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OC Meme - Green Book Characters

Tada! Finally you get see some Green Book Characters in action~ 
Not all memes are this long or involve this many characters. Once you get started it's really fun! 
My other completed Memes: Meet My OCs (memes)

Enter my OC Meme Raffle! All you have to do is complete a written meme like the linked journal above or an illustrated meme like this submission, let me know, and you're entered!
As it is you stand a GREAT chance to win as there are less than a handful of entries! C'mon, give it a go! Introduce me to your OCs~

Original/Blank Meme : Blank OC Meme by Creamy423 by Creamy423

Oh, tags, just for funsies, you don't HAVE to do it (and certainly aren't bound by the raffle timeline should you choose to) I just want to meet your characters

Short and sweet information on the Raffle --> Raffle May 2016 - ART and/or WRITING
Journal with details on the raffle --> RAFFLE - OC MEME - ART and/or WRITING

original art and characters © Kiri Ramdeo
All rights reserved
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Oh my, this must have taken forever! I'm going to have to be a party pooper on this one, I just don't think I have the energy to do a drawing meme at this time! You're the only person brave enough to have done one like this all on your own :clap:
Poor Najan, she got all the bad luck in this one
Swift, it's not nice to poke people's heads with your hoof, that has got to be my favourite answer
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It did but it was fun! I always feel like there's a more efficient way to do these. Maybe if I draw it in my sketch book and scan it. Hm..

She did :( 

Haha Swift always goes for a laugh. I wonder sometimes if he's the sassiest character in the series...well, he may have to fight Darrin for the spot xD
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X3 Emote :eeeee: I've never been tagged before! Of course, I'd love to show you my OCs! (I've actually been trying to fill out a meme for a while, but I haven't yet got everyone so well figured out that I know what to do with most of them... Sweating a little... But hey, that's what this raffle is for!)
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What?? I'll be tagging you more often then! ;) Yay! Yes, that's exactly what the raffle is for! There are a ton of smaller memes if you have fewer characters and they're both written and illustrated. The prizes are a bonus but I love seeing when people develop their OCs and get to know them better~ :happybounce::happybounce::happybounce::happybounce::happybounce::happybounce:

Bon chance!
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Thank you, I'd like to be tagged sometimes (no personal-info ones though, please, I'm very shy. Sweating a little... But OC/gamer/etc. memes are good!) Do you know of any ensemble-OC-cast memes like the 13-person one you did, by any chance? I wanted to do that one, but it kinda requires that your OCs know and would live with each other. I've got a small protagonist cast, and a BIG ensemble of antagonists, so a lot of memes don't work very well for me.

Panda Emoji-10 (Blush) [V1]  Merci beaucoup!
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Okay then, I'll add you to my tag list - feel free to tag me back oo! :D

Well, a bunch of the 13 cast would definitely NOT live together but I suspended that for the purpose of the meme (which for me was to get to know my characters even better). Yeah, I've got a ton of them! Here, check out this folder:…

A bunch of them are illustrated ones but you could turn those into written memes and put them up as a journal or literature submission if you like. If you want straight copy-pastes here's the list of all the ones I've done so far and liked:  Meet My OCs (memes)Okay, it's time to keep track of memes for my OCs to avoid as many doubles as I did recently. :P
OC Meme - Green Book
Green Book Characters:

Always make sure to skim the questions so you know what you're getting yourself into. I've blindly started a meme, gotten halfway through and read the next set of questions going, "wait, wtf?" 

Happy hunting!!
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