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Breathe Again

#10 Breathe Again
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Swift was a regular ole horse until Kiara happened to him. Then he turned into this fiery, smarty-pants troublemaker. 1313 

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Chronicles of Indignity

Chibi Flared Swift by AmaranthineRain  Memory by AmaranthineRain  Gift Art - Far Too Smart by Sleyf  Inktober 11 - Transport by AmaranthineRain  Howl of the Byre Banshee by AmaranthineRain  Riding Swift by AmaranthineRain

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I love this, it's very pretty!
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Aw, thanks very much! :blush:
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What a fancy inner glow he has, he's probably very warm in winter - and it seems like he apparently knows it with that expression.  His tail is soooo lovely and shiny, and so 'alive' with all the strands and locks going everywhere, much conditioning has made it silky
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Swift: *snort* I'm not a personal heater, puny human.
Yes, it looks beautiful waving behind him over a jump or charging down the battlefield :D
I can't decide if I want his mane to be long or that length. I mean, for awesome fire effect it has to be cut short but if it's too long he could trip on it xD
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*sadly trails off to freeze*
I would suggest a short mane, as, if he's running and being ridden (let's say) the rider would get blinded by his flowing mane
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Swift: *grumbles* FINE. But YOU stay over THERE. No touching.
He's a sucker for a sad face after having been around Kiara so long xD

True and I agree.
Then I run into: Well, how short is 'short'? Should it be medium-short and then Kiara has to clip it every so often like...? 

Swift: You were supposed to queue me for the jump, wtf happened?!?!
Kiara: I couldn't see around your stupid mane!
Swift: What? It wasn't even on fire!
Kiara: EXACTLY! We're trimming you tonight!
Swift: ... Only if you can catch me.

Or should it just be...short? Maybe it was naturally longer before Swift became powerful and so Kiara has memories of braiding it and now it's just shorter for magical reasons... Also, how thick should it be? Too thick on a short mane could be awkward but too light and feathery makes him look sickly. Aaaah the artistic and cosmetic vs functional debate goes on. I'll probably do a basic pose sketch and try out some variations and hold a vote - a desperate cry for help. lol

On a side note: Wonder Horse Manes
Sleyf's avatar
Hmm it's a predicament, but perhaps she braids it before anything epic, or crops it before then? But then inpromptu running would be difficult and I doubt he'd like it if it was confined all the time. What if it burns off each time its on fire then grows back? But then his tail would too so its not feasible. I vote for cropped and reasonably thick, cropped to an average length, not too short or long, so it can still be played with XD

Oh wow, imagine the effort to keep it clean! How does the horse not trample it!
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He would get irritated with it being braided. I like the idea that it burns off every time and that would be a nice limiter (limited effects and limited fuel) even if it did effect the tail. Maybe it could be a slow burn to last a bit longer depending on the magnitude of fire magic used for a task and then when the mane and tail regrow they have certain average lengths. Hmmm, I kinda like that. I'll play with that. I could make it a length that isn't longer than his neck, kinda like the Norwegian Fjord horses - maybe even add some white in there from it being constantly burnt and regrown - stress on the follicles' and all. Aaah thank you for the input! I know he'll go through some deign changes until I'm happy with him cosmetically and functionally.

I know, right?! I think i've seen a video of some of them stepping on their own hair. It like almost like them stumbling or tripping.
Sleyf's avatar
You're welcome! Limiting factors are something I like, and encourage, and for him to have to wait for his hair to grow back seems more realistic than it just remaining intact. And perhaps his mane was originally longer but after he developed his powder it now doesn't regrow as long again after the initial first burn. Although one could then argue that, if it burns off his mane, why not his coat too?

Poor things! I expect flicking their tails to keep flies away is also very difficult
AmaranthineRain's avatar
True. I'm not sure how to explain why it burns only his mane/tail. Hm. I really like the limiter though. Maybe after he develops his power the material of his longer hair is different somehow? I could reason it out as, "Well, because it's magic, duh!" buuuuut that feels kinda lazy. I mean, I don't think I'd have the mane & tail literally burn - imagine riding him with burning hair smell. Bleh! If I dashed that as the limiter I'd still need a different limiter

I know! So many tries and yet so hard to reach!
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This is fantastically drawn and shaded- I love the fact that Swift looks as though he's glowing from inside, as if he's one massive coal- this is really beautifully painted- I can't stop looking at it! :D
AmaranthineRain's avatar
Aaah thank you!Excited Blush 
Oh, YES, you picked up on the coal hints :D 
Me neither. He looks like he's up to no good - and it makes me want to join in on the fun!
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