Awareness of the Arts: Visualize our Dreams

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A Contest For All Of DA!!

Update: Contest extended till Sunday, May 31st!

What it is:

Take one Artist and one writer and have them compete together. The Artist draws, or photographs or manipulates their craft; The Writer, writes a poem or short story based off the artist work *please keep written works to 1000 words or less*. It works the other way too, you can create art from literature too! :la: 

Of course we have a theme Visualize our Dreams and your work needs to fit. We are a family here lets show the rest of the world what one form of social media can do. We can bring people from all walks of life with all talents together for one cause.

If you can find your own buddy awesome, if you need help finding a buddy we will pair up loners after asking two questions... Art or Writing? and What is your fav genre to work in? *just comment on this journal* If there are not enough in a particular catigory we will do our best to match everyone up!


This contest will run from April 1st to May 15th! We may extend the dates depending on participation. After the conclusion of the contest please give us at least 2 weeks for judging before asking for the results... I will make a journal entry as soon as we come to a decision. We will make a poll for you to choose your favorite pair but know, the judges will be responsible for the final decision!

Update: Contest extended to Sunday, May 31st!! So get those entries in!

How to enter:

Both buddies will create their entries after consulting with one another on who will create the first deviation. Then the second participant will create their deviation as an interpretation of the first deviation. Both deviations will need to make sure to tag the other deviation in their comments on the deviation as well as tag this journal entry. Then both of you will need to submit your deviations to this folder, ourdreamswillcome.deviantart.c…, You will also need to use the same title on your works so we know they are together. 

*note* any art style is accepted ex: photography, photo-manips, all forms of digital and traditional art including pixel art! Please keep short stories and poetry to 1000 words or less.

It is not necissary to join OurDreamsWillCome to participate in the contest, but we would love to have you as a member!


Absolutly No nudes, and No gore and please keep foul language to a minimum as OurDreamsWillCome is a group for all ages of deviants.

*Importaint Edit* If you use any bases, photos, or any other stock that is not yours please do not forget to give credit to the owner... as this will disqualify your team, once judging has started.

*Importaint Edit* Just for clarification please link this journal in your comments 
Awareness of the Arts: Visualize our Dreams Thank you!

:la: Prizes: :la:

:la: *note* Each winner will get the listed prizes and will not have to share the loot. :la:

1st Place Winners

1000 :points: each from Nesmaty
3-Month Premium (or point equivalent) from dAWishingWell  
50x50 pixel gif from Amarantheans 
Traditional graphite drawing from CallMeFarGone 
Pixel Drawing from Candyfied 
Poetry Commission from Christianonfire7 
Photo Stock from EveLivesey 
Complex Animated Icon from cakelegs 

2nd Place Winners

Journal Skin from Nesmaty 
300 :points: each from Amarantheans  
1-month premium (or point equivalent) from dAWishingWell 
25x25 pixel gif from Amarantheans 
Pixel drawing from Candyfied 
Poetry Commission from Christianonfire7 
Photo Stock from EveLivesey 
Static Icon from cakelegs 

3rd Place Winners

Chibi Commission from Nesmaty 
100 :points: each from OurDreamsWillCome 
1-month premium (or point equivalent) from dAWishingWell 
50x50 pixel icon from Amarantheans 
Pixel drawing from Candyfied 
Poetry Commission from Christianonfire7 
Photo Stock from EveLivesey 
Animated Bullet Border from cakelegs 

Honorable Mention

Small Chibi Commission from Nesmaty 
50 :points: from dAWishingWell 
25 :points: each from OurDreamsWillCome 
25x25 pixel icon from Amarantheans 
Pixel drawing from Candyfied 
Animated Bullet Border from cakelegs 

All Winners recive:
Llamas and Feature from Amarantheans 
llamas and feature from TheGalleryOfEve 
llamas and feature from UszatyArbuz 
llamas and feature from Candyfied 
llamas from BlueLionEyes 
llamas and feature from dAWishingWell 
feature from rainylake 
feature from chromeantennae 
feature from MagicalJoey 
feature from Christianonfire7 
feature from Andorada 

*note* if you have already recived a llama from one of our above donors please know that they can't re-llama you.


We will be judging off of adhearance to the theme and how well the two works tell each others stories! Each work will be judged seporatly first then brought together to judge on how well they work together as one, then a single pair will be chosen for each place.

Nesmaty (art)
CallMeFarGone (art)
EveLivesey (photos & manips)




All donors will recive a feature (and a llama if you haven't gotten one) from me Amarantheans
I would love to recive more donations (just leave me a comment or a message) for this contest and they will be added to the above list.

If you cannot find a buddy on your own and would like to participate please list what genre you prefer to work in and wether you will be the writer or the artist, as a comment on this journal.

If you need further examples please refer to these two deviations below, they were done by my Sister CallMeFarGone and myself Amarantheans. Make sure that your comments look like the comments on my deviation. (The poem)

Contest Entry Sample For Our Dreams Will Come by CallMeFarGone

Contest Entry Sample for Our Dreams Will ComeLying on the cold ground,
Looking strait at that star.
(Peter)Pan on my head,
With pirates we will spar.
My own starship takes off, 
With my feet on the trunk.
Toward the second(star)
One wrong move I am sunk.
Headed forward not back,
Land of Never (N)ever.
Holding tightly my book,
I learn to be clever.
Into the stars I fly,
I’ll return with the tide.
After Never (N)ever,
Back home to reside.

Thanks for your concideration on joining in on this contest!

all the admins at OurDreamsWillCome 

Skin CSS © Nesmaty
flower © Amarantheans
frame © EveyD
quill © Sassy-Stock
texture © SolStock
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jazzybeeboi's avatar

Visualise?? *sweats in aphanstasia*

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Me and my partner Meaxks, have submitted our entry to the folder.
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Woo! Thank you for extending the deadline! 

I've just submitted my entry to the group and I believe my partner's entry is already there :)
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I've made an entry with :iconlazziewuff:

My part (art): Don't Experience. Desire.
His part (poem): Don't Experience. Desire.
Amarantheans's avatar
Just approved his :) you are set :)
wasder26's avatar
You did not add our matchup in the description of this journal (just saying)
Amarantheans's avatar
Oh, that is fine... I announced this several months ago and I was just using that so that people could ask others to be their partners and so I could visually keep strait who I assigned to whom. It is not necissarry to be on that list to participate (it was just a sanity check for me)
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How many hours do I have to finish my piece?
Amarantheans's avatar
11:59 EST Sunday :)
wasder26's avatar
Amarantheans's avatar
Just before midnight so pm :)
Amarantheans's avatar
Why don't you go ahead and submit your piece to the folder... (I may just have something for you guys)
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we're good. Thehanimal is my partner. will be submitting soon. thank you, sorry for the trouble D:
Amarantheans's avatar
No trouble at all :)
ValesofDespair's avatar We submit them to a folder? Huh...lemme try that...
Here's my entry, reyear will be submitting hers soon. Thanks! ;P
Amarantheans's avatar
Awesome, I got it and approved it :)
Amarantheans's avatar
You are welcome :)
Amarantheans's avatar
You already did :) They are in the correct folder :)
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Thank you! I just wondered since I wasn't on the list in the artist description. Is the list for those who haven't completed their entries yet? :heart:
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