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One Piece Chapter 884 Luffy vs Katakuri Face Color by Amanomoon One Piece Chapter 884 Luffy vs Katakuri Face Color by Amanomoon
  • Katakuri pulls out spear.
  • Brulee says that Katakuri has never laid down in his life before. Never had his back against the ground
  • Luffy tries to hit brulee, katakuri stops him.
  • [more fighting]
  • Katakuri’s spear is called Mogura (Mole, the animal)
  • Brulee heard what Luffy and Nami were talking about, reports their meeting place and time to Perospero Big Mom heads towards Cacao Island
  • [more luffy katakuri fighting]
  • Katakuri predicts Gear 4th
  • Katakuri is an awakened DF user. He turns the ground into Mochi.
  • Pekoms cries about Pedro
  • Mont D’or gets information that they lost track of Bege’s ship
  • Mon’t dor is told by dendenmushi that Germa was crushed by 10,000 soldiers
  • The denden-mushi was actually Niji talking, Germa took down all the soldiers manipulates Mont d’or into telling them where the Strawhats are Germa prepares to set sail to the Strawhats.

Charlotte Katakuri

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Charlotte Katakuri


Japanese Name:


Romanized Name:

Shārotto Katakuri

Official English Name:

Charlotte Katakuri


Pirate; Sweet Commander[2]





Devil Fruit

Japanese Name:




Charlotte Katakuri is the second son of the Charlotte Family[3] and one of the Three Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates.[2]




Katakuri is a large, muscular man with short spiky black hair and two symmetric scars on both sides of his face. He has long legs, with his thighs being equally as long as his lower limbs. He has sharp, intense eyes, highly arched eyebrows, and prominent lower eyelashes under each eye. He wears a massive light ragged scarf that covers his mouth and reaches his shoulders. He also wears a torn leather jacket that exposes most of his torso, dark gloves and pants, a belt with a skull-shaped buckle, and spiked boots with spurs. His torso is covered in tattoos, and he wears spiked bracelets on his arms as well as knee pads with a single spike on them.[1]


Katakuri has a very serious, no-nonsense demeanor, caring greatly about his crew and family's objectives. With his heightened Kenbunshoku Haki allowing him to see a little bit into the future, he is dedicated to efficiently deal with all possible threats within his vicinity. He is one of the few Charlotte children that can be seen taking action without the instruction of Big Mom herself due to his heightened senses. His haki allows him to make smart judgement calls, as shown when he quickly dispatched Jigra after foreseeing his assassination attempt on his mother.[1] This is also seen when he promptly decided to take out Sanji by himself when he foresaw the original assassination plan failing, not waiting for Big Mom to decide upon what to do. However, this impetuousness can sometimes get the best of Katakuri, as he unwittingly sabotaged Big Mom's plan after acting too fast. Katakuri is able to recognize his shortcomings and will act pragmatically should he realize he is at a disadvantage.[4] He has a tendency to foresee what other people say and respond to them before they actually talk.[5] However, his usual calmness can be shaken when he foresees a horrifying future as seen when he went pale in pure fear of the events lying ahead.[6]



Charlotte LinlinEdit

Katakuri is shown to be very loyal to his mother as he would not hesitate to eliminate anyone who would threaten her.[1]When the wedding ceremony was about to get hectic, Katakuri immediately leapt in front of his mother to protect her from harm.[7] Despite his loyalty and devotion to her, Linlin sees Katakuri as a lowly child and will not tolerate him interfering with her business.[8]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a Sweet Commander, Katakuri's authority in the Big Mom Pirates is second only to Big Mom herself. His bounty of 1,057,000,000 proves that the World Government views him as an extreme threat. Even Capone Bege of the infamous Worst Generation considers him a monstrous threat.[1]

Physical AbilitiesEdit

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