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My hero Academia Boku no hero MIRIO 161 Colors by Amanomoon My hero Academia Boku no hero MIRIO 161 Colors by Amanomoon

ejire has pale skin, big blue eyes, and extremely long, light blue hair that reaches all the way down to her legs and apparently twists around itself at the waist area. She also wears a waistcoat over her school uniform.

Her hero costume consists of a skin-tight bodysuit and a pair of gauntlets on her arms, as well as two strands of an unknown material (possibly her hair) that twist into spiral horns.


Nejire is talkative and endlessly curious, showing interest in other people's unique physical features and being easily distracted by them.[2] Due to this, Nejire can be very blunt, often asking rather invasive or off-putting questions. Horikoshi describes her as an affectionate person and a "free spirit", someone who has a genuine passion for learning new and strange things and isn't afraid to speak her mind or show how she feels. She is mentioned to act like a kindergartner due to her childish glee.

She is very enthusiastic, affable and cheery, and is always seen moving. She does not seem very concerned for Tamaki when she learns of his attack, possibly due to having a more optimist view of a resolution than the rest. Thanks to her inquisitive and chatty demeanor, she is a notably smart and level-headed individual.


Not much is known about Nejire's background aside from the fact that she managed to successfully enroll at U.A. and has been attending the school as a member of the hero course for nearly three years now. At some point, she also made friends with Tamaki and Mirio, and the three were nicknamed The Big 3 of U.A. due to their impressive power level and accomplishments in spite of still being students.

Quirk and Abilities

Wave Motion: Nejire's Qurik allows her to convert her vitality into pure energy and to release this energy in the form of shockwaves.


  • Full Charge. Output: 30: Wring Wave (ねじれる波動グリングウェイヴ Guringu Ueivu?): This attack blasts her enemies with a powerful wave. It is strong enough to simultaneously take down two villains with Gigantification Quirks.[3]
  • Flight: Using her Quirk's shockwaves, Nejire is capable of flight.


Ryuko Tatsuma

Ryuko is the Hero Nejire is working with for her internship. The two seem to have a close friendship, as Ryuko was willing to listen to Nejire's offer to recruit Ochaco and Tsuyu into her office, and did not object to Nejire throwing her arms around her.

Mirio Togata

Along with Mirio and Tamaki, Nejire represents U.A.'s Big 3. The three have spent three years together studying at U.A., becoming good friends with one another.

It appears that while all three of them are mutual friends, Nejire seems to be closer to Tamaki than she is to Mirio. Tamaki calls Mirio by his first name, which indicates a special level of closeness in their friendship that Nejire doesn't demonstrate, as she simply calls Mirio by his last name. Nevertheless, Nejire noticeably cares for Mirio, shown when she was actively trying to cheer him up and convince him not to be too hard on himself during his depression over Eri's situation.

Tamaki Amajiki

She, Mirio and Tamaki represent U.A.'s Big 3. They have spent three years together studying at UA becoming good friends with one another.

Tamaki treats Nejire's talkative attitude casually with tolerance and would attempt to keep that personality of hers in check when required. Nejire finds Tamaki's anxious personality weird, calling it 'chicken-hearted', which becomes her nickname for him.

Interestingly, she does not seem as concerned for Tamaki when she learns of his attack as Mirio is.

Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui

Nejire helped Ochaco and Tsuyu get an internship with Ryukyu. The three established a good relationship with each other since Ochaco and Tsuyu listened and cooperated with Nejire splendidly.

Mirio Togata (通形ミリオ Tōgata Mirio?) is a third-year student at U.A. High School and is part of The Big 3.[2] Before Izuku Midoriya, Mirio was the top candidate for All Might's successor and inheritor of One For All.




Mirio's color scheme.

Mirio is a muscular young man with scars on his arms. His face is drawn in a simplistic, cartoony way and his blond hair is arranged in a cowlick.

His hero costume consists of a large mask which covers the space around his eyes and ears, a plated shirt with the number one million (1000000) across his chest, with black pants and boots woth green trimmings. He also sports a floor length orange cape attached from the chest which features a hood. Additionally, Mirio's hero costume (except for his mask) is made of a special fiber that is derived from his hair, which allows the costume to become intangible alongside him.

In his youth, Mirio kept his hair in a short ponytail.


Mirio is goofy and energetic, with some peculiar habits.[3] He is almost always smiling and, though optimistic, he does not let his ideals blind him, and is always looking for ways to improve his skills. He is very devoted to becoming a hero and is the top candidate for No. 1 Hero after he graduates, even surpassing many of the pros. Despite his lacking academical performance, he is extremely dedicated and has worked many hours to perfect the use of his Quirk for combat, and thus is ranked among the top 3 students at U.A. His hero name, "Lemillion", comes from his desire to rescue a million people, inspired by All-Might's debute.

As an intern, Mirio has developed a good understanding of the protocols and actions that a Hero must be able to do in various situations. He is able to separate himself from his emotions when order to in order to see the bigger picture. He understands when he had to go against what he feels is right in order to act for the greater good.

He is experienced in dealing with dangerous people, and does not scare easily, as shown when he was able to cheerfully speak to Overhaul, despite knowing exactly who he was, maintaining a cover of ignorance. He is able to remain calm when he has to, even casually informing Izuku to pull his mask on to conceal his identity. In spite of all of this, he is not totally able to disconnect himself from the realities of being a Hero. When it was revealed that Eri was being used as part of Overhaul's plans, he was visibly mortified at the fact that he and Izuku had been so close to rescuing her from such a fate. He then became extremely determined to rescue her. As of his fight with Overhaul and his minions, it is shown that Mirio is very self-aware, as he realized how he endangered Eri when he first saw her in order protect his cover and the succes of his mission. While this left him inmense guilt, he accepted it as a necessary risk caused by his career and did not let it affect him.

Since the full use his quirk often leaves him nude, he has gotten somewhat used to it and isn't afraid to fight without clothes, though he will apologize, especially to girls, for the rudeness.


During third grade, a new transfer student was not able to give a proper self-introduction, and because of his social awkwardness, he was not able to make any friends. Mirio approached Tamaki Amajiki after realizing that Tamaki was trying to say that he likes Heroes;[4] it was this recognition that began the friendship between Tamaki and Mirio. In middle school during a Quirk Education class, Tamaki tried manifestingsomething but only managed to manifest a tiny plant on his hand due to his nervousness. Meanwhile, Mirio tried phasing through a wall but only managed to phase his hands through it. Some of Mirio's classmates laughed at Mirio's struggles, but Mirio was not disheartened at all and resolved to pull off his phasing properly next time. While walking home, Tamaki praised Mirio's optimism while lamenting on his own lack of self-esteem. Mirio cheered up Tamaki and said that he will shine brightly like the sun and the reason he can give it his all is due to Tamaki being there for him. Although he was nervous, Mirio praised Tamaki's resolve never to give up which inspired him never to give up either. Despite Tamaki thinking himself as a boring person with low self-esteem, Mirio always thought of Tamaki as a talented person who is cool and super fun and sunny to be around with.[5]

After middle school, Mirio and Tamaki entered U.A. According to Nejire Hado, Mirio once struggled a lot at U.A. High School (even showcasing poor results in an edition of the Sports Festival); however, he would turn around his situation by devoting himself as an intern under the hero Sir Nighteye and having his abilities cultivated during his internship, eventually becoming a major contender for the number one rank, above several pro heroes.


Internship Arc

Mirio appears with his fellow Big 3 members, and then proceeded to fight Class 1-A, defeating them all with a punch to the gut.

When the heroes and police make their way to the underground labyrinth, they find a dead-end. Mirio phases through the wall and reports that the hallway is on the other side. After Izuku and Eijiro break through, Joi Irinaka begins twisting the hallway and closes off the basement's entrance. As Tamaki starts to panic, Mirio calms him and volunteers to go on ahead by himself, phasing through the shifting walls.[6]

Mirio catches up to Chisaki and asks to talk with him.[7] Chisaki questions how he got there so quickly, and Mirio replies that he took a shortcut. Chisaki turns away and continues down the hall. Mirio gives chase but stumbles into a wall when Deidoro Sakaki affects him with SloshedShin Nemoto shoots at the weakened hero, but the bullets pass through him. Shin questions Mirio's Quirk, forcing Mirio to answer, and then tries to break Mirio's spirit by forcing the boy to admit his insecurities. However, Mirio had already accepted his weaknesses and blitzes the two villains, hitting them multiple times each.

Mirio attacks Chisaki and Chrono.

When Chisaki hears yelling, he looks back over his shoulder and Mirio appears from the floor, swinging his left fist, which grazes Chisaki's cheek, and his right leg, which phases through Eri's and hits Chrono in the face. Mirio then catches Eri, promising to be her hero and never to let her be sad again.[8]

Mirio refuses to hand the girl over, so Chisaki deconstructs the floor and reconstructs it as spikes. Mirio holds Eri overhead as he lets the spikes phase through his body. He is enraged when Chisaki admits to bringing Eri back to life multiple times after hurting her. When Chisaki deconstructs the spikes to give Chronostasis a clear shot, Mirio rips off his cape and wraps it around himself and Eri, blocking the view of them. Mirio then comes up under Chrono, knocking the gun out of his hand, but Chisaki pushes Chrono to safety with platforms. Chisaki then turns his attention to killing Eri, and Mirio appears behind him and punches Chisaki, phasing through his outstretched hand. Chrono goes for the gun but Mirio kicks him away.

Even Quirkless, Mirio protects Eri.

Shin crawls over and Chisaki tosses him a set of Quirk-destroying bullets.[9] Shin aims and shoots at Eri, so Mirio throws himself in the path of the bullet, sacrificing his Quirk but keeping his promise not to let her feel pain. When Chisaki goes to use his Quirk, Mirio kicks the unconscious Chrono into Chisaki and then punches Chisaki's right forearm. Chisaki attacks with his left hand, but Mirio dodges and lands another blow to Chisaki's face. After five minutes of fighting Quirkless, Mirio has sustained injuries all over his body but has held off Chisaki's attacks and protected Eri. Chisaki prepares one final attack when Izuku suddenly bursts through the wall.[10] 

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