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One Piece Chapter 890 Big Mom Nami and Zeus by Amanomoon One Piece Chapter 890 Big Mom Nami and Zeus by Amanomoon

Colorspread: 12 characters being the representation of the chinese zodiac animals running to the future (new year). Luffy, Carrot… guess the rest :P (Lick)

All chapter focuses on Sunny, it is the fight against Big Mom.

BM starts tearing apart the ship, searching for the cake.

Jinbe tries talking with her, but is attacked by a Napoleon coated with flames. Jinbe blocks it with armament haki in his arms, but is sent flying into the sea.

BM keeps cutting the ship, and then attacks with her hand (trying to squash) Nami. Chopper blocks the attack in his defensive form.

Jinbe attacks from the sea, wetting BM and separating her from Prometheus. He then jumps to the ship and sends BM flying with a punch.

Zeus rescues BM and gets angry. He thunders Brook while BM is saying she will cut Sunny in half.

Brook is faster and he is the one to cut Zeus in half, Nami uses this chance to activate Zeus and he thunders BM.

Zeus now is tiny and is in Nami’s hands. BM is still conscious and enraged, flying in a crazied Prometheus.

Sandman Summary apf

Chapter title is "Big Mom on the ship".

Big Mom tries to destroy Thousand Sunny to seek for a wedding cake. Jinbe tells her that there is no cake on the ship. She replies that if that is the case she has to kill her eldest son. Perospero is surprised to hear that since he thought he managed to deceive her.

Big Mom tells Jinbe not to call her son liar. She tries to cut down Jinbe with her burning sword. Jinbe stops her slash, but gets blown away after all.

Nami asks Big Mom not to destroy the ship since Carrot is in the room. The fire on Big Mom's hair spreads to the sail. Chopper blocks her attack right before Nami got hit.

Jinbe puts out the fire and blows away Big Mom from Sunny with seawater but she comes back soon. She intends to slice sunny and search for the wedding cake.

Nami tries to deceive Zeus again, but he attacks her this time. Brook got attacked by thunderbolt, but it doesn't hurt him at all since he is just a bone. Brook slashes Zeus. Nami attacks Big Mom with the thunderbolt from Zeus, which stops her for a moment. Nami and Co escape from Big Mom. Nami captures Zeus who has no energy to fight anymore. Nami threatens and makes him her servant. Big Mom starts chasing Thousand Sunny with Prometheus.

moonlitinuyasha1985 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2018
Subjugation or annihilation. What's it gonna be, Zeus? :aww:
VergoManiac Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2017
Evil nami makes my cokk hard
Amanomoon Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha Nami berry 
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