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#99 Solitude
My 100 Theme Challenge series in my Journal, in sequential order, or in my Gallery in order of completion.

I hope you enjoy the concept! This is a personal illustrationand while I do not own tiles that large of "bite off too much chew like hell" and "stay humble hustle hard" I did hand paint those when I was at USF.

Disclaimer: those middle 4 posters at the top are NOT MINE - they're drawn from photo references I took of posters on my wall that I look at every day. I found them on general Google searches a long time ago. If you find the originals please tell me (I'm still looking for links).


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Lovely picture of industrious work, you sure surround yourself with motivational things, I need to do that. My pc is backed by a blank wall...but my stained glass window hangs above (and I often wonder what would happen if it fell on me...)
Motivation to work faster!
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Thank you! I'd like to be in a different place but since I can't yet I figure I can at least create a motivational workspace. That much is in my control :) 
Woah, does the stained glass window look outside or is it mounted on your wall?
Yes! I must go faster! So much to dooooo!
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Or you mean move elsewhere? I thought you recently moved (like last year I think) you need to embark on a wall of art to surround yourself with wonder!
No it's just mounted on the wall, it's too heavy to put against the actual window which is an awful shame, now it just looms threateningly above
So little time!
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Yeah but that seems to be my timer - move once a year or every other year x__x I haven't found a home base location I'm happy with yet so here's to hoppin around til I do. 
I used to paint the walls in my old room! They got painted over though. Boo.
Did you make it? May I see it?
Tick tock, tick tock!
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I don't know how you do that, I hate moving (probably because we moved house so often when I was young) so nowhere actually feels comfortable anymore.
Lol it's annoying when that happens, your lovely paint job, under appreciated!
Oh no, my twin bought it for my birthday a while ago, I also have stick on window transfers because I like stained glass. Sure! I can take a photo :)
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I know that feeling :( I need a change every so often so I have to move the things around my room. It's actually a good way to figure out what's important and what can be donated/sold/left behind. Mostly I keep a lot of crafting stuff and books. Goodness all the books xD

I see; what a cool gift! Yesss I'd love to see it! Do you like the stained glass they have in cathedrals or is there a different/specific style you like?
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Oh my, you're like my mum, who ends up rearranging furniture all by herself (though we've forbidden her to do so, and she learned her lesson - we hope - after she gave herself a hernia)
I've only re-arranged my room once - though I do regularly rifle through things to get rid of what I haven't been using or no longer need - I realised the other day that I have a lot of useless knick-knacks.
My book collection is very slow in growing, which is pretty good as my bookshelf is currently lacking in vacant real estate. (and populated by aforementioned knick-knacks)

Here it is - it's not very large
Untitled by Sleyf
The thing under it is my computer with a little raincloud plant pot next to it
I actually have a window transfer of the Canterbury Cathedral Rose, but not the religious icons, those are alright but I pretty much just like the shaped ones in fancy patterns rather than figures - I do have a tiny one of vikings on a longboat which my other sister got for me after they went to the viking exhibit at the British Museum - but it's not on my window as it kept falling off and the rim is a bit dented from multiple collisions with the floor
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Woah, hernia's are serious - she was moving heavy furniture by herself? Damn. I'm lucky that my furniture is light so far or on carpet squares that slide on the tile (or the bed that's on a frame with wheels lol).

I went through and chucked a bunch of my own useless knick-knacks into a donation box and I cleaned out at least a whole bookshelf's worth of books. Some of them are being donated to the library and others are going to a high school English teacher I know who has some girls in her class like me at that age. I do still have a ton of books left over but at least my collection is narrowing down to the ones I still read and learn from (or the ones I really, really, really, can't let go of). 

I like it! I like the colorful ones with animal designs or fancy patterns. I rarely see ones with people in it that I like. ^^; Awww poor vikings in a long boat. They must feel rather seasick from all the jostling by now. :P I wonder...if that dent turns into a crack will it open a wormhole in the water under their ship and suck them into the present?!
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