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Basic Manga Colouring Tutorial



Ok, I promised tutorials so here they are! X3

Advanced Manga Colouring Tutorial can be found here: [link]

These tutorials are zipped, so to download them you need to click the 'download' option from the menu on the left and extract them onto your computer.

This one is the basic tutorial that covers everything from what do with your image when you first open it in photoshop and right up to filling in the base colours. So this explains how to separate lineart from the background, how to use layers, how to best block in the base colours and lock their transparency in preparation for shading.

The advanced tutorial picks up where this one leaves off. So think of this as a tutorial in two halves.

These two tutorials are more of a walkthrough of how I work. With photoshop there are many different ways of doing the same thing, so this just explains my particular way of doing things, and I'm a lazy short-cutting bastard so I always use the easy method. XD
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is the link expired or is it just me?