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Give Up 1

#93 Give Up
View more from my 100 Theme Challenge series in my Journal (numerical order) or in my Gallery (sequential order).

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I've been sitting on this since last year making sure the backstory changes agree with how this sequential piece is set up. 
Updates will be once a week on Thursdays until complete!

To keep a look out on my other major projects, go here: Kiri's Personal Projects Hub
For more of these two or other characters from this age-old series, go here: The Green Book Gallery

For those of you waiting on With Torrential Force updates for Arc 2 - they're coming!
To see the skills, inventory, clues, and plans and length of each Arc, go here: With Torrential Force - tracking

Give Up is part of The Green Book © Kiri Rabina Ramdeo aka AmaranthineRain
characters, illustrations, and story © me
all rights reserved
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TokoQueen's avatar
Yaas! I love these two!
AmaranthineRain's avatar
xD Hehehe I'm glad to hear that! I haven't drawn them in a while. I miss them.
TokoQueen's avatar
They're a pretty cure little duo, I always enjoy seeing the pics/ comics of them :)
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Aw that means a lot :heart: He'll be around more. I have stuff sketched of him just... *points at inktober and the last bit of trades I have to work through*
TokoQueen's avatar
Lol yeah, I know a lot of people on here who don't do anything arpg related till after inktober. :) Take your time.
5-prime's avatar
Kiara! You should be wearing a jacket! xD

Some sequential art from the Green Book will be really interesting to see!
AmaranthineRain's avatar
She should! Silly girl!
I'm happy to be working on some stuff for it. It's a long term project I'll probably be working on my whole life xD
5-prime's avatar
That's alright, I think I'll be working on my two main projects for the rest of my life as well. xD and it's good to draw stuff from our long-term projects!
AmaranthineRain's avatar
It is! It kinda helps me chill out because this story and the core characters are so familiar. :meow:
5-prime's avatar
It's always nice to have a project like that - comforting and familiar. c:
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