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Gosh, most creative title I've ever come up with. This is it. This is the pinnacle of my titling abilities! :B
I wanted to draw Prompto at least once. I think his obsession with chocobos is really cute. Prompto is a precious child (he's like 20 years old but nevermind) and deserves to be happy. His chocobo butt hair is a pain to draw, though.
Also, I freaking love chocobos as well. I remember spending a lot of time breeding and racing them in FF7 to get a gold one so I could go to secret places unreachable by any other method of travel. X'D

Final Fantasy XV © Square Enix
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*loud squealing over cuteness*
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Hehe, glad you like it. :meow:
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Aww! Too cute!
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Glad you think so. Thanks for faving! :)
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You're welcome😊
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"Hiya mister, I'm hungry. Feed me?"
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Chocobo chick wants all the greens!
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Impressive title. I like the freckly shoulders, the pattern on the pants, and the cute chocobo. Also the guy's pose is well drawn.
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:B Thanks so much! I was looking at a bunch of photos of crouching people, but I think the anatomy still isn't perfect.
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Az elöző Gladdy és ez a rajzod is nagyon tetszik!! :D imadnivaló kis Chocobo ♡
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Nos telefonról nem szabad kommentet írni :"D Szóval nagyon tetszik, ahogyan az előző is nagyon tetszett. :D
A kis Chocobo meg különösen aranyos XD
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Az a vicces, hogy kijelentkezett állapotban normálisan megjelent a kommented, de bejelentkezve fura jeleket rak az ékezetes betűk helyére.
Köszönöm szépen! :aww: A chocobo-hoz nem használtam referencia képet, csak reménykedtem, hogy nem lesz nagyon béna. XD;;;
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XDXDXD remek.... még sosem találkoztam ilyennel :"D
Egyáltalán nem lett az! :D nekem biztos, hogy nem menne referencia nélkül XD
Nem vagyok túl jó az állatok rajzolásában :"D
De tényleg jó lett!! :D
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Glad you like it. Thanks for faving! :)
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You're welcome! ^^
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I have never had anything to do with Final Fantasy whatsoever, but that chook/bird hybrid-looking-thing is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. 
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Tbh it's the biggest compliment to me when I get praise from people who are not familiar with the subject of my drawings. :D Those birds are just so ridiculous, I want 20. :B
Thanks for faving! :aww:
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Haha, you're welcome. They are so cute. I'm a huge lover of chooks (I have like thirty, purely as pets) and yes, I too want twenty of these adorable hybrids. 
Thou ist welcometh. 
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Aaa you're so lucky! I'd like to have a pet bird too. Just one. Because I live in an apartment. But yeah, it would be nice.
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Yeah, I am. Birds are great.
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This is adorable!  It just looks all around perfect :D
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