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Due to some confusion I've decided to repost this. For works such as lineart and posted work I will say in the comments if you can use them and then will usually give you a link to this journal.

you may not use ANY my art for commercial purposes unless I have given you permission

Unless I state otherwise in the comments of a specific piece you are to follow these rules for using any of my work. If the picture does not have a link to this blog (starting June 28, 2012 - for pieces posted before this date please assume you should ask first no matter what) you may not use it in any way shape or form.

If there were any specific questions not addressed in this journal please leave a comment and I will edit it in. Thanks! =D

:bulletred: First of alls for line art :bulleted:

:bulletyellow: link me in the comments
:bulletyellow: do not remove my signature and watermark if present
:bulletyellow: send me the link so I can see your rendition! :dance:
:bulletyellow: if you color it and want to alter the color of the lineart or make it invisible after coloring it the above still applies.
:bulletyellow: do not alter the position of things in the picture in any way
:bulletyellow: credit me in your comments and/or the picture itself
:bulletyellow: you may use any horse line art of mine you've colored on Howrse

:bulletred: Can we use your OCs? :bulletred:

Now that that's been said, only the members of HARPG-Foundies are allowed to RP characters in my story Whisper of Winds, and then they are to credit the character to stories accordingly.

:bulletred: Can we color/draw your OCs? :bulletred:

:icondragonhugplz: I would love for you to do that! Just follow the conditions of the yellow bullets above. As for drawing them, you've please, please, please got to strictly adhere to the yellow bullets. Stealing will not be tolerated. I've had things stolen before and so I will be harsh about this.

If you want to draw the characters in Kaleidoscope and want a visual reference of characters I haven't drawn, check out :iconizuminanaki: IzumiNanaki's page since she does have art for them. If neither of us have drawn the character you wish to draw, send me a note and I'll either do a ref-sketch with Izumi or I'll write you a good description. Remember to link us both to it so we can both see~

:bulletred: Can we role-play with your characters? :bulletred:

Refer to the second red bullet point please~

:bulletred: Can we use your artwork outside of DA? :bulletred:

Please post a request in the comments of the piece you wish to use. Include a link to the place where you intend to publish my work and we'll see. This is a case by case basis.

:bulletred: What if we want to use your artwork which was originally by another artist? :bulletred:

Go back to the source artist(s) that I got permission from and ask them. If you want to use my work specifically ask me as well.

Be careful! For some of my works the original line art I colored was gift art and I had to get permission from both the gifter and the giftee (this could also be a prize for a contest or some such).

:bulletred: Do we have to link you back if we use one of your tutorials/pictures in our work? :bulletred:

No, that's not really necessary. I'd love a link nonetheless!

:bulletred: Can we use your writing on or outside of DA? :bulletred:

My work is protected under dA's basic author ownership rules which applies to anyone posting art on this site - this means that I retain all rights to my work under deviantART's copyright guidelines. All original work and characters are copyrighted to me. This prohibits any replication of my work, not to mention that at any time my works are being viewed and edited by professors who are part of the professional writing community. Some of these teach at the University of South Florida (this is true especially for Whisper of Winds) and the University of Central Florida. That's right, I just pulled out the big academia guns.

:bulletred: OMG IS THERE A FAIL-SAFE??? :bulletred:

O.O Jeebus calm down! Yes, as a matter of fact, there is: if it's not specified in the comments or if you followed this link and are not sure if your situation falls into any of the above, send me a note or a comment on this journal. I'll be happy to answer your questions. Yes, I totally posted this at the end so you would read all the rules, mwahahahahaha!


:heart: Amara~
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emme's avatar
So no Kaleidoscope fan or gift art without asking first? that's kind of a bummer.
AmaranthineRain's avatar
I wanted to ask Izumi before deciding. Good news though! She said yes so if you feel to draw any of the Kaleidoscope characters *coughRaylancough* you may~
emme's avatar
lol. I might have to. XD we'll see where my inspiration gets me. I want to catch up on some more reading, though! I have a few more of your pieces I want to get through as well as another author I've been stalking here.
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Haha! Well take your time~ I have another idea for Anise but I need to spend some time on Ark.
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This would be a good link to put on your front page, above the Browse Gallery button. ;)
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Why...didn't I think of that before? You're a genius Khezy!
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