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This emoticon is for ProjectComment's Comment Outreach:

What is Comment Outreach?
ProjectComment's Comment Outreach aims to educate, engage and elevate the interaction with art across DeviantArt, because we know that motivating people to engage with art on a critical level is beneficial to all artists.

What can you do?
Help support Comment Outreach. Give back to the people who support you by sharing ProjectComment's mission through journals and artist descriptions in deviations using this emoticon!

"Though adding a work of art or literature to your favorites shows your support for a fellow deviant, constructive comments show that you care and you want to help them improve their craft!" - Me Giggle

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Very nice emoticon
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:) Using on my profile to support PC 
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Thanks for the support!
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I like this emote, it's really cute. I just think that maybe the words could've been done a bit differently. I'm not really sure, how but right now they just aren't doing a lot for me. However, I do like the font, and size plus the emote dude looks so adorable.. My constructive comment icon is nowhere near as good as yours. 
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thanks :) I actually had to pixel the words so they are not a traditional font. Being so tiny I don't think there is much I can do to change them. Your icon is very cute as well. I love the little blue guy and his sweet little smile Comment Emote by SolarLunix
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My only issue is that mine is a little big for an emote. But when I shrank it the words got all weird... >.> 

I'm glad you like him though :D 

No worries about the words, just some random person's suggestion lol. Besideds the main part of the emote (the actuall little emote) is soooo cute. 
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It was a little larger than most emotes, it takes alot of practice to get pixel art. I was horrible at it when I first started. I joined PixelChallenges where they have a contest every week and it has gotten better with time (and the points are nice to win too)
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I shall join and work on it. Probably use Muro at first before I get something where I can animate pixels.... or use flash to put drawings from paint together lol
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gimp is a good program and it is a free one you can animate in layers :) it is what I use just make sure you download it from the official site I did it from the wrong site once and it was loaded with viruses :(
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I use, it downloads it correctly, and has already done a virus scan on everything and clicks all the buttons to make sure it only installs what you want. When I get a new computer or redo my old one it's the first and only site I go to - I get my free anti-viruses from there because it's the only site I trust not to have viruses.
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