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payment & personal illustration

QUEST 5: Not for the Allergic 

Draw your Reosean gathering herbs, flowers or the like.

Ecclesia 6783 & ImportCalfuray 3488

personal illustration

Morana 9792

My puller, Calfuray, found the runner that was tormenting her with amusing expressions when she was working (she assumed it was Ecclesia's way of making friends). Even though Ecclesia is covered in a mysterious strong substance, Calfuray's affectionate head-butts pack a punch! I think you might have bonked her kind of hard, Cal...

art © AmaranthineRain aka Kiri Rabina Ramdeo
Calfuray 3488 & Morana 9792 belong to AmaranthineRain 
Ecclesia 6783 belongs to Lairai 
all respective rights reserved
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Sweet revenge!
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I can never get enough of how you paint flowers and flowerfields, they always look amazing ;v; I love the little story you've got here as well, I'm really happy to see Ecclesia in your style again c:
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Ah, thank you! I took some inspiration from the brush you showed me for this one. I'm glad you like the little story! The mischief and teasing your Ecclesia gets up to makes her fun to illustrate with my kids :D