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Aqua Spell Mastered


Miroiter by AmaranthineRain & Ishkara Reference by AmaranthineRain

Aqua Spell – allows the horse to breathe underwater. Can cause optional physical features such as gills, fins, tentacles, and other underwater characteristics.

Practice, Practice, Practice
563 words
The moonlight sparkled on the fast-moving river. Miroiter should have been bedded down next to Meallán by now, but he wanted to know. He needed to know.

There were the impressions by the riverbank. Some of the vegetation by the edge of the water looked a little more leafless than they should have been for early summer. Even the purple flowers, the ones Kassidian liked to braid into the manes of the equines at Dreamcatcher come show season, were missing. Had he picked up the trail again? He had followed the trail of the big heavy animal to the river and splashed through the shallows looking for it. Every so often he would go in to where the water reached his chest and experimentally stick his nose under the water to see if the aqua spell he was studying with Kassidian had taken effect. The answer was still a disappointing no every time he came up sputtering.

When the current had quickened as the river narrowed Miroiter had moved closer to the shallows, but he had lost the trail and had all but given himself to trudging aimlessly.


Miroiter jerked his head around. He slowed his pace, whites showing around the pink of his irises. What was that? Was there something in there with him?

Another splash, as if a fish had flipped its tail at him, came from a few paces away. Miroiter stopped dead in his tracks. A tremor traveled through his legs and across his body.

Come on, stupid spell, he thought. I need you to work!

Miroiter took a deep breath. He squeezed his eyes shut and dunked his head under the water.

Open your eyes, silly pony!

He opened his eyes.

A big white eye centered in yellow met his gaze.

Miroiter squealed and inhaled by reflex as he reeled backwards. He moved too fast and his hooves lost purchase on the vegetated river bottom. The current snatched him as soon as he slipped and dragged him under the surface.

He could not remember how long he sputtered and kicked in the blue world of bubbles. He could not even think well enough to curse that stupid spell book for knowing so little about his kind and its spells that didn't work. He could never be mad at Kassidian, though. All she had done was try to help. It was not Kassidian's fault he was going to die in the depths and never get to see Meallán fly.

Just as the blue was fading to black something bumped into his side and something on his neck popped-

Miroiter gasped and splayed his legs out wide. In-out-in-out. Wait, was he breathing?

Something brushed the back of his legs and he squealed, turning to look behind him.

Was that...a tail?

Okay, he was breathing and he had a tail. Perhaps the spell had worked after all?

He was still moving under the surface, but not as fast as he should have been for the pressure of the current. There was something solid pressed against Miroiter's side. He turned-

The equine at his side was huge. It was black with yellow markings and large white eyes.

Oh. Hello there.

The equine tilted its head and blew bubbles at him. Moonlight filtering through the water above them slithered back and forth across its scales. He had found the elusive river equine.

no references used
character © AmaranthineRain aka Kiri Rabina Ramdeo
all rights reserved
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I love that fishy tail so much :heart:

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he's lucky Mama Jewel isn't there lol, she'd have a heart attack :lmao:

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Yeah he's older at this point and he was stubbornly trying to help Kass :3

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