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Serbian Chic

Serbian chic.
Long black-gray-white scarf is weaved and produced by Snovatica art gallery for weaving and handcrafts.
Materials used are Black and Gray silk.
Pattern is Pepito .
model: moi
photo was taken by my friend Anna
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baronessofblades's avatar
I LOVE the scarf! As usual you look SO good!You look so HUGGABLE!!!:3:3:3
baronessofblades's avatar
LOVE the scarf and as usual, you look very good:3:3:3
AlKhawarizmi's avatar
LOL you gotta teach me how!!!! i do little emm courchet? it's like knitting, i dunno ho wyou spell it in English LOL,,, and i really like stylish practical, like it is beautiful but at the same time looks like good for warmth so it's not just piling up useless clothes
=( i want it!
concho's avatar
e seperishka je ova slika, dodje mu po malo misticna . nekako je je vidim za 10-15 godina, ako se secas onog osecaja kad gledas slike koje su stare, pa se upirtas kako je bilo u to vreme i kako bi bilo chudno kad bi mogao da se portujes kroz vreme u sliku:DD
I never saw this comment fo yours...
It occured just recently..
very interesting perspective... I would never thought of that....
Very interesting point of view, again i say... because i know what that feeling is.Traveling back in time trough memories.
MsVenom's avatar
I like this one, looking really nica and mysterious :)
oh thank you so much :)
that is my very dear photography as well.
it represents the calming soul and inner peace. Beauty & Harmony with the cold weather ( WHICH i don;t like )and artistic spirit in one handcrafting gallery i work in sometimes :)
its sofisticated and somehow... am not sure how to say... as if i step out of a time line.
MsVenom's avatar
I agree with you! :nod:
And i look at this photo now, when really hot summer is and like it more and more! :)
Hope to see your summer time photos too! :)
Really nice pic :aww:
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