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#15 Silence
Done for the 100 Themes Challenge! Well, it actually was part of a dream I had that I was sketching out for a dream journal and then this happened. I made a basic sketch and then did a lineless shading. I'd been looking at a lot of tutorials for it lately and I'm just going with what feels right.

Anyways, briefly, in the dream at this point it's an apocalypse setting. I'm running from the monsters that have come out of a dark crevice after the sun died (they're weird monster creature-zombies) and I temporary escape them and he finds me passed out because the next time I wake in dream I'm lying on this bed in a hidey hole and I'm injured. I keep telling him that once I'm healed I'll leave because I don't want to endanger him or some reason or the other. Of course time passes and I heal. At some point I wake up from sleep and he's preparing to go out for a supply raid and we chat briefly and then he tucks the sheet over me and then leans over me like so. At first it's like he'll lean down and kiss me but I close my eyes and the next thing I know he's gone.

Does it look like it could be improved with darker shades? Deeper shades? Is there something missing? Is the lighting off? What am I missing? What do you like, what don't you like - creative criticism is welcome! :)

Light by KiriRamdeo

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Wow... what an incredible dream, and an incredible picture. I can't see anything missing, it looks amazing.