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EVGA 7600 GT - Blown Caps

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I originally posted this image on Flickr low-res and someone mentioned they had used it as a PC background image. I'm posting this for non-commercial use, folks, so please don't sell it to a calendar company. :heart:

As an update, EVGA would not take care of the capacitor problem, as I was unable to locate my receipt. Granted, I probably forgot to register the thing, but I've learned my lesson. Oh well!

Original Flickr Notes: I've only owned this video card for a couple of years, and it upsets me when companies use inferior products. A better capacitor would have cost them, what - a few cents more?

The worst part is, I spend all this money on:

* Whole house surge protection at the junction box
* All computers and peripherals on AVR UPS
* A truly awesome array of cooling fans in strategic places within each case

So I do everything in my power to keep this from happening, and it still does.

Think I'll call EVGA today and see if they'll RMA the unit. With all the people complaining, there should be a recall!
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May 10, 2010, 9:30:43 AM
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serealisProfessional Interface Designer
it sucks that it happened... but it did cause you to take a gorgeous picture n_n
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amarandHobbyist Photographer
Aww, thank you! :heart:
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I'm sorry for your loss... Cool picture though :)
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amarandHobbyist Photographer
Thanks! Yeah, I mean, it did last for over a year, so that's fine, but a little annoying. I have other video cards that have lasted a lot longer than that.
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You know, those blown caps could be easily replaced? Card may be still operative.
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amarandHobbyist Photographer
So I've heard...probably $2.50 worth of caps on-line. I have a soldering iron too! :)
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Yeah, that's the price. You will need a special soldering iron, regular one is not good for this.

Don't know how it's called in plain English, but it creates vacuum and sucks the solder out of the PCB. Even with that, sometimes is not possible to remove solder from the PCB, and you will have to use a small drill to get it out.
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