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Yes, it's these two again. I may or may not keep that lightning streak mark on Swift's back leg. I'm testing waters with this one. What do you think? Swift's first form (2004ish) form was a black clydesdale with white stockings, heavy feathers, and a white face blaze. Over the years he has slimmed down both because of the region and story changes. I like his build now better but I'm doing a lot of experimenting with his leg markings (you'll notice in the last picture he has white socks whereas here he has half-cannons/low stockings.

Also, I've just noticed half of these challenge pictures have equines...hahahaaaa! Yus!

Silence by KiriRamdeo    Light by KiriRamdeo   67% Extracted by KiriRamdeo   Riding Swift by KiriRamdeo

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Hahaha, it's quite the theme to have :D
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All the better for me :D
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Such a powerful pose! Hmm the listening strike sock is an interesting design idea, you'd just have to remember which leg and how it looks! I think it's interesting how he started as a Clydesdale and slimmed down. I love Clydesdales but it's interesting to see someone actually change plans based on facts within their story like region, as a lot don't
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Thank you! Yeah, it really has no point to the design, it just looks cool - which I could always save for the depictions of him in history books because he and Kiara'll end up being kinda famous from all the power-housing they're doing and change they're causing. 

I love the build and heavy step of the Clydesdales - and people jump them so they can get some good lift too! Thing is, Kiara's in a desert region, and for a clydesdale-build to successfully evolv as a desert horse - even a magical horse breed - well, it doesn't fit the evolutionary bill ^^; 
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Lol so the lightening bolt would be like a propaganda addition by artist in the future depicting then in nightly ways!

That is true, as horses they have a unique presence to them bed a powerful beauty, but yeah like you said, I believe many desert horses are small and light, and the foot feathering would be kind of hindering, imagine sand stuck in it with each foot fall *flicks it everywhere*
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Yus :D

Yep. Still, every time I see a clydesdale with Swift's markings I get chills. The perfect design for a desert horse would be an arabian - they have hundreds if not thousands of generations of proven design, like the blood horses and Xerxes' mares. Still, I'll never be surprised how many little inches in a mile you can justify with magic. ;)
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I apologise for my strange wording, I was using my phone and it adds words it thinks I want!

Lol! It's him! Indeed, everything about them is suited to the desert, they are quite small horses though so you'd lose the mighty presence but earn an elegant one
Loads lol, magic explains everything
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No worries :)

Yep :) These are basically me getting comfortable with Swift's form until I find a happy balance between grace and power. Kiara is the agile and unintentionally graceful/elegant one. Swift balances her abilities. When I was imagining him when I was younger I dreamt it felt like riding a freight train - an unstoppable force! Good thing you don't necessarily have to be a heavy draft to be an unstoppable force - horses are hardy :P
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He could be just a very large big boned horse? But yeah I do imagine he is powerful, I mean some horses you just touch them and they're like solid muscle
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Yep - either a big boned Andalusian design or a slim Clydesdale. Either way he'll be on the longer-legged side. I've found horses with longer legs and a slope design have smoother canters too. 

Oh yea, especially horses that work regularly (though I prefer work horses to show horses - too much bad behavior is overlooked, especially in the ones that win prizes. It's like excusing a person for being a horrible individual just because they win a gold medal or star in a big movie).
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