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Give Up 2

#93 Give Up
View more from my 100 Theme Challenge series in my Journal (numerical order) or in my Gallery (sequential order).

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Updates will be once a week on Thursdays until complete!

EDIT: adjusted some sound effect text thanks to a friend's advice~/EDIT
Kiara's not looking too good. Ouch!

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Give Up is part of The Green Book © Kiri Rabina Ramdeo aka AmaranthineRain
characters, illustrations, and story © me
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Ouch! good action sequence, though - like how the panel increases in size as the motion becomes more dramatic.

btw, there's a reason "flick" is almost never written in all caps in comics - the L and the I tend to blend together... it doesn't read very well if you know what I mean. This is especially true of printed comics, where the ink may run together.
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Yus, I did that on purpose - so glad it worked!

Ah, you're right! I'll make a note and update it this week - thank you!
5-prime's avatar
Ey good work! :D

looks better! yeah it's like small, unwritten rule that not too many people know about xD
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Thank you! :D

Yay! I know I'll be paying even more attention to sound effect text now. Thanks for pointing it out!
5-prime's avatar
You're welcome!

it never hurts to have someone you trust go over your stuff for you too. A fresh pair of eyes can spot things you never noticed
AmaranthineRain's avatar
I agree! You're definitely on the list of people I trust. You're always constructive with any criticism and you're one of the few I know who suggests a fix (which helps a lot when I agree with a criticism but don't know how to fix it, aah!). 
5-prime's avatar
Aw, I'm honored! I like to suggest a fix whenever I can. to me, it's not much help to point out a problem without suggesting a solution!
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InkyRose's avatar
Oh no!!! What's going to happen?!
I love the blue lighting you've used here and the 'misty' effect, to suggest a wintry environment but also exhaustion and sadness, which perfectly echoes the title.
I wonder what happens next?! More please! :D
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Yep! I'm hoping to use the misty effect to also tie it to a related piece (which is still only an idea so it won't be available for a while).
Woah, you even picked up on the expressions! Yay! :D 
For sure! The next one comes out on Thursday!
1tiptip1's avatar
This is when you need to trust your horse not to step on you.
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Oh, definitely! Good thing Swift is mindful of his feet.
Sleyf's avatar
Oh no she fell off! I like the action lines of her falling off like 'thlump"
AmaranthineRain's avatar
And it was a long way down too! Thank you! I'm never sure how much to detail in action/sound lines. :D
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