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*this journal was made for organization because of rumors of Eclipse wiping out subfolders; better safe than sorry*

Bulletindigo Whisper of Winds Bulletindigo 

- written story - only on dA -


An equine-centered post-apocalyptic story I write for fun. Not yet refined. Featured as part of the HARPG-Foundies group.


~ list will be expanded soon ~



Bastion . Binkie . Terra . Umbra


~ in order from oldest > newest ~


xx Whisper of Winds: Prologue 1o2She did not know how long the universe had been forming spheres of gas before she came into existence, nor whether she had come into existence or simply consciousness. Plasma waves emanating from a newborn star woke her, and new eyes slowly adjusted to the functions of vision within the sprinkled light in the infinite dark. By her ear a collection of dust, solid matter, and swirling debris driven by solar wind began thrashing together into a protoplanetary disk. She twisted around and saw more masses gathering together in the semblance of smaller masses, their gravity just awakening.  
Where am I?
She began to wander, moving away from the young star's resonance. Meteroids drifted against her sides, tickling her, and as she laughed the space around her moved: reacting to the sound waves of delight. Her attention was caught then by the movement of other masses beyond the star.
While other glowing balls of gas formed she began to drift between their bright spots, d
  Whisper of Winds: Prologue 2o2As she traveled back, a side of the container's bindings came loose and solar wind slipped inside, jostling the seed of the magnificent equus around. The solar plasma and the equus shell resonated and bonded. A bit of gravity was snagged in next, and while she skirted a dying planet a but of its sickness bled in. The solar wind in the box bullied the sickness away from equus into microscopic pieces, forcing it to flee to the corners of the box, vibrating as if in fear.
Now the edge of a black hole caught onto her passing and began to pull at her, inducing a sinking feeling that prompted her to check on the container - then gasp upon finding that it had slipped open. She slowed and closed up the opening as she had seen the Other do. When finished she blew out towards the black hole, pushing it away and continued on to the spiral galaxy where her star was.  
The first thing she did when she returned was to curl around her star which resonated warmth, welcoming her home. She set
  Whisper of Winds: 1 Riding"Riding: The art of keeping a horse between you and the ground."

Bastion stretched his head out before him and eyed the lunge line. The girl on the other end wore a matching bright blue helmet which sat lopsided over mussed hair.  
“Shoulders square,” she said to herself. “Arm out.”
This exercise bored the Morgan horse. He could see a fence across the ring where the top board was broken. It slanted just low enough for him to jump. He pulled at the line but her grip was strong and waved a whip, pushing him forward.  
“Come on, Bast!”
Every few steps Terra slowed to extract her foot from the other end of the bright blue line. It cost her attention from the silver dappled horse, and with each tangle her frustration rose. He bucked and she grit her teeth. He jumped between a trot and a canter and she tightened her grip on the whip. When he tossed his head she stamped the hard packed dirt of the arena.
“Stop it, you stupi
  Whisper of Winds: 2 Teeth“Horses: dangerous at both ends and crafty in the middle.”
~Arthur Conan Doyle

Bastion’s landing was rough and Terra squeaked on impact. Still she clung onto him, breathing hard from adrenaline and exhilaration.
Angry hissing sounds snarled up behind them and Terra glanced back to see the wolf drawing closer. The oncoming fence was too high for BastionBastion to jump and he veered parallel to the barrier. Other horses in the pasture fled from the danger Bastion brought on his heels.
The wolf snapped at Bastion’s fetlocks and Terra shrieked again. Bastion kicked as he ran but the wolf dodged. It snapped at the air by the young horse’s flanks.
Terra spotted the house and yelled for her mother. There was no response but one of their older horses stood frozen watching them nearby. The mare’s head was high and her nostrils were flared as she tracked the trio. Terra recognized this mare as the first one she had ever ridden, Umbra. Her father had tra
  Whisper of Winds: 3 Frameless"Gipsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."
~Attributed to the Claddaugh Gypsies of Galway

Tingling signaled the the returning feeling in Terra’s right hand. She dragged herself up the stairs of the open air porch and encountered the oldest of the android servants waiting at the open doorway to the house. Several lights on its chest flickered frantically. It could not leave the house because of its programmed boundary but from the scuffing on the threadbare rug inside the door it had been attempted just that for a while.
Umbra halted at the porch steps and nosed Terra’s butt. Shaking her head at the absurdity, Terra wrapped the lunge line around one of the porch posts as she would at a hitching post. Bastion stamped and turned his head to the side, offended.
The android stepped aside and Terra entered the house. Chips were missing from the wood of the front door and the glass was cracked, spiderwebbing away from the point of
  The Blue Roan Mare Binkie by AmaranthineRain xx

Want to ask the characters a question? Drop a comment below!
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