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#23 Cat
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I'll tell you more about cataris (placeholder breed nomination) at some point. For now, oggle these two from the Green Book with me~
I saw a picture somewhere that made me think of these two and it had to be done. Sketched from scratch, there's a WIP around here somewhere...I had the most fun with the clothes, jaguar print, and eyes~

"Fossils Prove Early Humans and Saber Toothed Cats COEXISTED"

EDIT: may or may not keep the feline design. Stand by for more experiments. /EDIT

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Cats are still cats no matter the size. 
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Nice work on the wrinkles on the dress
The cats' foot looks a bit flat xD Seriously though, looks awesome :D Good job
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Thank you! That dress looks so comfy~
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This is really nice - I especially like the posing, it looks so natural.  I was so confused when I read jaguar print and then I looked and there it was.  Whaddya know.
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Thank you very much! I loved playing with this pose - and yay you're one of the people who read the comments and paid attention to the details! His print is very subtle on purpose for his breed. :D
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So soft, I bet he's really warm and makes the perfect back-rest :D, the jaguar print is extremely subtle but I can see it which is a nice panther-like addition :D
AmaranthineRain's avatar
He is :3 yay! Yup, the print is really subtle and you can mostly only see it if you're close enough (which isn't necessarily a good place to be as he's only really that cuddly with a few people) or if he's walking in bright sunlight. 
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I can imagine, it'd be like, "if you're close enough to see the spots then you're far too close"
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Hehe kinda :P J'harin's not mean himself, nor is his 'beast side' but there are safety reasons he can't be too close to some people in both forms. 
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