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#54 Tower
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Lots of art turned out today! You know, drawing a horse and person individually is relatively easy. Drawing them together, in motion, is going to take some practice before it gets easier. I used a combination of references on this one. 

EDIT: I had to go back and fiddle with this. Something about the lighting looked off so I tried to brighten the texture and lighting over the horse and rider. 

Over Consumption by KiriRamdeo   

Mature Content

Insanity by KiriRamdeo
   Invent An OC Contest Entry by KiriRamdeo   Memory by KiriRamdeo

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Nice job! I like how it all comes together. And I completely admire that horse. The world knows horses are hard to get right, and yours is so lovely!
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Thank you so much! I struggled a little with this one but I'm glad the colors came together in the end! Oh goodness, horses on their own are hard enough - getting a rider on them sitting in the correct balance on to of everything else is damn hard! :bow:
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Yeah! Plus, horses always force you to perspective D:! But you did it really nicely :D!
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Well, I always thought challenges just make an artist better ;) Thank you very much! 
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Yep, it's boring if you never try to do stuff you aren't really comfortable with. The fun thing about this is always learning :) !
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My sentiments exactly~ :dance:
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I think you did such a fantastic job with the horse and rider (and agree, they're difficult to draw together, which is why I never succeeded in it) but I love the lighting in this, and the gathering stormclouds - I wonder what that mystical tower held the hidden secrets to?
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Thank you! They're difficult but I want to do it - I love riding them so much I was bound to try eventually. I may as well keep trying at this point ;) Hehe what do you think is in the tower? Personally I'm wondering what she's running away from.

Thank you for the favorite of this!
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I've only ever ridden once, the horse was called Bijoux, he was black, I was about 6

an ancient tomb of some frightening sort that rose from the sands of course XD it speaks of another world far beyond the stars

you're welcome
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Oooo that sounds cool! How was it?

That sounds epic! We'll go with that :P
Sleyf's avatar
Fine :D my sister used to ride when she was little, but really it was just a sedate walk around town...

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:D I really like the background
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Thank you! I'm trying to practice more of them and this was fun to do~
Thanks for your favs recently! :D
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