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Peace Offering - Process

Process piece as promised~

Peace Offering - Preview by KiriRamdeo | Gladiolus: Peace Offering by KiriRamdeo

art © KiriRamdeo 
characters © Valve

I do commissions! Check out my front page for information or send me a note for a quote!
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© 2015 - 2021 AmaranthineRain
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Aw great! I love seeing how people work through paintings, and I was confused for a while about what she had in her hand until I saw the final collage with the lilies 
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Me too! I also like watching time lapses of drawings.

What is Chell bringing GLaDOS? Tools to take her apart? A portal disruptor? A BOMB?!?!?!
Nope. Just flowers. :P
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I kind of thought at first it was a gun burst but then from what I gather of portal you don't have guns, only a portally thing (I want to play it so bad)
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Lol I was considering putting the portal gun on a stand somewhere in the room and her boots but then it looked too crowded x___x
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You could have been sneaky and given her a keyring with them on, but that would be hellish to draw so tiny
AmaranthineRain's avatar
OMG that would have been so great! But then where would she have gotten them after being out in the world subject to the mess of Black Mesa? My silly head would be wracked with game universe plausibility. However, now I totally want a keychain with a portal gun on it xD
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Um...she...opened a portal to the gift shop?
I'm sure they sell them somewhere! It's a market with demand, someone has to have made keychains like that
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Nice art. It is interesting to see the progress steps that you did to complete the artwork.
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Thank you very much :) I like doing progress steps for myself too. I think it helps remind an artist how far they've come. Thanks also for the fav!
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