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My hero Academia Boku no hero Shoto 165 COLORS by Amanomoon My hero Academia Boku no hero Shoto 165 COLORS by Amanomoon
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Shoto Todoroki


"If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I've just got one thing to say to you! Never forget who you want to become!"

— Shoto Todoroki to Tenya Iida in "From Todoroki to Iida"

Shoto Todoroki

  • Student Uniform 
  • 1st Costume 
  • 2nd Costume

Biographical Information

Japanese Name


Rōmaji Name

Todoroki Shōto


Shoto (ショート Shōto?)

Personal Description


January 11


15 (First Appearance, Current)




176 cm (5' 9¼")

Hair Color

White (right side)

Red (left side)

Eye Color

Grey (right side)

Turquoise (left side)

Blood Type






Enji Todoroki (Father)
Shoto's Mother (Mother)
Fuyumi Todoroki (Sister)
2 Unnamed Brothers





Team Todoroki (Leader)

First Appearance

Manga Debut


Japanese Voice

English Voice

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Shoto Todoroki (轟とどろき焦しょう凍と Todoroki Shōto?) is a student at U.A. training to become a Pro Hero. He got into U.A. through official recommendations. He is one of the main protagonists of My Hero Academia.




Shoto has short hair, evenly split between white on his right-side and red on his left. He has a burn scar over his left eye. He possesses heterochromia which causes his left eye to be turquoise and his right eye to be gray. Girls in his class find him to be very attractive.

In his initial Hero Costume, Shoto wears a simple white shirt, white pants, white boots, and gold-colored combat vest. He also has ice covering his left torso and arm.

In his new Hero Costume, Shoto wears a dark blue jacket, dark blue pants, a silver-colored combat vest, and white boots. He also wears a silver-colored belt with metal capsules.


Shoto's Manga Profile.
Shoto as a child.


Shoto has a cold, aloof personality which stems from his harsh upbringing. He is quite seasoned in battle, being able to stay calm and composed even while fighting real villains. Though brutal in combat, he is well grounded on the ethics of heroism, only wishing to subdue his frozen opponents as opposed to killing them through prolonging their frozen states. After the events of the U.A. Sports Festival, Shoto still has a distant attitude, but has become noticeably more sociable, even gaining a sense of humor and occasionally smiling.

Shoto, infuriated with Endeavor.

Shoto had a deep loathing for his fire power, which he inherited from Endeavor, as it symbolized his father's wickedness towards him and his mother as well as what he was born for: a tool to surpass All Might, a fate that he detests. As such, Shoto decided to rely only on his ice power and never to use his fire power in combat, going so far as to cover his left torso and arm with ice in his first Hero Costume to symbolize his rebellion against his father.

During his match with Izuku Midoriya in the Sports Festival, Izuku's speech made the memory of his mother's supportive words resurface, and for the first time he used his fire power in combat. After the battle, Shoto had mixed feelings about using his left side, but after reconciling with his mother, Shoto eventually came to terms with using his fire power. Despite being scarred by her when he was a young kid, Shoto showcases no hard feelings towards his mother.

However, Shoto still harbors a grudge towards Endeavor, even if he respects his father's ability as a Hero, admitting to himself that such hatred can't vanish so easily. Having been denied a normal childhood so that his father could train him to realize his own selfish ambitions, Shoto still holds various psychological scars, which tend to emerge back into his mind when others compare him to Endeavor. Because of this and Izuku's influence, Shoto now strives to become a Hero, but without walking through the same path his father did.

Quirk and Abilities

Shoto's Quirk, with both halves being used.

Half-Cold Half-Hot (半冷半燃 Hanrei Hannen?): Shoto's Quirk gives him the ability freeze with the right half of his body and burn with the left half. The appendages on his right side can drastically lower temperatures of anything they touch, enough so to create large waves of ice. The limbs on his left side generate heat and allow Shoto to create and shoot streams of fire.

The drawback to his Quirk arises from his need to maintain his own body temperature, as excessive use of his ice power causes Shoto to suffer from frostbite. The frost that covers his body slows him down physical, and weakens the strength and speed of his ice attacks. However this weakness can be counteracted if Shoto uses his left side to offset the low temperature. The side effect to prolonged use of his fire side has yet to be revealed.

As noted by Stain, one of Shoto's greatest weaknesses is his heavy reliance on the devastating power of his Quirk.[2]

Another shortcoming is that Shoto is unable to fully control the fire and ice he generates [3] While he is capable of using these two abilities simultaneously, he has said that he isn't used to doing this, and still needs practice in dual wielding his Quirk.


  • Giant Ice Wall (大氷壁 Daihyōheki?): Shoto creates an enormous ice glacier. This move is first used in his battle against Hanta Sero in the Sports Festival,[4] but is unnamed until the Final Exams[5]. A variation of this move, slightly smaller in size, is shown in his battle against Katsuki Bakugo.[6] He also used this attack on a massive scale while attacking Mr. Compress.

Overall Abilities: Shoto has been established as the strongest student in Class 1-A. Even after defeating him in the Sports Festival, Katsuki Bakugo seems to acknowledge that Todoroki should have won the fight had he used his full power.[7] Shoto was able to easily overpower villains at the Landslide Zone by himself and showcased elite judgement, combat awareness and athletic ability during the U.A. Sports Festival.[8][9] During his match with Izuku Midoriya, a fan claimed that Shoto was already stronger than the average Pro-Hero.[10] After coming to terms with using his fire power, Shoto was strong enough to hold his ground against the Hero Killer Stain, a powerful villain who has bested various Pro-Heroes. Stain himself acknowledges Shoto's prowess.[11]

Enhanced Durability: Shoto has proven himself to be quite resilient, being able to withstand multiple of Izuku Midoriya's attacks, including a direct, One For All-enhanced punch to the stomach, without sustaining major injuries.[12][13]

Enhanced Endurance: Shoto has shown to be able to endure combat even while injured, such as in his battle with Stain, where he is able to continue fighting and supporting his allies despite suffering from multiple bleeding injuries on his arm and face,[14] and still to drag the villain's unconscious body once the battle is over.[15]

Enhanced Agility: Shoto is fast and agile and has quick reflexes, being able to create ice walls in a split second in order to prevent himself form getting thrown out of the ring during his battles with Izuku and Katsuki during the Sports Festival.[6][12] He is also able to partially dodge a knife thrown at his face and several other attacks by Chizome, a notably agile opponent.[14]

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