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Over Consumption

EDIT: added ashes at the bottom to further the concept, and also this is available as a print! /EDIT

Quick picture. I've been doing a few quick concepts in my sketchbook and they'll be uploaded slowly.

The concept for this one was inspired by a show I have to watch for work called "What Happens In Kavos..." It's gross, but if you want to look it up I'll warn you now that there is footage of people vomiting, of puss wounds, pseudo-sex games, and just nonsense. The idea for this was essentially: yes, drink, have fun, but be aware. Listen to your body, know your limit.

I'll have the odd drink or so myself but I don't condone getting inebriated. I like the flavors and the heat more than being drunk.


Anyways, another linear-less style attempt. I've pulled from tutorials from several artists for this. I'll make a list or something at some point. Not now though. Tired. Time to dive into my bed where there are fluffy king pillows.

Speak No Truth by KiriRamdeo   Insanity by KiriRamdeo   Heal by KiriRamdeo

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I see you've been messing around with shading styles too. Noticed your shading shenanigans folder, that's a cute name by the way. Shenanigan is such a fun word. Alright, let's see if I can help....


Well, I dunno about the shading but one thing I did notice about her... uh... oh gosh, right hand? The one with the bottle, her pinky finger could be curled a little bit more to add variety/realism. Cuz, just thinking about how I hold something at that sort of an angle I clutch it a bit more so it doesn't slip and fall. It doesn't look bad though, you could leave it as it is and it would be fine. I'm just suggesting it to give more emotion to your hands so they're not like lumps of clay with lines in em. Again, not that it looks bad but it's something to think about I guess.

As for the shading... I guess to me it looks kinda transparent. Like, the background is showing through in some places is what if feels like. And, maybe under the chin in that neck area where it's dark, maybe using a gradient or something. Like putting more dots in the corner and putting fewer lower down where the light is. I see you've kind of already done that but it could use some more in my opinion. Other than that the stippling effect you have going in some of these places looks weird against the smooth strokes on, say, the arm and inside her skin where it's more blurred and glowy. I guess it looks like she's got goosebumps or something in weird places. If you were going for a decomposing effect in those stippled areas then perhaps defining them a bit more with shadows and highlights? Kinda like with what you did to her ashes only weaker or maybe darker. If you were going for a skin-like texture then try smaller dots closer together and more.

My only actual problem with this is if it weren't for the description I wouldn't know what she was drinking. Now I can see the flames but from this distance and with how tiny they are it's hard to make out and there's no download button to make it bigger. :P And they're kind of important because it adds understanding to the meaning.

Now for the appreciation:
This is such a wonderful piece. It has such beauty to it, such meaning. I love your interpretation of the theme. And besides all that her hair is just gorgeous. Look at it! LOOK AT IT! You look at your beautiful art and smile. Smile for your achievements! Smile for your skill! Smile for your imagination and creativity!

Stay inspired!