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The mists swirled and Skeldr felt herself floating above the past.

At about a year old, Skeldr was even now growing into the features of her mother and Stallo sighed. He peeked at her while she had her head raised to the breeze, an imitation of his own pose. She was coming along nicely in her battle training and Stallo felt a strange sensation inside of him: an urge to teach her so much more, amusement at the frustration she would present in her stubbornness, and sadness as she prepared to leave.

“Where is mama?”

Stallo blinked.

“Papa? Where is mama?”

“She had to leave. There was a mission.”

“A mission?”

“It was very important. Is very important. Our kind needs answers.”

“About what?”

Stallo tilted his head at her. She was barely past a year old. Was she ready? Would it give her an impossible goal? The winter had been so long, though, and nothing anything else tried had made a difference so far. Perhaps Skeldr could be one of the next generations that had the answer...


“It is a mission concerning the Yggrasil Tree.”

“Is it sick?”

“Yes. We have had such harsh winters because it is in decline. We don’t know why. Many rukaan have tried, but none we have spoken to this far have been able to help. The springs have started to stutter and autumn cut off the summer just as it gets started.”

"Do you know what is happening to the tree, papa?"

Stallo shook his head. "I wish I did. It would cut down the storms tearing down the barriers I look after. I've replaced the stones too many times this season."

"Which tree is the Yggdrasil tree?"

"We have not gone to see it yet."

"Oh. What about the humans? The ones living on the lower lands?"

"They can't find it either. It's unnatural, daughter, this disturbance in the seasons. We are trying to find a way to restore things before we can no longer save it."

“Oh. Is that what mama went to find out?”


“...and she’ll come back when she finds out why?”


“How long is that going to take her?”

“...I don’t know.” She should have been back by now. She should have been back to help raise Skeldr by now. Either she was still looking for a solution, had gotten held up, or she was dead. He hoped she was not dead. He may not be in love with her, but he still loved her. Still cared about her.

“Can we go help her?”

Stallo chuckled. “You have finally become comfortable walking around this territory alone.You are ready to go out to look for your mother?”

“I’m-I’m scared, but we should help mama. Because we care about her and we should face our fears. Right?”

“Right, Skeldr.”

“So, can we go look for mama?”


“Y-you also said when I have a question I should ask because-because if I don’t the answer will always be no. Plus you aid-said that if somebody you care about is in trouble and needs your help you should do your best and I think we should help mama.”

“...Skeldr, I cannot leave. I must protect the trolls from the humans.”


“However, there is nothing stopping you from going, but I cannot send you until you get bigger and stronger." I cannot send you until I know you will be safe. There are dangers out there beyond wolves and their sharp teeth. There are dangers beyond the frigid cold of the ever growing winter. There are more terrible things to swallow you up than winters. I cannot send you out without training, though I know you. I know you will be eager to go. You are a fighter, daughter, stubborn as I am. "You might want to do something else by then, like start a family-”

“No! I want to find mama. I want to help mama fix Yggdrasil.”

“Ah. I see.” So, she would leave too, but what did he expect? “Are you ready to advance your training, then?”

“Without my antlers?”

“Your antlers are a tool. There is plenty you can do without them. You can start training your mind to be clever.”

“Oh. I can do it.”

“It will be harder than battle training.”

“I can do it!”

“If we start you cannot give up halfway.”

“I won’t! I won’t even cry, Papa.”

“Yes, you will, because it will be hard. Even if it is hard, it’s like facing your fears, look the difficulty in the eye. You may scream at me, you may cry, but do not give up.”

“I won’t, I won’t!”

Stallo nodded his head in agreement. “Okay.”

“I can do it, Papa! Even if I’m scared or if I’m crying, I can do it. I’ll-I’ll remember what you taught me and I’ll keep moving, I’ll keep thinking.”


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Skeldr asks her father about her mother and he starts telling her about the Rukaan investigation of the change brought about the Yggrasil tree. 

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