How to link deviants, deviations, or websites!

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I am using deviant arts own help topic found here I will be expanding upon what they have with examples, to make it easier to understand. Just so you know I am using their outline and explanation, if you would like to know which parts were mine and which are theirs just go to the site above :D

How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?

There are a few formats you can use, either a link of the users name, displaying the members avatar, or by linking with a personal description. 

Avatar linking

:iconusername: will display the member's or group's avatar as a link to their page. Remember, however, that the limit for posting blocks of avatars is sixty four per post, and this will not work in signatures.

This seems easy enough, here I will use my own name. :iconamarantheans: will give you :iconamarantheans: 

Username linking

:devusername: -or- @username will give you the member's or group's name as a link.

Now if you just want to link the name of the other deviant this will help you out. Basicly it will make a clickable link so that anyone who wants to go directly there can just click on it, and if they have notifications enabled, the deviant that you link with get a message saying that their name was linked.
Both of these will make the same result as you will see...
:devamarantheans:  gives you Amarantheans
@amarantheans gives you Amarantheans 

Text linking

There are HTML tags which can be used to add a link to something everywhere on deviantART. The standard link will show the first part of the URL truncated by an ellipsis (…). This is achieved by simply pasting a URL to the page, For example, view one of your images, copy the address down and then just paste it wherever.

The second method is to use HREF tags (which will NOT work in the shout box) to give your link a name, for example, copy the address to the image down, and then use this format: <code><a href="Image URL address">Name of Image</a></code>

The first part here is self explanatory, so I will go into more depth on the second part. I will use my own image for an example. I will link you to my most favorited deviation... <a href="">DA Trophy</a>  and you will get this:  DA Trophy

Image linking

This will work with images that are on DA and on other sites as well.
To link images in your journal please follow the code here, and replace the URL Address and Image URL Address with the proper information: <code><a href="URL address"><img src="Image URL address" alt="Name of Image"></a></code>

First let's link the picture of the DA Trophy in the example above:
<a href=" 519333483"><img src="https://orig13."></a>

Now to link and image that is off site that cannot be linked with a :thumb: code:
<a href="http ://"><img src="" alt="smiles"></a>


Before we go on I will explain the difference between the URL address and the Image URL address.
You get the URL Address from the web address bar at the top of your browser, when you are on the deviation you would like to use. (If you are off dA trying to use an item you will need to right click and select "copy address".)
You get the Image URL address when you right click on the image itself and scroll down to "copy image address" and select it.

Deviation linking

To link to images found on deviantART in your journal please visit the deviation page and in the sidebar to the right under the "share" or "details" header please copy the code that starts with ":thumb:". Once you have copied that :thumb: code you can paste it in to your journal and it will automatically generate a thumbnail image for that deviation when the journal is displayed on site.

This is quite simple again lets use my trophy icon:  :thumb519333483:  looks like:
Da by Amarantheans
Also if you would like for the image to be larger than the usual thumb try this:
Regular :thumb:
Yawn by Amarantheans
Bigger :bigthumb:
Yawn by Amarantheans
(heads up this only works in the comments section if you are a core member or have a premium membership, for those of us before core.)
Now thumb codes work for everyone! Thumbnails in Comments Now Available to Everyone

Note:  Regrettably, though it is allowed for you to use thumb codes and such in the comments and on your journals it is unfortunate that it is a core exclusive when it comes to adding them to a deviation description :( (Sad) You can always make a complaint to the help desk to hopefully get DA to amend its ways. Here is the link:…

Media embedding

To embed a media widget please use the following code: <code><b><da:embed</b> <b>profile="</b>video type<b>"id="</b>ID of the video<b>"/></b></code>
For example:
  • dA Film:<b><da:embed profile="film" id="308380200"></b>
  • YouTube: <b><da:embed profile="youtube" id="xKBsTUjd910"></b>
  • Vimeo: <b><da:embed profile="vimeo" id="14803194"></b>
  • Soundcloud: <b><da:embed profile="soundcloud" id="79222021"></b> (Note: That ID is the number after /tracks/ in Soundcloud's own embed code)

This will work in your journals, comments, and widget boxes.
and the first one: <b><da:embed profile="youtube" id="xKBsTUjd910"></b>
Looks like this:

Pop up descriptions (tooltips)

You can also add popup descriptions with a dotted underline to your links by using the < acronym>< /acronym> tag, and close using the  tag, the format for this is the following. 

< acronym title="popup text">< a href="link Url">link description< /a>< /acronym>

So the following command;

<acronym title="Read it, learn it, love it."><a href="">deviantART FAQ</a></acronym> 
would result in the link, deviantART FAQ

If however you wish to use this code without a dotted underline then you need to use the following code below.

<a title="Read it, learn it, love it." href="">deviantART FAQ</a>
which would create the link, deviantART FAQ

Ok lets try this one out with a link to my current contest...
What this will cause is a small pop up to, pop up when you put your mouse on the link: in my case it will say "Come Join In On The Collaborative Fun!"

< acronym title="Come Join In On The Collaborative Fun!">< a href="amarantheans. 591369580">Awareness of The Arts Contest< /a>< /acronym>

Awareness of The Arts Contest

And for the no line:

< a title="Come Join In On The Collaborative Fun!" href="amarantheans 591369580">Awareness of the Arts Contest< /a>

Awareness of the Arts Contest

(This last part is really not wanting to work in the journal format it keeps rewriting itself, so I had to add spaces throughout the example text, if you would like to copy and paste it from the original article see

I hope this helps!

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Testing a link: <a href=""> Will it Work? </a>

Welp, this text above works on descriptions, it is a real shame after coming back months after the Eclipse Apocalypse. Seeing a feature I loved using, hoped would not change, and asked in feedback to keep. And now is either practically useless or clearly being fazed out.

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DeviantArt is the largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. Love to learn latest updates/news on technology? Visit GeniusUpdates.

There are HTML tags which can be used to add a link to something everywhere on deviantART. If you want to learn latest tips and tricks then visit <a href="">TricksClues</a>

Thanks for this lovely guide. For Tech related info visit <a href="">AndroClue</a>.

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Thanks but most won’t work with the new da

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Oh thats sad I wish they still did so i could link.

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How do I copy my profile link to link to other people
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so i'm experiencing a problem with text linking, i used to be able to just copy the URL from one of my works to link it to the other, i was able to just paste it on to a previous piece then shorten the link no prob, but now with one piece i had to take was already worked, change the words but then also change the URL pop up, and for what that is linked to i cant get any link at all, is there a way around this or not?

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will it ever not stay on fire!!!!!!!

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Wish this stuff would still work now :I

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So do I, they completely messed up journal format too. Features used to be a breeze, now I hate looking through them much less making one

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So, with the new updates to the site and the complete change to Eclipse these tips are out of date and I doubt they work.

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Oh, that sucks! :(

Do you have a new journal explaining linking? Sorry, ignore this if it's just bothersome.

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