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Through the Fire

#89 - Through the Fire from the 100 Theme Challenge!

This is my original character Kiara. You might have seen her before. ;)
To see more Green Book art I have a folder for it in my gallery.

I have gone through so many clothes changes with her. Goodness. Anyways, this is available as a print! To purchase go here and buy her up! More print and poster sizes will be available soon. Bear with me - a lot of the other sizes sold out at Metrocon 2013 and I still have to order more for this year (if I get a table…cross your fingers for me!).

Need to work on more Green Book stuff so you guys can actually read the story! 

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I think you did such a brilliant job with such a dynamic pose, and I love how elegant and almost ornamental the fire looks
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Thank you! I love that this shows the flow that Kiara learns over the years. It's something one of her dance instructors helped her with. 

OMG thanks for all the favs of my OC art! It always makes me so happy when people love on them~
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I guess with fire you have to be really fluid *wiggles arms*

You're welcome!
AmaranthineRain's avatar
*wiggles arms with you* Hey, why isnt' fire coming out of my fingers yet?
Sleyf's avatar
They sold you defective fingers! Did you keep the receipt? 
AmaranthineRain's avatar
It must be in here somewhere. *digs around in bag*
Sleyf's avatar
If you got them on sale though there's a no-refund policy so you're stuck with them
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Nope, I paid full price for these suckers and the jipped me!
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whoa, that's really nice. I really like the texture look, if that makes sense, of this. Though the texture on your character could be a little more smoothed out to make her pop out more, other than that its really good ^^
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Thank you! And thanks for the advice. She could very well be popping out more. Unfortunately I've tried masking the texture but the colors don't come out as brilliantly. :( Any suggestions? I use Photoshop.
kl35's avatar
Derp, unfortunately I'm not too sure with photoshop. Technology never seems to agree with me too much.
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Hehe aww. I'm still learning new things to do in Photoshop. Maybe I'll figure a way around this fuzzy feature, ey? :)
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Well good luck to you! ^^
Ssirruss's avatar
Oooooh, so you're the one Khezix was drawing for. I watched Khezix livestream a commission for this character. She's very pretty. I agree with Hearts-of-fantasy though, the sand texture is a bit much. It looks good in some places but it's also really strong. Maybe if you edited it a little bit like lightened a few bits here and there or made them more transparent and then did something to the background like put a different texture there, that would be better. It looks really good though. Very imaginative and I love how the fire swirls around. Hmmmh <3
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Yep yep :) I've tried lightening it on the face but it doesn't blend as well with the rest of the picture. I'll find some other way around it. If I take the texture off Kiara on the foreground it takes away the color effects that I like. It's a dilemma. I just have to play with it more. Thank you for the helpful critique!
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Urrgh, yus, I totally agree, I love the colour effects you've got going there on the skin and clothes but it's also a little much but it looks really good and just urrrrgh. You'll figure something out though. Maybe do some browsing of other textured arts and get an idea of what you can do. I'm glad my words help, I try to be helpful. :)
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Ah wait! I just thought of something, what if you darken the texture in the background, then you've got more contrast between the background and the subject and that might make it look better. I dunno other than that though. ^^;
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Aw yeah I know of Dragonforce! :D

Thank you very much!
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Dragonforce is my best favourite band, they are amazing! :DNo problem!
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I like this character, and she is nicely drawn. I think the sandy texture throughout the picture is a bit much, I think it muddies up the character itself. But I do love how the character herself is portrayed.:)
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