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Seeking Solace

#5 Seeking Solace
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Pirate Unicorn: I-I don't even know my own name...
Io: It's okay, she called me Panty Thief for a long time before she named me.
Pirate Unicorn: But you do steal panties-
Io: I can't help myself, they're so pretty!
Pirate Unicorn: -and I'm barely a pirate.
Io: I could name you if you like. What about Pink Streak? Or Pinky! Or maybe Whitey - you're more white than pink. Maybe you'd like to be called Patch or something more accurate like One Eye! Oh I know! We could name you after that one pirate, who was it...the Dread Pirate Roberts!!
Pirate Unicorn: Ah...

N'aw, it's okay Pirate Unicorn, i'll name you soon, don't cry! Why are you guys splotched in blood....?
Yes, Io is missing her bright red and yellow hair. You'll find out about that eventually.

You can commission this style from me!! :heart: 

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I adore those two! Did you ever name him? The pony? :D

I love that little exchange of words they're having. It's cute xD And I'm the same way. I have tons of characters who finally got a name five years after I made them xD
Though usually it goes like this: This dude acts like a devil. We'll call him devil. Years later he finally got a name. Devin. Yes. Or my character who was called Sir (he's a general). He's... still called Sir. But I finally decided to name him Roy! Or my three other characters I named Guy because that's what I called them in the start. And Rainbow who finally got a name after three years, but is still called Rainbow. Then there's my friend who has an assasin. Guess his name? Assa Sin xD Yes. We're awesome like that.
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Yep! His name is now Cernos :D

Usually I'm pretty good with names but for whatever reason with my anthros characters it's a lot harder ^^; 
OMG Assa Sin I LOVE IT!!!
Yobi-chan's avatar
Cernos is a great name! I love it and it suits him so well!! >w<

Haha, yes. It's ingenious! It's a great name even if it's so "doh" xD I also have another character who sprouts butterfly wings. For now his name is just Butterbutt. 
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Thank you!

*snort* I believe you have a knack for funny names~
Yobi-chan's avatar
Haha, thank you xD
And you're welcome!
SirRinge's avatar
Daaaaaw.... That's so cute :3
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Every time I look at it I can't help but oggle the cuteness :3
Sleyf's avatar
Aw poor thing give him a name for heaven's sake! (Whitey) lol I'd rather not have a name if that was what I got!
Panty Thief is amazing though lol
AmaranthineRain's avatar
I will eventually - cross my heart!
She's wonderful and full of laughter! I could just squish-hug her she's so cute! She wouldn't mind the squish hug either :P
Sleyf's avatar
I bet she's warm and perfect for squish hugs, especially since she's furry
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Is is indeed! :D Even as she grows she keeps her kitten behavior, but she's no less innocent or baddass than her grown up self. 
Sleyf's avatar
That's adorable, she's always young at heart and at least she doesn't get all sour in seriousness.  Do you have other pictures of her?
AmaranthineRain's avatar
She is wonderful~ Ah, yes I do! Some of it's really old though ^^; The white bunny is my cousin's IzumiNanaki and we had a comic idea planned but it kinda ground to a halt so I don't draw him often (but his anthro legs are so much fun!).

Panty Thief and Creepy Bunny by KiriRamdeo Happy Halloween 2011 by KiriRamdeo    Panty Thief by KiriRamdeo   Pack Horse by KiriRamdeo  Flying Panties by KiriRamdeo  
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