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Bulletrose The Adventures and Shenanigans of Panty Thief Bulletrose

- no decided format yet - no decided location yet -
~ warning: adorable and silly anthros ahead ~
It all started with a black kitty panty thief and morose white bunny who weathered her antics with an indifferent frown. At first he had thought them cute when she was recovering after he found her abandoned in the rain like an unwanted litter runt. Now she has roped a once-royal-now-rogue unicorn into her shenanigans along with the rest of his scurvy crew. How long before she gets to you?

** updates whenever **

Bulletcrimson Chronicles of Indignity Bulletcrimson

~ collaboration with Sleyf ~
Description? What, you think this was planned? Oh my. I am so sorry for that delusion. Quick, run before the cute animals raving about the kerfuffle of the doctor and demon's wind-blowing antics suckers you in! Don't fall for it- NO!

Whelp...I guess it's too late for you. Welcome to the madhouse~

** updates whenever**

Bulletcopper Kaleidoscope Bulletcopper

- illustrations & written story - only on dA; "Ointment" available free on Smashwords -
~ collaboration with IzumiNanaki ~
WARNING: OLD WRITTEN PIECES! If you have been following this one since 'back in the day' you'll see that a lot of them are currently in storage. This is because they are going through major editing. I'll keep these stories free (for now). In the future they will be available for purchase with exclusive content on Smashwords an/or Kindle. A sister site has been set up where you can ask the characters questions and Izumi and I may respond: Ask Kaleidoscope  

** updates on hold **

Bulletpink Oruboros Bulletpink

- rolling story - not yet avaialble -
~ initially part of but now separate from ARPG realms ~
A rolling story series I write for fun. All characters are original but a lot of the fauna design and major settings are part of respective ARPGs. There is a loose plan to polish it and release a published version, possibly on Smashwords, but as of right now it is hosted for free on dA. A chronological compendium is in development and will soon be linked above.

** updates whenever **

 Bulletamber Sugar & Salt Bulletamber 

- comic - not yet posted -
~ special information ~
data data data

** updates TBA **

Bullet; Green The Green Book Bullet; Green 

- written & illustrated story - no literature is online; character memes -
~ x ~
data data data

** updates TBA **

Bulletazure Uncharted Bulletazure 

- mixed media comic ; on dA, TapasticWebtoons -
~ I mis-nominated this as "Sugar & Salt" for the test pages - soon to be remedied ~
slice-of-life comic in which reality is enhanced by imagination. In this ongoing series I hope to share with you amusement and empathy. The comic contains a plethora of stories ranging across the hilarious, serious, empathetic, and educational. Pages are formed traditionally and completed digitally.

** updated Wednesdays **

Bulletindigo Whisper of Winds Bulletindigo 

- written story - only on dA -
~ x ~
An equine-centered post-apocalyptic story I write for fun. Not yet refined. Featured as part of the HARPG-Foundies group.

** updates on hold **

Bullet; Purple With Torrential Force Bullet; Purple 

- illustrated and written story - hosted on dA and Tapastic -
~ This is an interactive illustrated story-game - come play with us! ~
Noia who has awoken from a centuries-deep sleep to find someone has stolen Pandora's Jar. Although humanity is in dire need of some legendary hope after The End Wars left the population and environment practically decimated Noia knows that what is in the jar may not be something people are ready for...

Come on my fellow adventure sleuths!

** updates Thursdays **
***transmuted from Storm Goddess which is now a closed project***


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Hey, you can organise your gallery by clicking the "edit page" button on top of the gallery page. Then it's just as it used to be. I don't know why they thought adding this extra step was necessary but yeah... at least the function is still there.
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Wait WHAT. pewdiepie gasp Great Glob - you've saved me! Thank you so much, Dances!! Redbull glomp 

Yeah, I think the step was unnecessary but they may have been going for aesthetic pleasure....BUT it was still unnecessary in my opinion
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