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At The Parting of Ways

Kiara and J'harin~
If you look closely you can just see the hint of a pattern on him. He's melanistic but in the sunlight and as he moves you can just see the shimmer of browns and a pattern among the black. His design is crossed between feline and canine, as are his mannerisms and the sounds he makes. Once I figured out how to mix these it was much more fun to play with his design. I won't explain the title just yet - it's mostly just to help me keep track of where these two look like this in the story.

Have questions about these OCs? Let me know! Questions always help me with character and story development. Go to this gallery for mire illustrations from The Green Book. 

This is a commissionable style! 

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Kiara and J'harin © The Green Book
Art, design, characters © me
Please do not use, reproduce, or replicate without my permission.
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Oh, that's awesome, at first glance, you can't see any browns, but when you look really close you can see it. It really does have the look of a panther-wolf-thing perfectly.