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About Varied / Artist Core Member Kiri Rabina RamdeoFemale/United States Groups :iconergo-equidae: Ergo-Equidae
born of work-horse hearts
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Trade: [E] Building Wind Storm
If it had not been for the piebald markings on the alpha of the four-tokota pack Khalfani would have missed them. Now he doubled back, swooping lower to the treetops and scanning the ground underneath the boughs.
When he finally found them again he dropped from the sky like a stone.
Proc stopped to scent the wind. At her shoulder, Munchkin swiveled his small ears and looked around. At his signal the other two behind him stopped and looked around as well.
“I don’t hear anything,” Serenity said.
“Sssh!” Starlet cautioned. “If there is something out there we should be careful! We know we’re wandering in monster territory.”
“We’re not wandering,” Serenity said, “we’re meandering.”
“We are doing neither of those things,” came the gruff correction of Munchkin in front of them. “Do you detect anything?”
“Well,” Starlet leaned into another gust of wind, “i
:iconamaranthinerain:AmaranthineRain 1 3
Trade: [E] Summer Sandstorm by AmaranthineRain Trade: [E] Summer Sandstorm :iconamaranthinerain:AmaranthineRain 13 0
My gallery includes art and writing, as well as the occasional photograph!

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Kiri Rabina Ramdeo
Artist | Varied
United States

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This journal is for me to keep track of trades concerning the ARPGs I'm part of and as a record for you if you should ever lose a link or need a reference in the future. Like all ARPG specific work I do, this log will remain permanently if it ever needs to be referenced.

If you don't wish to be listed here, please let me know!


Bulletred WS - Waiting on something / Still discussing
Bullet; Yellow IP - in progress
Bullet; Pink - breeding process incomplete/in progress
Bullet; Green COMPLETED - all complete

Trade with
Work I'm Doing
Due Date
Due Date

- 2018 -

July to ???
please scroll to the bottom for a link to the previous log
**ordered most recent on top**

Trade with: babydracolisk 
Work I'm Doing: 30CP of Naobi 6538
Status: :bulletyellow: IP - 07/DD/2018 - process
Due Date: none discussed
Payment: one vayron geno
  Lion 006 Varia 009…
   33 - Indigo (Ind) by Reos-Empire
  (Female - Vayron - Puller - Healthy)
  F: Lisse Coat
  T: Dumbo EarsBrush Tail, Feline Eyes
  P: Sable Indigo with Tanspots
  G: Ind+nTs/nSb
  3 Activity Rolls or 30 CP/RP...etc.
Status: :bulletred: WS - proof Bullet; Pink DESIGN NOT STARTED | IP | link 
Due Date: after my work is complete

Trade with: foofoo3576 
Work I'm Doing: 4ARs of Vasien 2595
  1 - WIPhunting
  1 - link
  1 - link
  1 - link
Status: :bulletyellow: IP
Due Date: 08/06/2018 - 07/DD/2018 - process
Payment: 2 Vayron genos
  Flint 2792 x Zora 4775 
  4) (Female - Vayron - Runner - Healthy)  
  F: Lisse Coat
  T: Long Ears, Brush Tail, Round Eyes
  P: Inked Freckled Scarlet
  G: Sca+nIn/Fr
  $5/2 AR

  Flint 2792  x Zora 4775 
  1) (Male - Vayron - Runner - Healthy) 
  F: Lisse Coat
  T: Vulpes Ears, Brush Tail, Round Eyes
  P: Oriental Midnight with Pangare
  G: Mid+nPn/Or
  $5/2 AR
Status: :bulletred: WS 
  - proof Bullet; Pink DESIGN NOT STARTED | IP | link 
  - proof Bullet; Pink DESIGN NOT STARTED | IP | link
Due Date: after my work is complete

Trade withLairai 
Work I'm Doing: 40CP of Artesia 6140 - Reference sheet
  X - WIPhunting
Status: :bulletyellow: IP - 07/DD/2018 - process
Due Date: 07/30/2018
Payment: 2 vayron genos and their design
   Vaysale11 by Lairai
  - Elder Wisdom -
  1) (Female - Vayron - Puller - Healthy)
  F: Lisse Coat
  T: Long Ears, Puff Tail, Feline Eyes
  P: Freckled Masked Green
  G: Gre+Fr/Ma
   $7 / 10CP

   Vaysale4 by Lairai
  - Critical Presence -
  92 - Sunburn (Sub)
  2) (Female - Vayron - Puller - Healthy)
  F: Lisse Coat
  T: Vulpes Ears, Medium Tail, Round Eyes
  P: Inked Sunburn
  G: SuB+nIn
  $10 / 15CP
Status: :bulletred: WS 
- proof Bullet; Pink DESIGN APPROVAL NOT STARTED | IP | link 
  - proof Bullet; Pink DESIGN APPROVAL NOT STARTED | IP | link
Due Date: after my work is complete

Trade with: kiinaikit
Work I'm Doing: 5 images (full body with background) of... (see "process" for all options) 
  Drakehest Import 952*
  1 - Trade: Among Birch Trees
  2 - Trade: Haunted Grounds
  3 - link
  4 - link
  5 - link
Status: :bulletyellow: IP - 07/DD/2018 - process
Due Date:
  August 8 (WIPs due by July 22) two :check: 
  August 14 (WIPs due July 29) three
Payment: 2 boucles: 
  C404 Foal Design (2 images) :check: 
  B345 Regitur | Boucle Unicorn Import B345 (3 images)
Status: :bulletred: WS 
  - proof | new registration
- proof | new registration
Due Date: after my work is complete

Due Date: rolling; check process link
Payment: headshots of...
  B037 Iracemaiara --> link
  B032 Goyuennaiche --> link
  Fleetfoot 1276 --> link
  Boreas 1357 --> link 
  L216 Frosted Stitches --> link
  0133 Sashaq --> link
Status: :bulletyellow: IP
Due Date: sometime in May 2018 due to surgery (see "process" link)


Trade with: X-FREAK1
Work I'm Doing: transfer of A2910 Blue Razpberry
Status: :bulletgreen: COMPLETED - 07/16/18
Due Date: 7/13/2018


exceeded the 60KB journal limit lol



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