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It kills me that we have to wait years to see these two face each other. Probably won't see them on screen together till 2019.

Draw fanart, people!
Found some old fanart from about 10 years ago today and added it to my gallery.  A few Harley Quinns, 1 Harley/Joker, 1 Wonder Woman, 1 Peter Parker, and what I think is the only 3-South fanart on the site (anyone know that show?).  It's weird to see your old art and be able to see all the mistakes, but I liked seeing them again enough to share.
care_faith_hope on LJ (…) is currently holding auctions for charity.  People are auctioning a variety of goods and services, including fanfic/fanart/fanvid/icon-making requests.

Just wanted to spread the word in case anyone on DA is interested in bidding, or if any of the talented artists here would like to auction off some of their work or a request.

For the Fraggle Rock/Muppet fans on my flist, someone is auctioning off Henson memorabilia and a tour of the Jim Henson Studios! So check it out. :)
Starting with my first one...