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I will choose three of your deviations and I will post it if you're among the first 10 people to reply to this journal. There's no need to you to do the same thing into your journal if you want to reply here :3

I will also add the list of the other deviants who kindly featured me ;3 but tomorrow... now I'm tired -_-

Featured ArtisT

1. :iconblueeyesfairy:
Love her Fractal art *_* but she's going to became a good Cg artist as well ^^ So I choose her best (IMO) fractal, CGart, and photomanipulation deviantion
ShiningSummer by BlueEyesFairy:thumb43964672: LIGHT by BlueEyesFairy

2. :iconfuneral-of-joy:
He's kinda macabre sometimes but he's a pretty good artist ^^ Love his vector art ^^
From his gallery I've choosen a vector art, a fractal one, and a photograph

3. :iconkiwy84: is a photo artist. I've choose the first shot 'cause the girl in the photo has my same name and there's Venice on the background *_* and 'cause it's such a natural photo, of the second I just love the angle, and the 3rd just 'cause I love it *_*
Hurt the Wind by Kiwy84

4. :iconkazema:
Of his art I love the traditional art deviations and CG ones as well!
My first choice is a great work of design and color ^^
Lady Death Grim by kazema My artwork Before Photoshop by kazema Morrigan in the night by kazema

5. :icondiesy:
Love this girl XD she's really pretty good making accessories and I hope she will gain a lot of money selling them XD and she's a great fan of BECK like me *_*
(Ti sto facendo pubblicità praticamente ;*)
:thumb43534810: Skelly Mp3 suitcase by Diesy:thumb42814063:

6. :iconkizzychan:
She's great with dolls, but i REALLY love her horses portraits!!!
Arabian horse 1 by kizzychan Arabian horse 2 by kizzychan Arabian horse 3 by kizzychan

7. :iconamaishokora:
Awww very cute pixel dolls here! ^_^/ (plz visit and download!)

8. :iconarchykins:
She's only 17 but I think she has the talent to became someone!
Kerona by Archykins Snow Angel by Archykins For Mauduin by Archykins

9. :iconlucathegreat:
I love his cat *_*... ehm °_°; I love his art, he's a quite good photographer ^_^/
Heat Beam by Lucathegreat Sunset by Lucathegreat Happy birthday to... by Lucathegreat

10. :iconryuichi1979:
As anybody ask for this slot left... I put in here 3 piece of vector art of one of my boyfriend's friend... Ryuichi! Say Hi! to Ryuichi, who has just joined DA, and to his shirtless fanart :P so hot!
Yaoi Yuki Eiri Gravitation by Ryuichi1979 Mr. K yaoi from Gravitation by Ryuichi1979 Shuichi goes to Yuki house by Ryuichi1979

11. :iconyuumeichan:
She's a lovely talented girl, I think she's improving so fast and in a couple of years she can become a great artist! Have a look at her deviations + gallery and you'll agree with me :3
:thumb29718398: :thumb37328107: :thumb44597406:

12. :iconr-a-z-o-r-h-e-a-r-t:
She's soooooo talented!! I love her pencils and her portraits are accurate and really expressive. I've choosen her best portrait, her Nana's cookies (AMAZING idea!!!), and an astonishing drawing.
But the thing I like the most are her complete comment, very useful ;3
:thumb47385500: :thumb46705682: :thumb32860666:

13. :iconombreblu:
Awww, she's one of the deviants who used my tutorial *_* Now she's trying other styles and improving very fast :3 You're doing a really good job!! Go ahead!!
:thumb51913919: :thumb50551380: :thumb49332652:
Plus new :3

14. :iconuchupi:
OH! Look at what she can do! She's pretty good with pencil portraits, and she's improving very fast!! (and I love her journal header X3)

15. :iconmomoko-asuka:
VERY difficult choice. Her works are nice, pretty, extremely cute. She's very talented but maybe she's a little unconscious of it.
I love her pencil and coloured pencil works. Her characters are expressive and funny. <3
:thumb39426944: :thumb37043211: :thumb30307985: + special feature :thumb25383035:

16. :iconcontey:
Look at his colors! Look at his lineart and ink!
He's pretty good, keep it up improving!!!
spidey to brooklyn color by contey swinging with daredevil color by contey Spawn Roach Inks by contey

17. :iconrisca-risca:
>_< I forgot to mention her!
She's pretty good with chibis, that I love, and I love her bright colors!! Her strawberrychii here is like a sketch, but I love her face!!!
Angelic by risca-risca - 4strawberrychii by risca-risca - for Karma021 by risca-risca

18. :iconnagakashi:
He's a very kind guy :3 Too kind!!
And he's pretty good but he needs to study more, but he's got all the enthusiam to do it and improve well!!
in the end XDDDD by Nagakashi Thx for 900 hits color by Nagakashi Myuu remake color by Nagakashi

I got featured bY...

Plz if I'll forget someone in the list plz tell me ^_^;;

:iconrisca-risca: twice ;***

Special featured artistS

I've decided to feature some of very special friend here on DA and in the real life ;3

1. My teacher nr1 :iconayumi-studio:
She don't draw anymore but she was my teacher *_* Love her works! She is VERY talented but she's lost her will to draw T_T Yes, what a pity T_T
Cool guy with kittens by ayumi-studio Artemis color by ayumi-studio Playground boy band by ayumi-studio

2. My teacher nr2 :iconeglantine:
She's my partern, along with Aziell in the project called FFMD, and she taught me a lot of things about CG art *_* love her! She's got such a special style... *______*

3. My dear :iconkettyformaggio:
She's a great artist!! Really love her art *_______*
Plz visit!

4. My 2nd FFMD partner :iconaziell:
She joined FFMD project this year. I saw her works here on DA and I've asked her to join our group *_* I'm very happy of the help she's gaving us ;***
Uriel by Aziell My flower by Aziell

Busy busy busy!

I'm still looking for a new job... and I don't have time to draw @.@ I'm only working on the free commission for :iconboogleloo: (Dear, I will send you soon the pic!!), on :icondragonalloy:'s contest entry (it's a quite complex pic @.@ the deathline is on Dec 23rd... I have to hurry up!!!), and I'm not working on FFMD @.@ I need time!!!

Awww... Don't you wanna color me?

I wanna thank my watchers who colored Hikarichan…
If you still want to color her too, here there's the lineart…

:iconitalia: :iconartdust: :icondeviati-veneti:

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