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Give Up 7

#93 Give Up
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- FIN -

Just in case you can't read the text in the last panel:
K: I'm freezing
S: ...
    Is this better?
K: Aw, you warm my soul!
S: Shut up!
    Why must you tease in sentiments?!
K: Because then I can warm your soul too.
[The End
...or is it?]

*insert general grumblies from Swift here*

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Give Up is part of The Green Book © Kiri Rabina Ramdeo aka AmaranthineRain
characters, illustrations, and story © me
all rights reserved
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TokoQueen's avatar
That was adorable. ;-; Lovely ending, but made me want to read more of these two. xD 
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Thank you! I loved this so much that I'll definitely do more but I'm waiting until I have another complete segment ready so I don't leave a drop off. 
TokoQueen's avatar
Oh, wonderful! I can't wait to see it! :D It's always great when you enjoy writing about your own character as much as people love reading about them. 
AmaranthineRain's avatar
I'm getting more excited when I hear you're excited xD I mean, I already want to know more about the story (even though it's my story and I kinda know what's going to happen most of the way through) but the feeling is amplified when someone else is comping at the bit as much as I am or vice versa - does that make sense?

Honestly you're a big part of the reason whey I'm going through now and properly structuring all the A to Z stuff. I'm organized as it is but it's hard to get people to read on deviantArt (although I understand the many reasons why).
TokoQueen's avatar
It sure does! Sometimes if no one is really reading my stuff, I will get bored of it/take really long breaks from it. xD But I love reading your stuff and always look forward to the time of week/month that I have enough free time to sit down and read it.
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Awwwwww :huggle:

I'm kinda gnawing my fingernails waiting for the next ones in your dire series to come out. I want to know what happens with the scawy tokos and the new human handlers I'm reading about - especially Twig!
TokoQueen's avatar
Hopefully coming soon. Lol I'm in a huge money making mood right now with college starting up soon. Need that gas money. xD (tbh I can't wait to get started on my stories again!)
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Oh yeah, make that money! I'm hitting a mood like that myself. What are you majoring in? I don't know if I ever asked you that ^^; (I'll be excited to read them whenever you do!)
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5-prime's avatar
Aw now that's a sweet ending :) It's nice that Kiara got back in the saddle so to speak! x)
AmaranthineRain's avatar
He can be sweet - when he's not being an ass!
Yep! It's part of her resilience - also he kinda doesn't let her do anything but keep getting back up. If he has to suffer her she's going to damn well be tough (at least that's his thought on it) lol
5-prime's avatar
Aww <3

Ah interesting, I wonder if his mindset on that ever backfires on them? I don't know how well he understands humans - maybe he's human-savvy...?
AmaranthineRain's avatar
You know, I hadn't considered it like that before but I think that would be interesting to work into their storyline. He's been locked away as a fire demon for decades before she (and her mother? I haven't decided yet if it was a team effort or one of them that did it) trapped him in the horse body. He sees humans as weak but I'm not sure how human-savvy he was before Kiara. 
5-prime's avatar
oh neat. if he was locked away for a few decades then he may have some catching up to do haha. But he seems clever, he may catch on pretty quick. Hopefully we'll get to see more of these two later on. :D
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Oh yeah, and she's got to teach him the acceptable morals floating around the world right now. I definitely have more of them planned just...a bunch of other owed things and unfinished in the way before I get to them >.<;
1tiptip1's avatar
Are we going to see the traveling priest half freezing to death now?

I'm guessing this guy?   Kaesamar Protection by AmaranthineRain
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Yep, you got the right guy!
*snort* That would be hilarious! I think that ball's in Sleyf 's court for a reaction if applicable though ;P
Sleyf's avatar
Lol ok now I imagined a mini comic on how Swift got that (and no it wasn't during the tug of war for the Kingly Cloak *smacks his nose* haHA!) - aw you warm my soul and the rest of my body, how sweet (best enjoy it while you can Kiara, I don't expect it to be a regular occurrence, and Swift will probably deny that he ever did it, or said any of the inspiring stuff he said (I mean calling her pathetic) - though I expect he won't deny throwing the freezing water at no, he did that, it's true
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Swift: OWWW! HEY! STAY AWAY FROM THE SENSITIVE BITS! *bites yer fingers*
Ha! You're right about what Swift will claim credit for! He'd even threaten to do it again, though it begs the question of what poor sod he stole the bucket of water from...
IckleVoldiePoo's avatar
I really enjoyed reading this! =)
AmaranthineRain's avatar
I'm very glad to hear that - and thank you for taking the time to comment! There will be more of these two in the future but they're on a break for now :3
MaggiefromSpace's avatar
"A travelling priest and his pet owl" AHAHA, let me guess...

I like the way they wander off into the distance. Also it's nice to see their interactions. They do care for each other, if grudgingly :)
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Hehehe I'm sure you can guess who ;P

Thank you! I'm sure I'll be doing more comics of them in the future but they're up for a break until then. Indeed they do~
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