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14. Smile

I was trying to describe this face to Sleyf and figured I should just attempt to draw it. It's close to what I see in my head but I'll need to do some more self studies to get it just right. There are no references of this that I've found to be accurate except for Coyote's grin in Tom Sidell's Gunnerkrigg Court (which you should check out because his story is so cleverly woven together). I did find one photoshopped image that looks kinda close (see "horse with dog mouth" link below).

You've met several faces of Swift already...
- you've seen goofy Swift: Interview: Kiara and Swift
- you've met flame-on Swift: Kaesamar Protection
- you've even experienced cuts-straight-to-the-point-smartass Swift: Give Up 3
- you've witnessed mad king Swift: Inktober 11 - Transport
- you've enjoyed cutie-pie Swift: Chibi Flared Swift
- heck you've even met bellydancing Swift: Comic 2016 - Playing With The Big Boys Now

But have you met this I-about-to-devour-your-soul Swift? I'll tell you what, if I see this face on him, my adrenaline starts pumping because despite him grinning, there's nothing fun or funny about what's about to happen next. 
....please see this interview for a little further explanation: Character Friendship Interview - Kiara and Swift
If you want more illustrations and stories with Swift, follow the liks at the navigation bar above.

Also, you should totally check out the comics Sleyf just released featuring him with Amascus - just go, trust me :D
Comic 2018 - Challengers - pt. I by Sleyf   Comic 2018 - Challengers - pt. II by Sleyf   Comic 2018 - Challengers - pt. IIi by Sleyf

And MaggiefromSpace did him as a cute little icon for me! Eeeee! :heart:
Swift by MaggiefromSpace 
EDIT: She just added a cape in honor of Swift's appearance in the above three strip comic!! I love it!!!
Swift regalia by MaggiefromSpace

 horse with dog mouth from an  imgr post
Swift belongs to AmaranthineRain / Kiri Rabina Ramdeo
all rights reserved
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femtoAmpere's avatar
Such a wonderful smile :))))
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Haha he's clearly up to no good!
MaggiefromSpace's avatar
This is not at all terrifying *hides behind the sofa*
AmaranthineRain's avatar
*hides behind the sofa with you* Maybe if we don't move he won't be able to find us!
Yet he's alright around most children... 
Sleyf's avatar
I think that psychotic little eye is the most frightening part lol
'did someone say...'poor unfortunate souls?'"
*heavy breathing*
That sure is one toothy smile, all the better to chomp things with
AmaranthineRain's avatar
I agree, I think it's the eye o.o This is the face he gets if Kiara gets particularly bloodthirsty and he's like, "OH DOES THAT MEAN I CAN EAT THEM NOW? YES?"
A wider, toothier grin, all the better to swallow you with ;P
Sleyf's avatar
'Just a tiny nibble upon them? They won't even feel it'
And excellent for taking memorable photos with *photobombs with that face*. I'm both terrified and amused by that
AmaranthineRain's avatar
haha exactly like that! Meanwhile they're missing an arm or a leg all the way to the joint socket...

You're brave - I'd be scared to turn my back on that face but I'd be amused watching someone else do it hehehe
Sleyf's avatar
Ah but did they feel it huh?
It's like when people ask for a tiny bite of a sandwich or ice cream and bite off half...just take the whole thing why don't you???

It's the kind of face you'd only notice afterwards while browsing your photos alone in your room...:fear:
AmaranthineRain's avatar
OMG...I'm dying - it's so accurate when you put it like that xD

At which point when you realize you've had such a demon aura in your photos you should definitely not be alone...
Sleyf's avatar
A 'tiny bite' to Swift means crippling them so they can't run.

But it's obviously too late as you're already alone in your house...
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Haha, like when you grab a cat by the back of the neck scruff? lol

Dun dun duuuuuuuuun!
TokoQueen's avatar
I don't know whether I should smile with him or run...
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Right!? I was between grinning and wincing while drawing it and now that it's complete I feel the same... O.o; I need some more cutesy Swift or goofy Swift to balance this one creepy image of him xD
TokoQueen's avatar
Haha! That's when you know that you are into it! You should draw a picture of him trying to be cute but only looking creepy. LOL
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Hmmmm....Technically this is his happy grin face especially when Kiara's is letting him do something he loves. On most horses it's a cute little grin and a prance. He makes this face and throws a buck, the crazy boy. He is incredibly cute as a chibi. Maybe I'll but this version of his face on a chibi xD
TokoQueen's avatar
Yes, please do that! It would be so cute!!! 
AmaranthineRain's avatar
This convo has been screen-shot and it's been added to his folder of illustrations to do ;)
TokoQueen's avatar
Cool! I'll keep my eye out for it, but also tag me in the upload!
AmaranthineRain's avatar
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