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So it looks like I'll be sharing a table with the bodacious :iconmechaberry: at Otafest again this year! Fortune smiled on us and opened up a table so yeah, we're sellin arts baby!

Hope I see a few of you at the con! I always meet some awesome peeps there , so it Ota be a blast! *shot*
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Otafest is only two days away! This year I'll be sharing a table with my "fly hunnie"; the va-va-voomlicious :iconmechaberry: selling all sorts of neat wares alongside her on Saturday and Sunday, dressed as the one and only Cid Highwind: Banana Edition!

I've got like 13 prints to tote-in-total, so there's plenty to choose from! The crown-jewel of course is HEAVEN STATUS: PIERCED for the princely sum of $15 a pop~

Be sure to stop by and say hi, beat me up ( i.e. :iconjubblier: and :iconuberangus: ) OR you could be really awesome and buy something from us! :D

Papa needs a new everything

See ya there folks!
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Just so all you cool cats and tepid tarantulas know, I'm gonna be selling some goodies at Otafest this year aside the beaudacious :iconmechaberry:, in my yet to be finalized BANANA CID COSTUME.

What exactly I'm hawking off on the general public is yet to be determined, but one thing is for sure; you'll be able to grab a big-ass print of this hearty lil' sucker;

Heaven Status: PIERCED by Amano-G

That's all for now folks, nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk.

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The time has come! My little friends, to talk of other things, like shoes and ships and sealing wa- ...aww what the hell; seeing as I'm now an official resident of this fine nation and ought to be working soon to save up for higher schoolin', I think it's time to  start opening up my doors to that most glorious of glories; COMMISSIONS.

So! Here's the deets for your perusal! Gander for examples thusly;

$10 - Simple linework with a small splash o' colour.
Aran Tatties by Amano-G Alug You Shall Chug by Amano-G QFA: Dotour's Secretary by Amano-G

$20 - Single characters/busts with oodles of details n' colour.
KULISTALU BEALAH by Amano-G Queenie Urtt by Amano-G Board St.Rife by Amano-G

$30-40 - Grand ol' pinup style, the kind you have to listen to entire OSTs for.
Breakout on the Robot Bayou by Amano-G Furries in Space by Amano-G Rules of Thumb IV: Rule Dat by Amano-G Rules of Thumb III-  Rule On by Amano-G Future Hero Next Generation by Amano-G

All prices are in' US dollars, and vary by complexity. Don't worry about speed either, I'll usually knock the first two categories out in an evening or two. ;) (I take PayPal as payment by the way.)

Nudity and Robots, as you should know by now, are fine by me, just don't ask for gratuitous sex and violence.

That's all folks! Just layin' it out there, if you fancy it drop me a note! :D
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Thanks to :iconuberangus:, here's some sweet tidbits about yours truly! Here they be;

1. I listen to C2C AM quite a bit, mainly old reruns on the 'best of' stream, it's great to kick back, grind in an RPG and get spooked shedless once in awhile. :D

2. I'll often bust a move in the worst place, namely the kitchen where the window gives about three other houses a great view of me gettin' groovy.

3. The only full album I've ever bought from iTunes is Return to the 36 Chambers by Ol' Dirty Bastard, and oh nutty jesus was it worth it.

4. I used to pronounce Anime as 'Aneem', Peripheral as 'Pehepherial', and (Shigeru) Miyamoto as 'Moymodo'.

5. Once in a blue moon, I'll stumble into the kitchen to prepare and eat Cheese and Jam sandwiches, that's right, the stronger the cheese the better. :P

I ain't taggin' nobody, you want in? Be muh guest. ;)

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So I got tagged sideways by this plucky urchin; :iconmechaberry:

1. Feature 4 Artists

:iconshadesofcerulean: - I like the cut of this lass's jib. :D

:iconralphenstein: - This guy is one ballin' painter, and has a nuts style!
Baseball Fury by ralphenstein Zappa by ralphenstein Droogs Completed by ralphenstein

:iconslayerchick303: - One hell of a photomanipulator, amazing craftage too.
Handmade Holiday Card by slayerchick303 The Majik of Winter by slayerchick303 Handmade Orange Card by slayerchick303

:iconnorfolk-n-chance: - My scrotey little sister. ...I guess she's king-boss at art. ;)

:thumb70028692: :thumb99927174: :thumb100917402:

2. Feature who tagged YOU.

:iconmechaberry: - The punk who tagged me. :D

And the Clock Strikes 12 by MechaBerry Commission: Koinogenki by MechaBerry :thumb82115690:

3. Feature TWO of that person's features!

:iconvickystichy: - This gal has one crackin' style
Bright Fighter by VickyStichy Sunflower Seed by VickyStichy A Kiss for Good Luck by VickyStichy

:iconnimbus2005: - Mad-wicked traditional skills in this 'un!
Tunnel by Nimbus2005 Classical by Nimbus2005 Tempting Fate by Nimbus2005

4. Been featured lately? Really!? Your ass is tagged.

Y'don't have to of course, I'm sure it'll make a fellow deviant reeeeall happy though. ;)

Peace out suckers!
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Bros and Bro-Mamas, I submit to you an offer of most bodacious-ness, I'm looking to clear out my paypal via a copy of Mario Tennis, and need a few dimes more to bag it.

There's the dilemma, here's the answer; I whip out my stylus here and cook up anything you want in lineart form, as much detail, bells and whistles as needed, all for the low low price of $0.60!

First come first serve, help a bro out! :D

Edit: Much thanks to :iconmechaberry: for the dough! :D
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I'd like to give a huge shout out and many bro-fists to this jammy urchin > :iconluk3yates:, for bestowing unto me that most delicious of e-membership cards;

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Sweet Zombie Jesus, wadda haul-

- Queen-size fleece blanket, this thing is WARM.
- 'The Road' by C. McCarthy
- Adidas Smells n' Gels
- Braun Electric Shaver
- Bar O' Almond Dairy Milk

And last but not least, this saccharine mixture of ink and fabric;…

Journeyed a few metres in the blistering cold to the neighbors house too, and proceeded to eat, drink, and play three-siddy.

Also, I lost my A.R.B Card yesterday, which for those who don't know, stands for Alcohol Related Barfing. ;)

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I got tagged mercilessly by; :iconclutchoftheggs:

So here we go again! Eight random facts, snap.

1. Jetpac Cornish was born out of a doodle of some punk I whipped up in Social 20.

2. Most of my IRL mates happen to be chicks.

3. I LOVE pizza pockets, they embody the very essence of the 90s for me.

4. I'm just getting into Lucid Dreaming, look it up, its HELLA awesome.

5. I probably drink about five bottles of water a day, toxins can kiss m' butt.

6. My power level is indeed over nine-thousand, believe it.

7. I'm probably the healthiest/least stressed member of my family.

8. I only learned how to properly smile for photgraphs last week, god bless mirrors!

My policy on tagging continues, have at you!
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I got tagged by this unwholesome oik; :iconstabartist:

8 Random Facts. Go.

1. I am not Rink, but I DO know him.

2. My last name is Pym, from the latin for, 'not quite phat enough to be pimp'.

3. I have a seething disdain for Trilbys.

4. This also carries over to Hippies, Wapanese, and Scene kids.

5. I fall UP stairs, not down them.

6. I love A Goofy Movie, in all its 90's glory. Shut Up.

7. Despite being an art kid, I'm about as deep as a petry dish and twice as likely to listen to Hip Hop than Punk, or some other butt-nuttery.

8. Skills? Mine. Bills? Paid.

I tag anyone foolish enough to read through this journal, suckers.
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So, after much soul searching and general lollygagging I have decided to return humbly from the outside world to DA.

...but not empty handed.…

^ is the delightful HP Pavillion TX2000 Tablet PC, a wonder of design and magic that I'm sure will consume my very soul, perhaps it already has? $1200 bananas of pure joy I tells ya, pure, gooey joy.

Anyhoo, I'm back, so look forward to crap from me in the next few days/weeks!

*brags like a mother fudger to :iconuberangus:
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Howdy all,

I've decided, due to a severe lack of motivation to get shit on the computer and whatnot, to go on a DA Vacation for a while, until I get my Tablet Laptop that is.

It's not as if I haven't been creating anything, I've been drawing and painting like a man possessed, I just can't find the time or attitude to upload said stuff.

So I figure a hiatus is just what the doctor ordered!

Happy Trails Biznitches.