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Under the Snow

EDIT: made the sig clearer. /EDIT

The main character from my Green Book! The work is turning out to have more details than I expected.

Also part of the 100 Theme Challenge.

Snow made with the wonderful tutorial by Thy-Darkest-Hour

Inspiration and reference for this is Frost. It's an original poem and video paired to music. After watching the video I had an idea for this gal. She has to journey to the north after things went wrong in the desert empire capital. In fleeing she left behind many she cared about. In this scene, as pertaining with the poem, she's remembering someone and maybe she thinks she sees him in the distance. I'm not sure. It made so much more sense in my head.

At The Parting of Ways by KiriRamdeo   Ruin Walls by KiriRamdeo

Body: Oi, Kiri, look over there.
Me: *look at clock* Whaaaaaaaaaat? It's bed time already?! But I want to do more aaaaaaaaaaaaart!
Body: Well, I'm tired so hop to it.
Me: Hop? You just said-
Body: Stuff it and go. *points to bedroom*
Me: *grumbles* Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

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I framed the one I got from you at Metrocon a couple of years ago! IT's at my mom's house and she loves it too! She begged me to leave it behind, so I did.
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Awww really? I'm so glad you both enjoyed :3
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O: It's so pretty :D
The folds on her shirt are awesome xD
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Thank you! :happybounce:
I love this picture of Kiara. So far, it's my favorite~

Thanks for the fav of it!!
SirRinge's avatar
Haha, I can see why xD

No problem, keep drawing stuff :D
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Yessir, on the double sir - my pleasure sir! :D
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So much good stuff to say about this pic!

Hmm to start things off, I MUST say I love her outfit (I have a thing for white shirts, flowing cloaks, and epic gauntlets). The flow of her braid is done beautifully and props for the detailed background!!!

AmaranthineRain's avatar

Ooooo I have the same kinda thing! She used to wear skirts a lot when she was younger because it was a desert empire fashion for the royals but after she went north she felt comfortable in white mens shirts and pants. Eeeeeee thank you so much gal!
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wow this is super pretty!
she looks super intense, lol
running off into the distance with epicness
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Thank you very much!
She's between running in terror and trying desperately to find someone she thought she saw between the trees. ;) Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
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no problem!
its great to see everyone's great art and ideas
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This looks really good!
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Thank you very much :D And thank you for leaving a comment!
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I love this.
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