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exceeded the 60KB journal limit lol

This journal is for me to keep track of trades concerning the ARPGs I'm part of and as a record for you if you should ever lose a link or need a reference in the future. Like all ARPG specific work I do, this log will remain permanently if it ever needs to be referenced.

If you don't wish to be listed here, please let me know!


Bulletred WS - Waiting on something / Still discussing
Bullet; Yellow IP - in progress
Bullet; Pink - breeding process incomplete/in progress
Bullet; Green COMPLETED - all complete

form (for my use)

Trade with: @
Work I'm Doing: xx
Status: :bullet: XX MM/DD/19 - process
Due Date: MM/DD/19
Payment: xx
Status: :bullet: XX MM/DD/19
Due Date: MM/DD/19

- Other Reminders -

raffle wins, promised things for me 

**not a trade; keep this notation here until the gift is used

**earned WoR stuff - not sure what to do with these (gift? raffle?)
> semi-custom I (question on use clarified; gifted to Cinrillon )…
- glint modifier (can be used only for semi-customs):…

> semi-custom II (raffle or gift):…
- rare trait (can only be used in semi-customs):…

*won a raffle by DaretoDream0 which includes a drawing or two - see notes.
Proof of raffle win:…

- Slot Reminders -

slots I have yet not used (usu. gifted) - this is separate from the trades below

FB| 0074 Aether by Cinrillon
Slot to: Import 0074
: stallion
Acquirement: gift
Ready to Use? yes
Used? :bulletred: WS breeding note/comment
Mating To: reference || import
Acquirement: xx
Ready to Use? xx
Foal: ID: 
Notes: xx

- 2019 -

July 2019 - MONTH YEAR

Trade with: @
Work I'm Doing: xx
Status: :bullet: XX MM/DD/20 - process
Due Date: MM/DD/20
Payment: xx
 xs - link
 xs - link
Status: :bullet: XX MM/DD/20
Due Date: MM/DD/20

Trade with: InkedHoofprints
Work I'm Doing: Fornblood transfer of
   0347 Imithe | SOLD by AmaranthineRain
Status: :bulletred: WS MM/DD/20 - process
Due Date: after payment is complete
Payment: 4 FB images with background of 0002 Creme au Beurre
  xs - link
  xs - link
  xs - link
  xs - link
Status: :bulletyellow: IP MM/DD/20
Due Date: 01/05/20

Sale for: LovellaTorendo 
Work I'm Doing:
  Custom Fornblood Design :bulletgreen: pending upload - upload
  Fornblood 0438 :bulletyellow: pending transfer - transfer proof
  Boucle I006 :bulletyellow: pending transfer - transfer proof
Due Date: after payment is complete
  Custom Fornblood Design :bulletgreen: $10 via paypal
  Fornblood 0438 :bulletgreen: $8 via paypal
  Boucle I006 :bulletgreen: $8 via paypal
Due Date: asap

Trade with: anigames01
Work I'm Doing: geno transfer
1) Female, Healthy
Umber with Pangare, Stroke, Underside
Standard Mane, Lamb Ears, Standard Tail
4 ARs +2ARs design
  --> transfer proof
  --> design complete | uploaded
Status: :bulletred: WS MM/DD/19 - process
Due Date: after payment is complete
Payment: 6 ARs of Rakhera, Voev, and Béchamel
  xs - link
  xs - link
Status: :bulletyellow: IP 10/DD/19
Due Date: 11/05/19

Trade withObversa
Work I'm Doing: 1 slot to L216 Frosted Stitches
Status: :bulletred: 
Due Date: :bulletred:
Payment: :bulletred:
Due Date: :bulletred:
  *slot is forfeit because of lack of communication.

genos awaiting approval


Trade with: Alcestia 
Work I'm Doing: Vayron Trade for Pri Ro 9100
   Pri Ro 9100 by Reos-Empire
Status: :bulletyellow: IP 02/DD/20 - process - transfer proof
Due Date: after payment is complete
Payment: 3 hunts/quests of Harmundrwin 6134
  1 - Mountain Lion hunt
  2 - Bad day.....
  3 - Radioactive spider
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE 02/01/20
Due Date: 2/21/2020

Trade with: @
Work I'm Doing: Boucle Transfer 
   B345 Refaldin | SOLD by AmaranthineRain
Status: :bulletyellow: IP 01/DD/20 - process
Due Date: as soon as payment is complete
Payment: $12 via Paypal
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE 01/08/20
Due Date: --

geno not designed | new registration incomplete


Trade with: NatureUntold
Work I'm Doing: tokotas pup transfer
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE 01/12/20 - process
Due Date: after payment is complete
Payment: 6 ARs of Voev
  Caving - 1 of 6 Rolls
  Caving - 2 of 6 Rolls
  Diving - 3 of 6 Rolls
  Diving - 4 of 6 Rolls
  Fishing - 5 of 6 Rolls
  Fishing - 6 of 6 Rolls
Status: :bullet: COMPLETE 01/12/20 - NOT YET ROLLED
Due Date: 02/19/20

all transfers complete and designs/registrations approved

Trade with: Kilala20000 
Work I'm Doing: two tokotas geno transfers
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE 10/28/19 - process
Due Date: after payment is complete
Payment: 4 ARs of Voev and Mina
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE 10/28/19
Due Date: -

Trade with: KingGooulishInkk
Work I'm Doing: vayron transfer
   Quorrin 6778 by Reos-Empire
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE October 2019 - process
Due Date: after payment is complete
Payment: 2ARs - scavenging for Shiver and Jiandie 
  2 - Bunch of Scavengers
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE --
Due Date: 10/08/19

Trade withKilala20000 
Work I'm Doing: 1 valorteen foal - transfer proof
   1647 - foal design | SOLD by AmaranthineRain
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE 08/02/19 - process
Due Date: after payment is complete
Payment: two headshots: C404 Starlit Sky & 0133 Sashaq
  2 - Monochrome (AmaranthineRain)
Status:bulletgreen: COMPLETE 08/01/19
Due Date: 07/31/19

Trade with: ThatOneDeadHuman
Work I'm Doing: valorteen transfer
   1646 - foal design | SOLD by AmaranthineRain
Status: :bulletred: COMPLETE 01/03/2020 - process
Due Date: after payment is complete
Payment: 3 full body images of 1507 Flash Grenade
  1 - Look a Butterfly! 
  2 - Oh la la! What's that amazing smell?
  3 - Books are still a thing?
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE 01/01/19
Due Date: 12/21/19

Trade with: BrokenFawnHill
Work I'm Doing: $4 via Paypal
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE 09/22/19 - process
Due Date: --
Payment: boucle transfer - transfer note sent (see process link)
K493 Edward The Duke | Royals by BrokenFawnHill  Boucle Unicorn Import K493 by DonPurrleone
  -->plaque application submitted
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE 09/24/19
Due Date: after my work is complete

Trade with: DreamCatcher-Stable
Work I'm Doing: boucle transfer
   M449 Capricorn | SOLD by AmaranthineRain
  --> transfer proof
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE 10/07/19 - process
Due Date: after payment is complete
Payment: 50 MP of Perfumed Prancer, Refaldin, and Starlit Sky |49.5
  5 - Feel The Wind | 5\50
  5 - Small Splash | 10/50
  5 - Hi There ! |15\50
  5 - Breath of Flame | 20\50
  4 - Casual Stroll | 24\50  -- NOT SUBMITTED TO PLAQUE
  5 - Ready ffor a big Splash | 29\50
  5 - Moving Water | 34\50
  5 - Swimming with the whales | 39/50
  5 - Winter Run | 44/50
  6.5 - Training gone wrong .. . | 50/50
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE 10/06/19
Due Date: 10/15/19

- Foomari stock semi-custom ( gifted to TokoQueen ):…

Trade with: Kilala20000 
Work I'm Doing: 1 tokotas geno transfers…
  1) Male, Natural Mane
  Average - Healthy
  25% DIRE
  Marked collared greying tundra with accents
  Hereditary Traits:
  Impeccable Stamina
  22ARs <-exactly what I paid for him
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE 09/27/19 - process | transfer
Due Date: after payment is complete
Payment: art rolls (see process link) 
  3 - Summer forest (Exploring)
  2 - Dragon's den (Caving)
  3 - Don't ask... (Exploring)
  3 - Having fun fishing (Fishing)
  3 - Dive a little deeper (Fishing)
  2 - How'd you get over there? (Caving)
  3 - Get back here! (Hunting)
  3 - Can't get me! (Hunting)
Status:bulletgreen: COMPLETE 09/27/19
Due Date: 09/03/19 extended 09/27/2019

Trade with: Rocheryn
Work I'm Doing: fornblood geno transfer - proof
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE 08/29/19 - process on discord
Due Date: after payment is complete
Payment: +6 stats of Sashaq 
  {Fornblood} Sashaq | AmaranthineRain
Status:bulletgreen: COMPLETE 07/28/19
Due Date: --

Import 0333 by FornbloodCommand
Slot to: 0333 - GGS Delilah || Import 0333
: mare
Acquirement: trade for slot to ID 0133
Ready to Use? YES
Used? :bulletgreen: COMPLETE breeding note/comment
Mating To: Unknown - Summer Hybrid Event
FoalID 0487
Notes: just seein' what I get...this is going to be the new "Dragon" for Jesper

Trade with: RowgOfDarkness
Work I'm Doing: transfer of 3083 TBS Dobby
  proof of transfer
Status: :bulletyellow: IP 08/DD/19 - process
Due Date: after payment is complete
Payment: 3 images full body with background of: 0133 SashaqA123 Ma'Varo, and M449 Capricorn
   .:Beach Run:.
Status:bulletgreen: COMPLETE 08/19/19
Due Date: 08/17/19 - extended to 08/20/19

ReN 0346 Fiorello by amalthea2010
Slot to: ReN 0346 Fiorello || ID 0346
: stallion
Acquirement: design for two slots - see discord
Ready to Use? YES
1 Mating To: Unknown || Summertime Hybrid Event
Used? :bulletgreen: COMPLETE breeding note/comment
Acquirement: Hybrid Event
Ready to Use? YES
Foal: ID: 0391 - sold to Thictle (paid) - transfer proof
  Notes: tryin my luck - got a blush mutation going with light build, shaggy, antlers
2 Mating To300 BDS Victory Song || Import 0300
Used? :bulletgreen: COMPLETE breeding note/comment
Acquirement: slot trade for 0002 Creme au Beurre
Ready to Use? YES
FoalImport 0396
  Notes: heavy dragon/nature/giant cross, yeah!

Trade withThictle 
Work I'm Doing: geno design, twin design corrections (Beaurevers)
  :bulletgreen: 1 geno | designed: 1322 TWA's Aurora's Bravery
  :bulletgreen: re-design: 1330 Life's Curse 
  :bulletgreen: re-designed: 1331 Death's Blessing 
  :bulletgreen: fornblood foal + design (design complete)
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE 06/19 - process on discord
Due Date: -
Payment: full body + background image per design: Miroiter, Meallán, Imithe, Cisco, and Xiuhcoatl
  A Day in the Loaf
  Sunset of the Rainbow
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE 08/15/19
Due Date: -

Trade with: Bela-designs
Work I'm Doing: Tokotas Items: Gold Nuggets, Pumpkins, Uncommon Recipe, Bag of Spices
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE 07/30/19 - process on discord
Due Date: -
Payment: 2 chubbies (Sashaq & Vadra)
  [T] Tootsie
  [T] Frootsie
Status:bulletgreen: COMPLETE 08/05/19
Due Date: -

Trade with: BlackFurPictures
Work I'm Doing: 1 dracostryx geno transfer - proof
  Lily 8761 x Malika 8297…
  2) Female - Common Harpia
  Crepuscular - Healthy
  Frosted Scorched Hooded Cloudy Faded Ringed Jay Silver Tabby Soil with Dunstripe, Crescent, Moon and Unders
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE 08/09/19 - process
Due Date: after payment is complete
Payment: PotA set for Bechamel 17558
  Come With Me
  Which Side?
Status:bulletgreen: COMPLETE 08/08/19
Due Date: 08/17/19

0400 Shuna by amalthea2010
Slot to: 0400 Shuna || ID 0400
: mare
Acquirement: design for slot 
Ready to Use? YES
Used? :bulletgreen: COMPLETE breeding note/comment
Mating To0347 Imithe || ID 0347
Acquirement: I own him
Ready to Use? YES 
FoalID: 0450 (sold) Import 0450
Notes: just seein' what I get 

Trade withS-ibbi
Work I'm Doing: $15 via paypal
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE 07/07/19 - process
Due Date: -
Payment[YCH] REEPULS of Sky Full of Stars 102
  [YRH] a shooting star 
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE 07/23/19
Due Date: -

Trade with: LadyLirriea
Work I'm Doing: fornblood foal | transfer
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETE 07/27/19 - process on discord
Due Date: after payment is complete
Payment: +6 stats to Crème
  11 - Beauty
Status:bulletgreen: COMPLETE 07/26/19
Due Date: 07/28/19


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