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#24 Orly?
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EDIT: Now also part of Chronicles of Indignity /EDIT

Swift, how did you manage to catch his Highness the King of Hypocrisy? Looks like he finally got the apple. :P
Sketch dump - King of Hypocrisy by Sleyf    Sketch comic 2016 - Hunting pt. 1 by Sleyf

I'm very tired - off to bed with me before someone comes up with any  more hair-brained schemes. 

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Gabriel © Sleyf
Swift © me
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It must have taken great cunning to entrap the king of hypocrisy! 
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Indeed and a wonder he was caught! :D
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Hehehehe... hahahaha... that's pretty great, made me chuckle. Great expression on the horse :D
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Yay! Glad it gave you amusement!
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Oh my goodness lol, I totally have to draw how he got him now.  Swift and his superior Equine Intellect have prevailed and led him to victory with his hunting skills!  I can just see the horse-laugh in his eyes - this isn't over!  Just wait until the fires of hypocrisy burn through those ropes (or he gnaws through them, whichever happens first!). Noooo, thwarted again, even with his power boost the King s no match for this adversary

As a prize, Swift inherits the crown, and cloak - he has to provide his own underwear though...
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Do it! Do it! Hahaha Swift has got you now King! I'm sure this equine is familiar with fire-proofed netting, what with others who have tried to capture him for the power he must have which surely makes his mane and tail alight. :P

*Swift sniffs the proffered items suspiciously*
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This is close to treason you know! Unhand your sovereign, knave! The net is probably of his own design and updated combination of fireproof fibres and gnawproof weave (patented technology)
Everyone wants a flaming horse that may be impossible to ride, due to the aforementioned flames. And any wagon he's forced to pull will be blazed by his tail...better to admire from afar I say, you'd never be able to stable him if he didn't want to be! I'd never make a good greedy horsenapper, I just overthought it all while Swift frolicked away!

Pardon you but they're all hygenic and clean! Just wear the stupid crown your highness! *attempts to crown him but the cardboard goes up in flames, so does the cloak*

It was the shortest reign of any monarch in history
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Of course Swift could just have champed the patented technology from an unknowning chap. He can be quite convincing, that equine!

Yeah, I'd stay back from that :P

xD ahaha! idea! look out for illustration :P
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It's his innocent horse face, it makes people's hearts melt so their guard is down as they enjoy feeding him apples and patting his soft horse nose, then when he's wheeled into their affections they tell him everything and he vanishes.. withtheir ideas...and trust lol

Me too, imagine him galloping towards you in full blaze. That's like a nightmare for people afraid of horses

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Yeah it can be. I knew an Arabian named Terriffic who would do that when you were out in the pasture but he knew to skid in time and stop RIGHT in front of you, the adorable jerk. :P
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Lol Terrific, what a name. There was a horse up on a hill near my grandma that did that too, the paddock was on a steep hill too so when it ran it had added momentum and looked like it might jump the fence too...
Tally ho, wet your pants, humans! I am thundering towards you at great speed! Look how fast I can stop!
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lol and we see who the winner of the most recent "capture the rabid rondcopse" is! better luck next time to all the other contestants!
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Hehe and any place held in the capture of a Rondcorpse is a great one!
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