of you who are waiting ages for my reply. I do apologize for not writing that sooner and taking care of the relationships we had here. Anyone, who would like to is invited to rebuild the friendship and start again. Fresh start seems like a promising thing.

Take care everyone!

Anna (Amarie Tinuviel)

P.S. I scheduled several brilliant collages made by The-WonderSlug as well as few ones made by moonprint44 plus few fantasy ones, which I found googling myself :D ❤️ They are absolutely awesome and beautiful :love: Soon you will see them all :D Also I scheduled photos from my recent session. Please note these are NOT stock, so please DON'T use them for collages. But you are most welcome to admire them :)

P.S.2 I never actually thanked The-WonderSlug for extending my premium membership. Thank you very much hun :hug: It is of great help now for me :)

P.S.3 I had a shooting recently and photos from it will be uploaded soon as well :) I will try to upload photos from previous shootings as well, if I find enough time for that.

Instagram (2016) Icon  Instagram Icon by linux-rules Info+Contact 

Hello everyone :hug:

Let's start 2019 with answers to the questions you asked me in my last Q&A :) Thank you everyone who took part :kiss:

Is this still open :) (Smile) ?
No, it WAS open :D

What's the one thing that's guaranteed to make you smile?
I smile the most when my beloved ones are happy :happybounce: Right after that the thing that makes me smile a lot and every time is when I receive or buy myself new pair of shoes :love::squee:

It must take a lot of confidence to do what you do, where do you get the motivation or inspiration from?
I think I was born with that :rofl: I think that I am trying to get the best out of the gifts given me by the God. I have unique and amazing beauty and I want to make the best use out of it. Also I get a lot of support form my husband who helps me and motivates me, when I am feeling low :)

What do you like and dislike about yourself the most? 
I hate my body insecurities. I genuinely appreciate the fact that I am beautiful, yet still sometimes I feel that I am not 100% as I should be.
I love my stupid sense of humor :lol: I like dark and silly jokes and I like to laugh a lot :D:squee:

I would love to know more about you and your husband He is a lucky guy! Did he know about your fantasies before you two started dating?
If he didn't know, how did you two find out that you both were into giantess fantasies?
How do you balance being a loving wife and his beautiful goddess?
I am sorry if I am asking questions that are too personal. 
Please read my FAQ ;) I am not having a giantess fantasy as such. I like and enjoy being presented as a magical being. Same goes for being a queen, sorceress, giantess, witch, faerie, etc. I recently dropped the title "goddess" as it was too misleading and people started doing too much weird stuff about it. So yeah, I balance that pretty well ^^

If I was your slave, what is the first thing you would make me do?
To leave my house :rofl: Sorry, no more slaves for me ;P

Do you believe women are superior to men?
Everybody is different. I personally feel that I am superior to many men (and women). I am knowledgable, hard working, in full time employment, successful, etc. But women in general? Nowadays many women show actually the opposite... All these things connected with "rape culture", accusing men of every failure in women's lives and all that pseudo-feministic stuff makes me feel that many women wrongly use their brain. At the same time many men go to work to mines, power plants, etc... Really difficult question. I think that there is more or less equal number of stupid and smart people in both genders ;)

Do you ever feel pressured about how your body looks?
Sometimes I do. But it makes me want to look better and work harder to be healthier :)

For the monthly theme it cloud be your the boots slave or something else 
Potato Stickers - Just a Potato 

What advice would you give someone who wants to try and make some stock photos for a beginner??
  1. Have professional equipment: DSLR camera, good backdrop in single color, proper lights (umbrellas or soft-boxes)
  2. Have an idea or purpose for stock. It's good to have overall target group or an aim to achieve rather than shooting random photos
  3. I have problem with that => show emotions. Don't be afraid to make angry face or unusual pose. I was too many times looking nice and lovely instead of presenting various sides. It's like being an actor: you need different roles :)
  4. It's better to avoid nudes, feet, etc. Make art, not fap-material :D

If you where a giantess and you had a pair of leggings on, would you crush buildings and people with your butt, or will you just tease then with your gorgeous butt?
Maybe ask that question to somebody, who would be happy to be asked that question. I appreciate that I make stock for giantess photos, but it doesn't mean that I am happy to fantasize with strangers.
BTW, if anyone would ask me why I no longer feel happy to make more erotic content, your comment will be one of many arguments. Too many people started to look at me like a piece of meat (my butt in this case) rather than a human being.

I was silly thinking that showing more of myself in more beautiful and revealing outfits or some unique perspectives would make you guys happy and help us create more amazing art together. That happened far to few times compared to such questions. And the worst thing is that many of you don't even realize what is actually wrong with this question and why it bothers me.

And I am tired with rising "adult" children. I sometimes spend full day on preparing photo session and actual shooting. And then, instead of people being interested in my art, posing, theme, ideas, etc they only notice feet, butt or bust... Yeah, sorry for complaining here. Many of you guys here are lovely and it's a pleasure to work with you. But true artist can work with also less revealing photos, while I no longer want to give free fun to people, who cannot appreciate that and don't understand what is wrong with that.

Hi! Do you think that it would be empowering to be a real giantess or would you just feel like a freak? 
If I was the only giantess in the world and with fixed height, then probably after a longer while I would be feeling like Diane from "Seven deadly sins". People would be afraid of me, some would hate me and many would like to see me gone as I would be so different. I am already feeling a little bit like that as I am a gothic girl and my different outfit and way of living make some people stare or show dislike. Of curse there are far more people who like me for who I am and appreciate my different look as thing enriching the world. So yes, I am sure some people will love me and support me, while many will hate me and will do everything to hurt me.
On the other hand, if I had a power like Mt Lady from "My hero academia", so I could change my height, then I think I would be very happy with that and it would be like a dream come true! I could be hired for important missions or simple marketing/advertising events. I would be much more famous and far less scary than "full time" giantess :) Still there will be people willing to hate me for being different, but being more normal size everyday would make people far less scared and more welcoming, I think. So yes, being able to temporarily change myself into a giantess would be very empowering. Being stuck like that - it would be a disaster.

Have you ever thought of trying out more cosplay themed photo sessions? and if yes who would be your preferred character to cosplay?
I would love to do much more cosplays, but I don't have enough funds at the moment... I also have no facility at the moment to make my own outfits. I don't like doing things sloppily (I hope that's the word), so I'd rather don't do them at all. If I have more money, then I would most certainly would like to make proper cosplays. I was thinking about several characters from anime series (Krul from "Seraph of the End" and Asuna from "SAO"), from Disney (Merida) and from films (Xena the Warrior Princess and Arwen from LOTR). This is definitely an option I am looking into once I am a bit more well off ;)
What are your thoughts on the countless people that are inevitably crushed underfoot from whenever you walk through one of our major cities?
This is something I am not thinking of. To be honest, if I really was a giantess, I would be avoiding cities to not kill anyone. Yes, I am dominant and I like people being weaker than me, but I don't enjoy actually hurting others, not to mention killing anyone. Because I am fairly openminded and into femdom, I don't mind being shown as cruel or destructive, but this is a fantasy only. I might be more convinced to think about myself as a sort of weapon, when fighting bad guys ;) But anyway I am good hearted and caring. I know there are girls, who really get aroused thinking about crushing others under their feet. Like for real. To me it's sick. I love feeling powerful and superior, but being at a certain height and power level I would be able to control the world without a need to hurt anyone. It's actually kind of funny that people are quite OK with being crushed underfoot, but not so happy to be made obedient servants ;)

1.) What is your favorite pair of boots?
2.) Do you own any steel-toe boots?  Would you like a pair?
3.) Would you do a photo shoot as a lumberjill with a chainsaw, a biker chick, or a horseback rider?
  1. This is so hard! :D On of the toughest questions here :lol: I cannot narrow it down to just 1 :rofl: I love them too much!!! So I narrowed it down to 6 :lol:  Here they are:
    1. Kitten in Blue 15 by Amarie-Tinuviel Goddess at home 6 by Amarie-Tinuviel Military Mistress 5 by Amarie-Tinuviel Steampunk Lolita 2 by Amarie-Tinuviel Green Temptress 12 by Amarie-Tinuviel Autumnal Goddess 15 by Amarie-Tinuviel
  2. I don't know what do you actually have in mind... Is it:
    1. OPTION 1
    2. OPTION 2
    3. OPTION 3
    4. If it's OPTION 1 or 2, then yes, I would love to have a pair :D If OPTION 3, then no, I don't like such ones. For all 3, no I don't have one, unless you think that boots from this photo are steel-toe ones:  Military Mistress 12 by Amarie-Tinuviel
  3. Biker chick and horse-rider would be awesome! :la::squee: These two are one of my two dreams on the to-do list :D As for lumberjill I have mixed feelings. If I would make a session in an actual outfit of a lumberjill, then no. It's very work related. I think I will look like a dressed up person in totally alien place, thus I wouldn't be convincing. If I was to pose as a sexy lumberjill in more revealing version of the outfit (and totally useless for the actual job), then maybe. A big maybe. You see, I don't want to look like a wannabe pornstar and such outfit would be in my opinion tricky to balance between tasteful sexiness and lewd one plus to simply not look silly. So the lumber jill would be a really not very likely theme for me to go for (as opposed to the first 2, which I love), but it might happen if I get a nice and spot-on outfit for that :)

I have wondered what your thoughts are one the various forms of crush/butt crush and vore. If you don't wish to answer this that is perfectly find. The back up question would be do you have a favorite height preference for yourself or your tinies? Keep up the great work.
Thank you, I would go for back-up question ;) I think a building size would be perfect for me ;) Like Diane or Mt Lady. I don't like shrinking others because it is still imitating to me and not making me in any way more powerful, famous or superior to everyone. Growing seems so much fun and has a lot potential for interesting adventures and lots of fun! :la: I'd rather dominate the whole city rather than one little guy ;P Shrinking can be good only for an erotic scenario. 99% the time I am up for growing and I enjoy being presented as a giantess :)

I always like the pics/stories where your shown as omnipotent but your a normal height :) (Smile) a real goddess like yourself shouldn’t have to be 1000 feet tall :) (Smile) what would be some of the ways you would punish bad tiny at this height?
I'm sorry, but that seems not to have much sense... If I am omnipotent and normal height, then why there are any tinies? Is it some way to trick me into role-play or something?...

Here are questions posted under previous Q&A ;)

Would you mind few more questions?
1) Did you ever had an opposite fantasy? To be mortal in front of perfect godlike man. Worshipping him, pleasing him, watching him grow. Maybe being a part of his harem? In return receiving most desired and absolutely perfect pleasure only godlike alpha male can give.

2) What do you think about muscle expansion fetish? Would you ever want to be musclebound? Would you like to have bigger muscles in any way? If someone would want to make muscle expansion morph with you, would you be OK with it?

3) Let's suppose you have a female rival and a deal from a gennie: you have 3 wishes, but whatever you wish for, she will get 10 times more. If you decline, she gets the wishes and you get nothing. What woukd you do?
P.S. You cannot wish for godlike power, because gennies cannot make anyone more powerful than themselves.

4) Let's suppose that one day by mistake you wake up controlling someone else's body (your mind replaces their). You know that effect lasts for 24 hours. Who woyld you like to control and what would you do? Let's assume that the other person can't control your body.

5) What would you rather: being stuck forever at 10 kilometres tall or 0.1 centimetres tall?  In both cases you are immortal and indestructible.

6) What is your greatest achievement so far in life?

7) Do you like being worshipped? (Having someone bow down before you, kiss your feet or shoes, praising you etc.)

8) What is the biggest problem you ever solved?

9) Did you ever punched/slapped anyone?

10) How big is your biceps?

Thank you for your time Goddess Amarie! 
  1. It's not my fantasy.
  2. Not really. I would like to be in better shape like a warrior-princess Xena or fitness model, but not musclebound. I am certainly NOT into looking like Julia Vins or similar muscular models. I appreciate people love them and I appreciate they put a lot of effort into looking the way they do, but it's not for me.
  3. I'm not interested in answering that.
  4. I'm not interested in answering that.
  5. I'm not interested in answering that.
  6. I have my own business in a country I emigrated to. I think that was very good :)
  7. Not by strangers ;P
  8. Woah, that's a deep one! Well, honestly that is one of the most difficult questions on this list :D I solved many small problems. Many of these I would like to keep private, but I am proud to have a strong relationship with my husband :) It is a sum of many small problems sorted one by one. Plus recently I just sorted out problem with my house and I upgraded my standard of living :)
  9. Yes, when I was training Jeet Kune Do I was trained to overcome the fear of hurting someone else and I was training hitting my trainer to learn how to defend myself ;)
  10. I am not a bodybuilder, so I don't understand such question... I decline to say.

I hope you don't mind me asking, where you are originally from?   You stated that you moved to Scotland and had to learn english, so I'm curious.
I am from Poland :)

Since you're asking for more questions I would like to know which you prefer. Since you say you enjoy being a "giantess" as opposed to having shrunken people with you, which fantasy appeals to you more:

Being a destructive giantess in a cityscape or busy streets with crushed cars,buildings,etc,  or just interacting with people in city in a more gentle manner trying not to crush things. ;) (Wink)
Second one ;) I would enjoy being a gentle giantess :) I know it's not great fun for collaging, so I often pose to be destructive, but everyday giant me would be benevolent :)

That was all questions I got from you :) Thank you once again for asking me and I hope my answers will help you better understand me :) Have a lovely New Year everyone! :kiss:



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